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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  Due to building works, some hearings have been moved to other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King Street.  Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.



Compliance Hearings

Room G.8 - Senior Member R. Walker
9:30 AM D571/2014 Heinz Trzcionka v Busby Homes P/L

Room 6.3 – Senior Member M. Levine
9:30 AM D184/2013 Trubuilt Projects P/L v ADH Property Group P/L

Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.3 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM D109/2014 Pritchard P/L v Crescendo Construction P/L, Achille Masciantonio, Sandro Perugini

Wangaratta Magistrates' Court – Member P. Eggleston
9:30 AM D778/2013 Yarrawonga Building Services v Janette Murphy

Directions Hearings

Room G.3 – Vice President Judge Jenkins
2:15 PM W193/2011 Mr Brian Cantwell v Ms Maree Anne Goodwin

Room G.7 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM D64/2014 Rob Willy Miravet v Mushroom Properties.
9:30 AM D399/2014 Julian Reasonda v Mardel Developments (Aust) P/L, Mardel Constructions P/L


Room 1.5 - Mediator F. Falduti
9:30 AM BP220/2014 BLF Developments P/L v SCA Property Retail Trust

Small Claim Hearings

Room G.8 - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D591/2014 ABC Homes v Carl Carubba
12:00 PM R149/2014 Santo Sanelli, Anna Sanelli v Cowes Serviced Apartments P/L
2:15 PM D396/2014 Lynda Joy Blanche v P & J Guzzo

Wangaratta Magistrates' Court – Member P. Eggleston
2:00 PM D398/2014 Dayne Kirby Symons v Savvas Stravakos, Christina Kathleen Stravakos, Alexis Stravakos, Lifestyle Renovations


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie and Members P. Moloney and J. Pennell
9:30 AM C4200/2014 James Ian Barton v 4R Motors
9:30 AM C4206/2014 Wendy Margaret Greblo v My Skin My Destination, Ilesha Haywood The Paramedical Skin Clinic
10:00 AM C6824/2013 AUSmaritime P/L v King of Mirch Masala P/L 
10:30 AM C4213/2014 Central Bricklaying P/L v Bookman/Mahyer Homes
11:30 AM C4265/2014 Rollertec P/L v Julee Spagnolo
11:30 AM C4051/2014 Oracle Customer Management Solution Services P/L v Blake System P/L
2:00 PM C3485/2014 Sally Waingent, Shakira Waingent v Milanos
2:00 PM C4246/2014 Michael Rowland v Michelle Bedggood

Ballarat Magistrates' Court – Member K. Campana
2:00 PM C1340/2014 Basil Eliades v Bernard Charles Mondon

Bendigo Magistrates' Court – Member M. Harvey
9:30 AM C2725/2014 MGR Accountants P/L v Bethville P/L 
9:30 AM C3152/2014 R.S & B.E Luck v Kael Dallaway
9:30 AM C3331/2014 Bendigo Property Services v Shannon Elliot

Ringwood Magistrates' Court – Member J. Good
2:00 PM C3836/2014 Hoist Hydraulics (Vic) P/L v Bradley James Langdon

Shepparton Magistrates' Court - Member S. Liden
10:30 AM C1593/2014 Gregory Potter v Brian Carrucan, Nexus Primary Health

Compulsory Conferences

5th Floor - Member P. Gerber
9:30 AM C3648/2014 Anthony Long Taxation Services v Ashdon Valley Racing P/L
1:30 PM C2842/2014 Marks Quality Cakes P/L v Greenbean Packaging P/L

Directions Hearings

Room 1.2 - Member L. Rowland
9:30 AM C1049/2014 Mirek Michelson, Sophie Teoludzki-Michelson v Westpac General Insurance Ltd
9:45 AM C3375/2014 Direct Diesel Services P/L v Buninyong Sand & Soil P/L 
10:45 AM C1946/2014 Shiro Joseph v Michael Blair Bachmann
10:45 AM C4691/2013 Edward G Bruce v Boabmedical.com, Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering
10:45 AM C2757/2014 Dynamic Developments v Buckley Business Solutions P/L 
11:45 AM C4291/2014 Euphern Cooper Poole, Alexander John Poole v US-Trading Co P/L
2:00 PM C1951/2014 Mirna Francis v Commonwealth Bank Of Aust
2:30 PM C4509/2014 Stanley Mason v Taxi Staffing Service


Room 1.3 - Deputy President I. Lulham
10:00 AM C5179/2013 Margaret Suellen Lowther, Graham Francis Lowther v Hudson Advisory Group

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie and Members P. Moloney and J. Pennell
9:30 AM C2719/2014 Earth Force Personnel P/L v Mauro Di Giandomenic, Eden Nominees P/L
9:30 AM C4164/2014 Impakt Constructions P/L v Hi-Tech Inspect P/L 
2:00 PM C8967/2012 Toolong P/L v Romtim P/L, Ioan Adrain Muresan, Vasile Sirbu
2:00 PM C4153/2014 The One Solution Group P/L v Green Engineering (Vic) P/L

Room 1.4 - Member A. Kincaid
10:00 AM C4152/2014 Quona Cooke v Vic Gough
10:00 AM C5039/2014 Vic Gough v Quona Cooke

Room G.4 - Member F. Marks
10:00 AM C5405/2013 King of Mirch Masala P/L v Ausmaritime P/L, Caro Trans Oceania P/L
10:00 AM C6824/2013 Ausmaritime P/L, Caro Trans Oceania P/L v King of Mirch Masala P/L



Room G.6 - Senior Member N. Megay
10:00 AM A64/2013 Rachael Woolley obo HL v State of Vic (Department of Education), Karen Dauncey (Vic Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission)

Room 1.8 - Member J. Grainger
10:00 AM H113/2013 Berrin Eroglu v The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne

William Cooper Justice Centre- Level 2 Court Room 5 - Member D. Calabro
10:00 AM H128/2013 Mike Udorly v Eastern Health, Billy Prater


Room 1.6 - Mediator L. Lane
9:30 AM H76/2014 Dawn Gilbert v Lifeline Gippsland Inc


Compulsory Conference

Room 1.1 - Senior Member J. Smithers
10:00 AM J97/2014 Hawa Arale v Erskine Rodan & Associates


Fee Recovery Hearings

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
10:00 AM OC2052/2014 Owners Corporation SP29471U v Umma Super Investments P/L
10:00 AM OC2016/2014 Owners Corporation PS643720C v Shona Colley, Ashley Peter Ferguson
10:00 AM OC2018/2014 Owners Corporation PS622134K3 v Liang Deng
10:00 AM OC2019/2014 Owners Corporation PS513410V v Si Cong Li
10:00 AM OC2021/2014 Owners Corporation PS642133Y v Fung Chun Sandy Chan
10:00 AM OC2022/2014 Owners Corporation PS642133Y v Jianbo Shi
10:00 AM OC2023/2014 Owners Corporation PS610339H v Hong Pheng Wee
10:00 AM OC2024/2014 Owners Corporation PS636888B v Weizhen Chen
10:00 AM OC2025/2014 Owners Corporation PS645597M v Tania Lee Hirt
10:00 AM OC2026/2014 Owners Corporation PS324649L2 v Christakis Matheou
10:00 AM OC2027/2014 Owners Corporation PS646444J v Segundo Manuel Burgos, Maria Soledad Burgos
10:00 AM OC2029/2014 Owners Corporation PS634587C v Jiao Meng
10:00 AM OC2030/2014 Owners Corporation PS531884U v Mark David Wise
10:00 AM OC2031/2014 Owners Corporation PS316440K v Nichole Renee Leishaman
10:00 AM OC2055/2014 Owners Corporation PS635738A v Giovanni Joseph Regali, Caroline Anna Regali
10:00 AM OC2056/2014 Owners Corporation PS604261E1 v Pantelis Bouziotis
12:30 PM OC2138/2014 Owners Corporation RP2999 v Albert Weiss


Directions Hearings

Room G.1 - Member J. Jacono
10:00 AM P695/2014 Transpacific Industries P/L v Brimbank CC
52 - 60 Market Road, Sunshine
10:30 AM P696/2014 Transpacific Industries P/L v Brimbank CC
174, 174A Old Geelong Road, Brooklyn
10:30 AM P1039/2014 Transpacific Industries P/L v Brimbank CC
499 Somerville Road, Brooklyn
11:30 AM P1459/2014 MHYProperties P/L & Wombah Park Developments P/L v Public Transport Development Authority
Part of Valley Estate, being Lot 1, Waurn Ponds


Room 5.5 - Senior Member M. Wright QC
10:00 AM P892/2014 Giovanni & Lucia Fuscaldo v Melbourne CC
8/33 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

Room 1.9 - Senior Member L. Hewet
10:00 AM P709/2014 North Balwyn Residents Action Group v Boroondara CC 
261-263 Balwyn Road, Balwyn North

Room 5.1 - Member C. Wilson
10:00 AM P596/2014 Christopher Megowan v Stonnington CC, Melbourne Water
2 Brookville Road, Toorak

Room 5.3 - Member J. Bennett
10:00 AM P717/2014 Brandied P/L v Bayside CC
329-331 New Street, Brighton

Room 5.2 - Member P. Martin
2:15 PM P466/2014 Prolinda P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC
9 Bullecourt Road, Bittern

Major Case Hearing

Room 5.4 - Member M. Carew
10:00 AM P928/2014 Ambulance Vic v Cardinia SC
74 - 82 Main Street, Pakenham


Room 5.16 - Senior Member M. Wright QC
1:30 PM P1194/2014 Kincaid Projects P/L v Darebin CC
3 - 15 High Street, Preston

Room 5.15 - Member S. Cimino
9:30 AM P630/2014 ACN 142 283 689 P/L v Yarra Ranges SC, Vic Roads
17 - 25 Maroondah Highway, Healesville
1:30 PM P1079/2014 Pace Development Group P/L v Port Phillip CC
16 - 18 Grey Street, St Kilda



Ground Floor (for collection) - Deputy President H. Lambrick & Members A. Reddy & E. Fabris
10:00 AM Z582/2013 Medical Board of Aust v Prem Sanjiv Bajpe

Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.1 - Senior Member J. Smithers
10:00 AM Z182/2014 Xaviera Shannon v Transport Accident Commission
2:00 PM Z231/2013 Nursing and Midwifery Board of Aust v Sanjai Gupta


Room G.2 - Deputy President H. Lambrick & Members B. Collopy & E. Fabris
10:00 AM Z222/2013 Medical Board of Aust v JSA