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Civil Disputes

If you have a dispute in relation to goods you bought or sold or you hired someone (or were hired by someone) to supply a service in trade or commerce, the Civil Claims List at VCAT can probably hear your case.

There is no limit on the cost or value of the goods or services in dispute.

Disputes we can hear

 Disputes about: 

  • Items you bought that won’t perform
  • Services that are not up to scratch
  • Repairs or servicing that was late or unsatisfactory
  • Not being paid for services you supplied
  • Misleading or deceptive conduct, false representation and unconscionable conduct.

Disputes we cannot hear

  • Disputes about services provided under purely private arrangements as distinct from those in trade or commerce
  • Disputes between people who are not connected with Victoria
  • Disputes not arising under a contract

Examples of disputes we cannot hear:

  • You were involved in a car accident and the other party will not pay for repairs
  • Goods purchased over the internet where the purchaser is, for example in Sydney buying from a supplier in Singapore
  • Fencing disputes with your neighbour
  • The Company you had dealings with is under external administration and/or controller appointed
  • You don’t know the name and address of the person you want to bring a claim against.


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Need Advice?

VCAT cannot give you legal advice or tell you whether you should or should not bring your case to VCAT.

For a list of organisations which may be able to provide you with free assistance or low cost legal advice please see the Additional Resources page.

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