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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  Due to building works, some hearings have been moved to other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King Street.  Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.



Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.4 - Deputy President C. Aird
10:00 AM BP372/2014 John Raymond Lee, Jennifer Margaret Jacobe v Jennifer Georgina Sandford

Room 2.11 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM BP544/2014 Fine Cabinetry P/L v Dalstruct P/L

Directions Hearings

Room 2.11 - Senior Member M. Levine
9:15 AM BP745/2014 Body in Balance P/L v Bensons Funds Management P/L

Room 1.7 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM D557/2014 Ljupcho Aneta Dimitrovski v Mega Homes P/L

Room G.7 - Senior Member E. Riegler
9:30 AM BP451/2014 Higgins Nine Group P/L v Ladro Greville St P/L
11:00 AM D586/2012 Tharwat Bestawros, Jacqueline Bestawros v Domiano Sorace, Felicia Sorace

Room 1.1 - Member A. Kincaid
10:00 AM W20/2014 Gregory John Coach, Berverley Ann Coach, Kimberley Jade Langdon, Jodie Nicole Langdon, Jennifer Maree Armstrong v Paul Edwin Coach


Room 1.7 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM D1030/2013 Johannes (John) Antonius Ponsioen v Ormond Building Service P/L

Room G.1 - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D288/2014 Gary Levin v C & J Designer Homes P/L

Room G.7 - Senior Member E. Riegler
2:15 PM BP109/2015 Phillip James Hyland, Elizabeth Ruth Hyland v Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, Australian Owner Builder Insurance Services P/L

Room 1.1 - Member A. Kincaid
3:15 PM BP194/2015 Jo Vegas v Andrew Pernell Nominees P/L

Room 1.6 - Member P. Eggleston
10:00 AM D559/2014 Leo Elias Semaan v Merville Homes P/L


Room G.7 - Senior Member E. Riegler
12:00 PM BP229/2015 Vasilios Bill Kerasovitis v B.M.H.T. P/L


Room 2.3 - Mediator H. Greenberg
9:30 AM BP11/2015 Carl Julius Parker, Lois Veronica Parker v Mount Eagle Properties P/L

Small Claim Hearings

Room 2.1 - Member B. Thomas
10:00 AM BP798/2014 Lisa Bzovy (nee Diwell) v NAVA Homes P/L
12:00 PM BP537/2014 HJ Corporation P/L v Thanh Van Huynh, Thi Thanh Nguyen
2:15 PM BP763/2014 Lenford P/L v PPM Plumbing & Maintenance P/L


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor - Member C. Edquist
9:30 AM C5455/2014 Adelina Pall Leen Lim v Robotics Club, Sujatha John
9:30 AM C6527/2014 Bizitmedia Consulting P/L v Adelina Lim

5th Floor - Members L. Rowland, J. Grainger, C. Edquist & J. Sharkie
9:30 AM C13/2015 Suzanne Elisabeth Le Tissier, Ryan John Le Tissier v F. & T. Mechanical Repairs P/L
10:30 AM C6729/2014 David Nigel Bullmore v Gerard Dwyer
10:30 AM C5439/2014 Elvis Kliman v Sime Darby Ssanyong Motors (Australia) P/L, Ssangyong Automotive Australia P/L
10:30 AM C6152/2014 Goudge Automotive Engineering v North Coburg Concrete Pumping
10:30 AM C2/2015 North Coburg Concrete Pumping v Goudge Automotive Engineering, Sharan Anne Spano
11:30 AM C6744/2014 Eastern Growth P/L v Barry John Alessi
11:30 AM C5827/2014 Loula Austraila P/L v Alexander Yozefovich, Shan Lian Qui
2:00 PM C5010/2014 Michael Black v John Lawrence Whitelaw
2:00 PM C6861/2014 Simon Antony Snell v Gully Garden Supplies P/L
2:00 PM C6311/2014 International Consultancy Services (ICS) P/L v The Local Village Garage
2:00 PM C7033/2014 Vital Diamonds International P/L v St Peterburg Estate Jewellery
2:00 PM C5753/2014 St Peterburg Estate Jewellery v Vital Diamonds International P/L

Frankston Magistrates' Court - Member R. Buchanan
9:30 AM C7030/2014 Red Hill Trading Co (Blue Moon) v Patricia Howard Osmond
9:30 AM C2663/2014 Melvin Dias v John Craig, Autoline Panel Works, John Craig Assessing P/L
9:30 AM C5615/2014 Sonia Rowley v Hocking Stuart (Frankston) P/L
11:00 AM C6380/2014 Australasian Beauty Supplies v Revive Salon Supplies P/L
11:00 AM C6166/2014 Yvonne Lenders v Lobo Stone Benchtops
11:30 AM C6087/2014 Stockdale & Leggo (Cranbourne) P/L v Manjeet Malik, Chetna Malik
2:00 PM C7023/2014 Hocking Stuart (Frankston) P/L v Xiau Xia Liu
2:00 PM C6706/2014 Jordan Peter P/L v David Batson
2:00 PM C5654/2014 Stephen Theodore Racing v Chris Alsemgeest
2:00 PM C378/2015 Xiao Xia Liu v Hocking Stuart (Frankston) P/L

Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 - Deputy President I. Lulham
9:30 AM C44/2015 Sophie Kesoglidis v Le Parqueteur Floor Services P/L
9:45 AM C186/2015 Yukor Mipoz P/L v George Tandos, Real Diamond P/L
9:45 AM C7140/2014 Denis Charles Lyons v Benjamin Boers
9:45 AM C5202/2014 Paro International P/L v D Harabor & E Harabor
10:45 AM C107/2015 Duc Hong Thi Phan v Invest Best Australia, 330 Bridge Inn Road P/L
10:45 AM C3584/2012 Christa Michelon v Modern Roof Restoration (VIC) P/L
11:45 AM C6955/2014 Elliot Sgargetta v National Australia Bank Ltd, Gadens Lawyers Sydney P/L, Melissa Thomas, Adam Segal, Peter Fieldhouse, Kevin Pringle
11:45 AM C5125/2014 Elliot Sgargetta v Melissa Thomas, Damien Colella, National Australia Bank Ltd
2:00 PM C3631/2014 David Andrew Wells v Mark Krasny, Ilana Krasny


5th Floor - Members L. Rowland, J. Grainger, C. Edquist & J. Sharkie
2:00 PM C6920/2014 Telco Partners Australia P/L v Green Engineering (VIC) P/L

Review & Re-Hearing

5th Floor - Members L. Rowland, J. Grainger, C. Edquist & J. Sharkie
9:30 AM C3834/2014 Therese Camm v St Kilda Spa Dreamtime


Directions Hearing

Room G.8 - Member A. Dea
9:30 AM H303/2014 Joshua Parker v Karasi Park P/L

Directions Hearing by Phone

Room G.8 - Member A. Dea
10:15 AM H213/2014 Parrish Charles v State of Victoria (Corrections Victoria)


Latrobe Valley Law Courts, 134 Commercial Road, Morwell - Deputy President G.Nihill
10:30 AM  G13498


Room 2.4 - Mediator F. Falduti
9:30 AM H300/2014 Rita Gelman v Glen Eira CC



5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
10:00 AM OC2095/2014 John Schutz v Owners Corporation No. 1 PS341293D



Room G.2 - Senior Member J. Rickards
10:00 AM P68/2014 Hepburn SC v Trentham Trout and Yabby Farm P/L, John Stagliano
40 Horvaths Road, Trentham

Room 2.8 - Members G. Code & C. Harty
10:00 AM P826/2014 Fremont Homes P/L ACN v Hobsons Bay CC
118 Pier Street, Altona

Room 2.9 - Member A. Glynn
10:00 AM P1583/2014 Six Chambers P/L v Stonnington CC
6 Chambers Street, South Yarra

Room 5.8 - Member V. Davies
10:00 AM P1355/2014 Mary Drost OAM v Boroondara CC
16B Waterloo Street, Camberwell
2:15 PM P1238/2014 Kazem Agha Razmara v Greater Dandenong CC
1 Currawong Street, Keysborough

Room 5.9 - Member E. Bensz
10:00 AM P1186/2014 The Town Hall Consulting Group v Bayside CC
814 Hampton Street, Brighton

Room 5.16 - Member G. Rundell
10:00 AM P1676/2014 The Town Hall Consuting Group v Bayside CC
25 Beaumaris Parade, Highett

Major Case Hearings

Room 2.7 - Senior Member M. Baird & Member G. Sharpley
10:00 AM P481/2014 Margaret Lewis & others v Central Goldfields SC
141 Clarkes Road, Strathlea
10:00 AM P623/2014 Grandview Poultry P/L v Central Goldfields SC
141 Clarkes Road, Strathlea

Room 5.15 - Senior Member A. Liston & Member P. Gray
10:00 AM P2017/2014 Gesher P/L v Public Transport Victoria, Yarra CC
183-189 Bridge Road, Richmond


Room 2.6 - Member C. Fong
9:30 AM P1899/2014 Christopher Webb v Port Phillip CC
51 Ormond Esplanade, Elwood



Ground Floor (for collection) - Deputy President H. Lambrick
9:30 AM Z368/2014  Salahuddin Taj v Medical Board of Australia

Ground Floor (for collection) - Senior Member I. Proctor
9:30 AM Z914/2014  Lance Ratcliffe v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal - Geelong

Compulsory Conference

Room 1.3 - Senior Member J. Smithers
10:00 AM Z158/2013 Robert Cohen v Transport Accident Commission

Directions Hearing

Room 1.3 - Senior Member J. Smithers
2:00 PM Z902/2014 Anthony O'Byrne v Victorian Institute of Teaching


Room G.8 - Deputy President H. Lambrick & Member R. Cameron
10:00 AM Z313/2014 Warwick Anderson v Building Practitioners Board

Room G.5 - Senior Member G. Butcher
9:30 AM Z1060/2014 Raymond Hoser v The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
9:30 AM B115/2012 Raymond Hoser v The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Room 1.4 - Senior Member I. Proctor
10:00 AM Z646/2014 Mirianthi Christodoulou v Transport Accident Commission

Room 1.2 - Member E. Wentworth
10:00 AM Z802/2014 Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria v Baycrown Management P/L

Room G.4 - Member J. Glover
10:00 AM T28/2013 Kate Martin v Commissioner of State Revenue
10:00 AM T29/2013 Sandra Balonyi v Commissioner of State Revenue
10:00 AM T30/2013 Fablanik P/L v Commissioner of State Revenue
10:00 AM T31/2013 Fablanik P/L v Commissioner of State Revenue
10:00 AM T32/2013 Fablan P/L v Commissioner of State Revenue