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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  Due to building works, some hearings have been moved to other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King Street.  Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.



Room G.1 - Justice Greg Garde AO RFD, President
9:15 AM Swearing in Ceremony for Members D. Bates, Dr R. French, K. Kirmos, E. McCabe & B. Thomas


Compliance Hearing

Room 6.4 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM D909/2013 Louise Marie Rose, David Kenneth Cosgriff, Rebecca Anna Delahunt, Owners Corporation Plan NO-PS 539141B v Banyule CC, Yarra Valley Water Corporation, Mladen Mikulic, Johannes Theodorus De Jong, Steven Cavar

Compulsory Conferences

Room 2.1 – Deputy President C. Aird
10:00 AM D1041/2013 Huynh Hung Pham, Lisa Nguyen v Chi Lang Nguyen, Lang & Associates P/L

Level 1, Courtroom 3, William Cooper Justice Centre - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM D547/2014 George Christodoulou v Jetflo Plumbing Services P/L, QBE Insurance (Aust) Ltd


Room 2.7 - Senior Member M. Lothian
10:00 AM D586/2012 Tharwat Bestawros, Jacqueline Bestawros v Domiano Sorace, Felicia Sorace

Directions Hearings

Room G.8 – Senior Member R. Walker
9:30 AM BP238/2014 Liza Janakievski v H & J Property Developments P/L 

Room 6.4 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM BP368/2014 29 Church Road Carrum P/L v Asphalt & Driveway Solutions P/L
2:45 PM D764/2013 Benjamin Fisher & Janice Pheck-Ling Lee v Arrow International P/L


Room G.8 – Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D254/2011 Mark William Roberts, Rowena Teresa Lam v Peter Chung, Alice Chung

Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Member A. Kincaid
2:15 PM R227/2013 Fortuna Fountain P/L v Dato Lim Jew Siang Investments P/L


Room 2.5 – Mediator G. Fox
9:30 AM BP285/2014 Joseph Loebenstein as Trustee in Bankruptcy for Sali Besim v Raif Besim

Room 2.4 – Mediator S. Rozenbes
9:30 AM BP277/2014 Clete Elms, Renee Elms v Sturdee Home Improvements

Room 2.3 – Mediator M. Alter
9:30 AM BP342/2014 Peter Jullian Royal v Matt Jones

Small Claim Hearings

Geelong Magistrates' Court – Member D. Colabro
10:00 AM BP129/2014 Peter Watson, Helen Jensen v Vicprime Concreting
2:00 PM BP219/2014 Kutenfix v David Vote, Rowena Phillips


Civil Claims Hearings

2nd Floor – Members S. Liden, P. Gerber & P. Moloney
9:30 AM C4417/2014 Catherine Doyle v Coastcare Medical Equipment Hire & Sales P/L
10:30 AM C4520/2014 Spruik About v Shoe Zone, Change Accountants & Advisors P/L
11:30 AM C4598/2014 EX MCS Aust NZ P/L v Cool Breeze Rentals P/L
11:30 AM C5699/2014 Cool Breeze Rentals P/L v EX MCS Aust NZ P/L
11:30 AM C4662/2014 Selective Meat Traders P/L v A. & L.K. LA Rosa P/L
2:00 PM C4511/2014 Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions v Autocity Motors P/L
2:00 PM C4479/2014 A & J Bath & Spa Repairs v Prostruct Property Group P/L

2nd Floor - Member P. Gerber
9:30 AM C3005/2014 Motech Automotive Services P/L v Hyon Auto Parts P/L

2nd Floor - Member S. Burdon-Smith
10:30 AM C1469/2014 Alysha Conlan v Nuosheng Aust P/L
2:00 PM C2666/2014 Cynthia Mallia v BMW Melbourne P/L, Alice Hubbard of BMW Melbourne P/L

Ballarat Magistrates' Court – Member R. Phillips
10:00 AM C2070/2014 Katri Pagliaro, Marco Pagliaro v ASL Customs Services P/L

Compulsory Conferences

Room 2.2 – Member J. Grainger
9:30 AM C2638/2014 JHQ Investment P/L v M & W Investments (AUS) P/L, Cui Wei Luo
1:30 PM C8329/2013 Millennium Tiling Group P/L v APTC Aust P/L


2nd Floor – Members S. Liden, P. Gerber & P. Moloney
9:30 AM C2692/2014 Xiaomeng Li v Pave-Crete Constructions

Room 1.3 – Member R. Buchanan
10:00 AM C7773/2013 Silverfern Interiors P/L v Triantafillos Manolidis
10:00 AM C1807/2014 Triantafillos Manolidis v Silverfern Interiors P/L

Ballarat Magistrates' Court – Member R. Phillips
10:00 AM C2927/2014 Alexander Thomas Saltalamacchia, Jessie Jade Saltamacchia v Nunawading Great Wall
10:00 AM C3081/2014 Local Rentals Ballarat P/L v Sharon Brincat


Directions Hearings

Level 1, Courtroom 2, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A. Dea
9:30 AM H235/2014 Stephen Dean v CGU Workers Compensation
10:00 AM H88/2014 Stephen Charles Fowler v Parks Vic - Portland Office
10:00 AM H210/2014 Frank Kinkela v Southwest Healthcare, Andrew Giblin, Marie Mercado
10:30 AM H181/2014 Arnie Azaris v Hume CC
10:30 AM H104/2014 Kathleen Wilson v Lorrelle Orrman, Monash CC
11:00 AM H220/2014 Eunice Bruce v Peninsula Health
12:00 PM H227/2014 KZY obo KVS v Dr Bronwyn Francis


Conference Room, DFATS, 100 Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield - Senior Member R Scott
10:00 AM     G70065/01



Room G.2 - Senior Member G. Butcher
10:00 AM J109/2014 Frank Rossi v Sophie Gioutlou



Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street – Member L. Rowland
10:00 AM OC545/2014 Ewe Chean Scourides v Owners Corporation PS415664J, Anneke Dirks

Jurisdictional Hearing

2nd Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
9:30 AM OC852/2014 George Huang, Harry Wu v Select Owners Corporation


Compulsory Conferences

Room 2.6 - Member L. Jones
10:00 AM P2075/2013 Secretary to the Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure v Amanda Susan Driver
2:15 PM P710/2014 Tuan Anh Hoang v Yarra CC


Room 2.10 - Deputy President M. Dwyer
10:00 AM P3413/2012 Ian & Sharyn Simpkin v Mansfield SC
285 Barwite Road, Mansfield
10:00 AM P1718/2013 Sharyn Simpkin v Mansfield SC
285 Barwite Road, Mansfield
10:00 AM P1158/2014 Ian and Sharyn Simpkin v Mansfield SC, Joe and Alicia Kirley
285 Barwite Road, Barwite

Room 2.11 - Acting Deputy President J. Rickards & Member I. Potts
10:00 AM P2726/2013 Knox CC v Recycal P/L, Kounia P/L
1060 Stud Road, Rowville
10:00 AM P791/2014 Recycal P/L v Knox CC
1060 Stud Road, Rowville

Room G.1 - Member E. Bensz
10:00 AM P988/2014 Jan Taylor v Kingston CC
21-23 Childers Street, Mentone

Room 1.9 - Member F. Dawson
9:00 AM P1031/2014 Spiro Vlahakis v Hume CC
11 International Square, Tullamarine
2:30 PM P1062/2014 Steller P/L v Glen Eira CC
328 - 330 Neerim Road, Carnegie

Room 2.9 - Members B.Sibonis & A. Keddie
10:00 AM P2693/2013 Indeco Pacific P/L v Banyule CC
104-120 Mount Street, Heidelberg

Major Case Hearing

Room 2.8 – Senior Member M. Baird & Member G. Chase
10:00 AM P1204/2014 338 Queen Street P/L v Melbourne CC
338 Queen Street, Melbourne


Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
9:30 AM Z621/2014 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic v Low Co$t P/L
9:30 AM Z622/2014 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic v Ashley Clarke
10:00 AM Z677/2014 Makie Lazim v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z372/2013 Kylie Collas v Transport Accident Commission
10:30 AM Z966/2014 Coates Hire Ltd v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z686/2014 John Glascott v Office of Public Prosecutions
11:30 AM Z871/2014 Jane Garrett MP v Country Fire Authority
11:30 AM Z872/2014 Paul O'Brien v Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
11:30 AM Z873/2014 Margaret Stark v Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
11:30 AM Z874/2014 Margaret Stark v Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
12:00 PM Z925/2014 Mark Azzopardi v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal - Sunshine
12:00 PM Z825/2014 Nicholas Lane v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal - Bendigo
12:00 PM Z804/2014 Elias Orfali v Hon Mary Wolldridge MP; Minister for Mental Health Minister for Community Services Minister for Disability Services and Reform
12:00 PM Z534/2013 Craig Marriott v Vic Workcover Authority - WorkSafe Vic
12:00 PM Z805/2014 Vic Workcover Authority v Colleen Hartland
2:00 PM Z887/2014 FKX v Secretary to the Department of Justice
2:00 PM Z814/2014 Bharat Patel, Ameer Patel v Aust Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
2:00 PM Z913/2014 Ayu Abdullah v Dental Board of Aust
2:30 PM Z912/2014 Karl Hanes v Aust Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
2:30 PM Z939/2014 Vic Police v Firearms Appeals Committee
3:00 PM Z948/2014 Abdinasir Ali v Taxi Services Commission
3:00 PM Z10/2014 Jim Tsaganas v Building Practitioners Board


Room G.3 - Senior Member I. Proctor & Members M. Archibald & P. Barry
10:00 AM Z231/2013 Nursing and Midwifery Board of Aust v Sanjai Gupta

Room 1.4 - Senior Member R. Davis
10:00 AM Z460/2014 Kara Brand v Department of Human Services



Room 1.2 - Vice President Judge Jenkins
10:00 AM V1/2014 Michael Kanter v Milroy Investments Aust P/L