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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  VCAT also holds hearings at other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT has security screening at 55 King Street.  Please arrive 45 minutes before your hearing to avoid any delays.




Directions Hearing

Room 6.4 - Deputy President C. Aird
10:00 AM D423/2014 Radraft P/L v Allenbrae Properties P/L


Room 1.6 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM BP833/2014 Mark Singarella, Michelle Singarella v Mannfield Group P/L

Room G.5 - Senior Member E. Riegler
10:00 AM D776/2009 Charterarm Investments P/L v Clynton Roberts

Onsite in Sydenham - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM BP701/2014 VJV P/L v Andrew Snioch, Kuzara Michelle

Room G.4 - Member C. Edquist
10:00 AM BP207/2015 Rumana Ali v Son Si Phu, Thu Nam Thi Nguyen


Room 6.4 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
2:15 PM BP170/2015 EJR Group P/L v ING Bank (Aust) P/L


Room 2.5 - Mediator H. Greenberg
9:30 AM BP722/2014 Andrea Roberta Rao, Daniela Piera Rao-Romanella v Paolo Rao

Room 2.4 - Mediator A. Fogarty
10:45 AM BP813/2014 Mayra Herlinde Figgins v Lee Amon

Room 2.3 - Mediator J. Anderson
9:30 AM BP171/2015 Haidaraki Investments P/L v Sunny Constructions Aust P/L


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor - Members L. Rowland, S. Lipe & T. McCabe
9:30 AM C7665/2013 Murtaza Ramzan v H & H Jewellers
9:30 AM C430/2015 Tracy Scoble v Michelle Harvey
9:30 AM C7185/2014 Chee Elizabeth Lee v Platinum Concrete Aust
10:30 AM C457/2015 Domenic Vavala v Jasmin Manor P/L
10:30 AM C43/2015 Christine Maynard v Jonathan Rees, Chisa Yashiro
11:30 AM C325/2015 Sasha RRR Consulting P/L v Cliff Murphy
11:30 AM C389/2015 Chris Cole v Andrew Renn Design
2:00 PM C504/2015 San Santan Lobo, Mark Solomon v Patrick Irling Ryen, Maleesa McIntyre

5th Floor - Member A. Kincaid
10:00 AM C6364/2014 Erdal Brick Laying v Irfan Istekli
10:00 AM C1078/2015 Irfan Istekli v Erdal Bricklaying

Compulsory Conference

Room 1.2 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM C3649/2014 David Hartanto, RSM Melbourne P/L v Burger Edge Franchising P/L
10:00 AM C6583/2014 David Hartanto, RSM Melbourne P/L v Burger Edge Franchising P/L
10:00 AM C6604/2014 David Hartanto, RSM Melbourne P/L v Burger Edge Franchising P/L

Directions Hearing

5th Floor - Member L. Rowland
9:30 AM C4786/2014 Stephen David Lombard v Automobiles Dandenong (Aust) P/L


5th Floor - Member S. Lipe
2:00 PM C5918/2014 Liliana Coppard v Arthur Nannapoulos


Compulsory Conference

Geelong Magistrates' Court - Member D. Calabro
10:00 AM H211/2014 Nthabiseng Senda v Melbourne Health

Directions Hearings

Level 1, Courtroom 3, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A. Dea
9:30 AM H198/2014 Rajasthani Kutumb of Vic Inc. v JGM P/L
10:00 AM H45/2015 Samantha Allen v Max Therapy, Jen-Tung Chung
10:30 AM H35/2015 FSC v Epworth Healthcare
12:00 PM H38/2015 Paul Leary v QANTAS Airways, Patrick Hogan
12:30 PM H46/2015 Parveen Kaur v Vic Laser and Skin Clinic P/L

Directions Hearing by Phone

Level 1, Courtroom 3, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A. Dea
11:30 AM H36/2015 Ian McMahon v Peter Lollo, Shaun Green, Colin Ward, Nicole Dyckhoff, Peter Stanbrook

Reinstatement Hearing

Level 1, Courtroom 3, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A. Dea
2:00 PM H123/2014 Christine Whimpey v Gemma Besant, Balmoral Calisthenics Club Inc



Room 1.1 - Senior Member G. Butcher
10:00 AM J175/2014 Ian McCracken, Jennifer McCracken v David Messenger



5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
9:30 AM OC252/2015 Winlen P/L, Kenneth Charles Tregonning, Brenda Leung Tregonning v Owners Corporation No.1 PS602497J



Room 2.10 - Senior Member M. Baird
10:00 AM P1580/2014 Java Properties v Moonee Valley CC
5 Morton Street, Essendon

Room G.2 - Senior Member M. Wright QC
11:30 AM P1707/2014 Christine Grunig v Boroondara CC
10 Hill Street, Hawthorn

Room 5.8 - Member S. Porter
10:00 AM P1777/2014 Susan Roberts v Kingston CC
40 Ella Grove, Chelsea

Room 5.9 - Member M. Nelthorpe
10:00 AM P1761/2014 Cadox Building Design P/L C/- Planning Vision P/L v Maroondah CC
10-12 Canterbury Road, Heathmont

Room 5.12 - Member G. Code
2:15 PM P1789/2014 Seatham Developments P/L v Mitchell SC, Country Fire Authority - Headquarters
40 Kilmore Lancefield Road, Kilmore

Room 2.2 - Members E. Bensz & A. Keddie
10:00 AM P1672/2014 Long Contracting P/L v Boroondara CC
Rear 113 Auburn Road, Hawthorn

Room 2.7 - Members S. Cimino & G. Sharpley
10:00 AM P1822/2014 Graovac Developments P/L v Ballarat CC
No. 11 Dunn Street, Golden Point

Room 2.8 - Member T. Bilston-McGillen
10:00 AM P2216/2014 Clarke Planning P/L v Maribyrnong CC
12 Schild Street, Yarraville

Room 2.9 - Member A. Slattery
10:00 AM P2217/2014 John William Reggars v Boroondara CC
629 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills

Major Case Hearings

Room 2.11 - Deputy President H. Gibson & Member P. Gray
10:00 AM P2148/2014 Jinshan Investment Group P/L v Melbourne CC
20-30 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Room 5.13 - Member C. Fong
10:00 AM P2147/2014 Metropol Planning Solutions P/L v Monash CC
83-85 Drummond Street, Oakleigh

Room 5.15 - Member A. Glynn
10:00 AM P2190/2014 Ocean Aust P/L v Glen Eira CC
15-17 Belsize Avenue & 316-320 Neerim Road, Carnegie

Room 5.16 - Members J. Bennett & V. Davies
10:00 AM P1653/2014 Australasian Conference Association Ltd v Whitehorse CC, Melbourne Water
131-173 Central Road, Nunawading


Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
9:15 AM Z33/2015 Leeds Philogene v Transport Accident Commission
9:30 AM Z176/2015 Jennifer Skinner v Department of Human Services
10:00 AM Z80/2015 Maria Munari v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z1146/2014 Alexandre Vasilev v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z761/2014 Loukas Aristodemou v Transport Accident Commission
10:30 AM G456/2012 Yvonne Boulos v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z84/2015 Francis Pham v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal
11:30 AM Z39/2015 Cameron Chevalier v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal - Dandenong
2:00 PM Z105/2015 John Leloudas v Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Vic
2:00 PM Z101/2015 Tim Moisis v Vic Police
2:00 PM Z1166/2014 Kuol Mun v Vic Police
2:30 PM Z814/2014 Bharat Patel v Dental Board of Aust
2:30 PM Z54/2015 UCM v Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation
3:00 PM Z195/2015 Rodney McGowan v Silk Contract Logistics


Room 1.3 - Senior Member I. Proctor
10:00 AM G271/2013 Stephen Marek v Transport Accident Commission



Room G.1 - Acting President Judge Jenkins
10:00 AM V4/2014 Nannette Stubbs v Vladymir Martyniuk