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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  Due to building works, some hearings have been moved to other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King Street.  Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.




Compulsory Conference

Room 6.4 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:30 AM D605/2013 David Iacobucci, Clarissa Iacobucci v Paul Rintel

Directions Hearings

Room 6.4 - Senior Member M. Levine
9:15 AM D475/2014 Krysto Laskaris v Robert Nichol & Sons, Mark Holly & Associates P/L, Jeff Uren P/L
9:30 AM D1011/2012 MK Builders P/L v 36 Warrigal Road P/L, Taky Kaplan


Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D69/2014 TCM Building Group P/L v Kristine Mercuri

Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM D979/2013      Heski Carpenters P/L V Gaycel P/L, 1A Enfield Street, St Kilda P/L, Amet Eski,
     Ergun Gulcan
10:00 AM D1193/2013      Ergun Gulcan V Heski Carpenters P/L, 1A Enfield Street St Kilda P/L, Gaycel
     P/L, Amet Eski

Room 2.11 - Member A. Kincaid
10:00 AM R310/2011 Mohamed Ali Ouaida, Amin Ouaida v Twenty Eighth Benelux Nominees P/L,  Alan McLaughlan


Room 2.5 - Mediator I. De Lacy
9:30 AM BP582/2014 Ahmet Ali v Simonds Homes Vic P/L

Room 2.4 - Mediator E. Samo
9:30 AM D557/2014 Ljupcho Aneta Dimitrovski v Mega Homes P/L


Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.6 - Member Dr R. French
9:30 AM C5178/2014 Geoffrey Llewellyn Taafe v South Melbourne Motor Company P/L
1:30 PM C4734/2014 Shaun Christian King v Cathy Lengoc Pham, Pham Le Corporation P/L


Compulsory Conference

Level 1, Courtroom 1, William Cooper Justice Centre - Senior Member A. Coghlan
10:00 AM H181/2014 Arnie Azaris v Hume CC, Casey Nunn, Dominic Isola


Room 1.3 - Senior Member N. Megay
10:00 AM H51/2014 Charmaine Tate v State of Vic (Department of Human Services) (Vic Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission)

Room 1.2 - Member A. Duggan
10:00 AM H44/2013 Lara Jurecek v Director, Transport Safety Vic

Level 1, Courtroom 2, William Cooper Justice Centre - Senior Member I. Proctor
10:00 AM H42/2014 Stephanie Bevilacqua v Telco Business Solutions (Watergardens) P/L



Room 2.1 - President Justice G. Garde & Senior Member M. Baird
10:00 AM P1142/2014 Julie Hoskin & Others v Greater Bendigo CC
9 Rowena Street, Bendigo East
10:00 AM P1395/2014      Australian Islamic Mission Inc v Greater Bendigo CC
9 Rowena Street, Bendigo East

Room 2.7 - Senior Member L. Hewet & Member T. Bilston McGillen
10:00 AM P548/2014 Aust Mei Jie International Corporation P/L v Boroondara CC
87-101 Maling Road, Canterbury

Room 2.8 - Senior Member J. Rickards
10:00 AM P1067/2014 Mr John Hamilton v Boroondara CC
6/32 Wimba Avenue, Kew

Room 2.9 - Members M. Deidun & G. Sharpley
10:00 AM P793/2014 Stanley Pastoral P/L v Indigo SC
Cue Springs Road, Stanley

Room 2.10 - Members C. Wilson & A. Keddie
10:00 AM P995/2014 Macedon Property Developments P/L v Macedon Ranges SC
19 Vic Street, Macedon

Room 5.8 - Member J. Bennett
10:00 AM P1109/2014 Obaid Naqebullah v Kingston CC
64 & 66 Railway Parade, Highett

Room 5.9 - Member R. Naylor
10:00 AM P550/2014 Benjamin Retirement Fund Ltd and BRF Custodian P/L v Glen Eira CC
40 Narong Road, Caulfield North

Room 5.12 - Member B. Sibonis
11:30 AM P1805/2014 Jake Dale (Asiline Design) v Glen Eira CC
19 Rosella Avenue, Murrumbeena

Major Case Hearings

Room 5.16 - Senior Member R. Byard & Member N. Hadjigeorgiou
10:00 AM P1376/2014 Aerolite Quarries P/L v Greater Geelong CC, Department of Environment and Primary Industries
235 - 355 Brownes Road, Anakie

Room 5.15 - Members D. Cook & A. Glynn
10:00 AM P1375/2014 Forza Capital P/L ATF Forza Pelham Street Fund v Melbourne CC
15 - 31 Pelham Street, Carlton


Room 2.6 - Member C. Fong
9:30 AM P1089/2014 Robert Turner & Others v Melbourne CC
12-20 The Righi, South Yarra
1:30 PM P1152/2014 Snowcreek P/L v Glen Eira CC
20 Lumeah Road, Caulfield North


Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.1 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
10:00 AM Z1005/2014 Simon Davies v Taxi Services Commission
10:00 AM G770/2012 Cherie McLean v Transport Accident Commission

Directions Hearings

Room 1.1 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
9:30 AM Z663/2014 Peter Duncan v Taxi Services Commission

Room 6.3 - Senior Member G. Butcher
9:15 AM Z621/2014 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic v Low Co$t P/L
9:15 AM Z622/2014 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic v Ashley Clarke
9:15 AM Z942/2014 Physiotherapy Board of Aust v Michael Sette
9:15 AM Z798/2014 Craig Thompson v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM G344/2010 Rowan Mifsud v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM G250/2013 Virginia Vatrai v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z1023/2014 Marshall Timothy McKenna v Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
12:00 PM Z1068/2014 Peter Gould The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital v Victorian Workcover Authority – WorkSafe Victoria
2:00 PM Z326/2013 Bunnings Group P/L v Vic Workcover Authority - WorkSafe Vic
2:00 PM Z1038/2014 William Baldock v Greyhound Racing Vic
3:00 PM Z970/2014 Daniella Zaparo v Legal Services Commissioner


Room 2.2 - Senior Member R. Davis
10:00 AM Z183/2014 Hasna Hawli v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM G298/2012 Hasna Hawli v Transport Accident Commission

Room 5.13 - Senior Member J. Smithers & Members P. Barry & R. Pearson
10:00 AM Z284/2013 Nursing & Midwifery Board of Aust v Harpreet Singh