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Daily Hearings

Please note: pursuant to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Note: VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King St. Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.



Compliance Hearing

Room 1.2 - Senior Member M. Levine
9:30 AM R299/2013 Charcoal Chicken & Souvlaki Xpress P/L v George Stamatakos


Room 2.2 - Senior Member M. Lothian
10:00 AM D714/2013 Faigen Alen v Irina Granovskaia

Directions Hearings

Room G.1 - Vice President Judge Jenkins
10:00 AM D809/2013 Fiona Johnston v Stockland Development P/L, L U Simon Builders P/L

Room 1.2 – Deputy President C. Aird
3:15 PM D1227/2013 Michael Horne v Vic Building Authority

Room 1.2 – Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM D263/2014 Simon Ian Walter, Sarah McKellar Walter v Tony Lindkvist
10:30 AM D531/2014 Nancy Cannuli v Sureline Construction
11:00 AM D485/2014 ED Enterprises P/L v W&B Investment Group P/L
11:30 AM D386/2014 Beverley Castelow v Metropole Constructions P/L 
11:30 AM D533/2014 Beverley Castelow v Metropole Constructions P/L 
2:15 PM D496/2014 Lisa Frances Briggs v Vanderzee Constructions P/L
2:45 PM D488/2014 Sofian Edy v L.P. Warren Homes P/L

Room 1.8 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM D428/2014 Michael McGough v Harrington Constructions P/L

Room G.5 - Senior Member E. Riegler
9:30 AM W85/2013 Marion Eileen Taylor, Albert Edward Taylor v Kevin Albert Taylor, Marion Catherine Taylor
10:00 AM D1041/2013 Huynh Hung, PhamLisa Nguyen v Chi Lang Nguyen, Lang & Associates P/L

Room 2.2 – Senior Member M. Lothian
9:30 AM D810/2013 Gregory Paul Testolin v Curtain Investments P/L, Moresi Builders P/L, A + D Sultana & Sons P/L 

Small Claim Hearings

Room G.4 - Senior Member R. Walker
11:00 AM D432/2014 Donna Hanneysee v Wayne King
2:15 PM D326/2014 Tricia Anne Caddy v EWH South Morang


Civil Claims Hearings

Room G.6 - Member F. Marks
9:30 AM C1917/2014 Geralem Services P/L v Rodwells & Co P/L

5th Floor - Member A. Moon
10:00 AM C152/2014 Raymond John Jones v Peter Manzo
10:00 AM C2038/2014 Peter Manzo v Raymond John Jones

5th Floor – Members Dr. R. French, S. Lipe, K. Kirmos & K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C2673/2014 Huseyin Avni Cagilgan v BHB Concreting
10:30 AM C7222/2013 Retrolooms P/L v Wear Group P/L
10:30 AM C389/2014 South Pacific Asain Foods v Alex Sy
11:30 AM C2966/2014 Prime City Real Estate Sales P/L v John James Piescik, Jenny May Piescik
2:00 PM C548/2014 David John Chessum v DTGV1 P/L 
2:00 PM C2611/2014 Kathryn Arnel v Carbeh P/L 
2:00 PM C7671/2013 Rebecca Ruth George, Mark Ian George v Great Sofa P/L 

Latrobe Valley Law Courts – Member B. Lightfoot
10:45 AM C230/2014 Trixie Kowal v Jeannette Smith

Ringwood Magistrates' Court – Member R. Buchanan
2:00 PM C2676/2014 Luke William Grund v Commercial King Vehicle Sales

Sale Magistrates' Court – Member P. Tyler
2:00 PM C4650/2012 Susan Lesley Dwight v A.J.S Machinery & Marine

Compulsory Conference

Room 1.5 - Member A. Dea
9:30 AM C1158/2013 Fine Cabinetry P/L v Dalstruct P/L

Directions Hearing

Room G.7 – Member P. Eggleston
9:30 AM C1674/2013 Mac Drilling P/L v Grays (Vic) P/L, Peter Yannaros, Infraform P/L


Room G.7 - Member P. Eggleston
10:00 AM C6049/2013 Ki Chul Lee v Max Moon, Je Ha Park

Reviews & Re-Hearings

5th Floor – Members Dr. R. French, S. Lipe, K. Kirmos & K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C8153/2013 Joumaneh Ramadan, Khodr Ramadan v Montana Concrete and Building Group
9:30 AM C4/2014 Gregory James Heard, Kelly Jane Heard v Belmo Furniture
10:30 AM C8022/2013 Tenylle Clark-Allison, Scott Allison v Belmo Furniture
10:30 AM C2215/2014 Susan Philip v Belmo Furniture
10:30 AM C7550/2013 Bozena Adamczuk, Angelika Adamczuk v Belmo Furniture
2:00 PM C1782/2014 Nikolina Josipovic v Suzanne Theodor
2:00 PM C2866/2014 Suzanne Theodor v Nikolina Josipovic

Review Hearing

5th Floor – Members Dr. R. French, S. Lipe, K. Kirmos & K. Metcalf
12:15 PM C1215/2014 Blackwood Ridge Nursery v Scandon P/L 

Short Mediations and Hearings

5th Floor - Member/Mediator to be Allocated
9:00 AM C2626/2014 Sarah North v Joey's Appliance Services
9:00 AM C2660/2014 Streamtone Colours v Bill Kaliviotis
10:15 AM C2687/2014 Sireen Alfarra, Nael Alfarra v Snooze Taylors Lakes
10:15 AM C2720/2014 Tonna Heating and Cooling P/L v ATF Services P/L 
10:15 AM C2733/2014 Alfie's Fencing v George Kelada
11:00 AM C2744/2014 Independent Supermarket Supplies v Anba Karas P/L
11:00 AM C2829/2014 Beverlie Wood v Warren Alastair Kennedy



Level 1 Court Room 2 - William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A. Dea
2:15 PM H70/2013 David Sullivan v Moonlit Bar and Grill

Conference Room, DFATS, 100 Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield – Deputy President G. Nihill
10:00 PM G16935/09 


Compulsory Conference

Room 1.1 - Senior Member J. Smithers
10:00 AM J4/2014 Michael Buckley v AMT Legal


Room 1.3 - Senior Member G. Butcher
10:00 AM J213/2013 Legal Services Commissioner v Lewis O'Brien

Room 1.1 - Senior Member J. Smithers
2:00 PM J77/2014 Andrew Garrett, H.C. Legal P/L, Holy Grail Hospitality P/L v Francis Cahill, Peter Hambros


Directions Hearings

Room G.8 - Member H. Davies
9:30 AM OC1330/2014 Daniel Mackiewicz, Ragini Pope v Owners Corporation No.1 PS419696X
9:30 AM OC837/2014 Roslynn Gail Radley v Charles Zarafa
9:30 AM OC717/2014 Doreen Dorothy Davis v Owners Corporation Plan No. 510454
10:30 AM OC458/2014 Colin Lambie v Owners Corporation SP 006060


Room 2.1 - Member J. Kefford
9:30 AM OC456/2014 TJAY Developments P/L v Owners Corporation 1 PS 604024 U, Hettiarachchige Perera, Suranjeewa Weerakkody, Vinoth Kumar Fernando, Antony Ranaweera Don


Compulsory Conference

Room G.2 - Member Dr. J. Baxter
10:00 AM P478/2014 Paul Vivian Rush & David Edward Rush v Manningham CC


Room 5.1 - Members G. Code & M. Nelthorpe
10:00 AM P2677/2013 Bakers Arms Hotel P/L v Maribyrnong CC, Vic Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
353 Ballarat Road, Braybrook

Room 5.3 - Member M. Taranto
10:00 AM P2126/2013 Steve Ngan v Boroondara CC
356 Auburn Road, Hawthorn

Room 5.4 - Member P. Martin
10:00 AM P2746/2013 Raff Holdings P/L v Port Phillip CC
32 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

Room 5.5 - Member M. Carew
10:00 AM P464/2014 Bayside Property Projects P/L v Bayside CC
431-432 Beach Road, Beaumaris

Room 1.9 - Member D. Cook
10:00 AM P280/2014 Metropol Planning Solutions P/L v Moonee Valley CC
33A Taylor Street, Moonee Ponds

Major Case Hearings

Room G.3 – Senior Member L. Hewet & Member T. Bilston-McGillen
10:00 AM P289/2014 Estia Health P/L v Glen Eira CC
34 - 36 Clairmont Avenue & 2 - 4 Todd Street, Bentleigh


Room 2.6 - Member J. Bennett
10:00 AM P551/2014 Golden Plains SC v David Graeme Littlejohn
Lot1 LP140903 Lukes Road, Napoleons

Room 2.6 - Senior Member M. Baird
1:30 PM P866/2014 Whitefeather Group P/L v Bayside CC
17 - 21 Landcox Street, Brighton East