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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  Due to building works, some hearings have been moved to other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT is currently upgrading the lifts at 55 King Street.  Please arrive early to avoid any delays caused by some lifts being unavailable.




Ground floor (for collection) - Senior Member M. Lothian
9:30 AM D1272/2013      Ramesh Kottai v Scope Constructions (Vic) P/L

Compliance Hearing

Room 2.2 - Senior Member M. Lothian
9:30 AM D625/2014 Duroble Construction P/L v Mico Jokanovic, Valentina Jokanovic

Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.4 - Deputy President C. Aird
10:00 AM D1031/2013 Derek Robert Collis and Lorel Margaret Collis, Owners Corporation PS526742V v Feelding Property Developments P/L

Room 1.7 - Senior Member R. Riegler
10:00 AM D377/2013 O' Boyles Roof Plumbing v Milanka Sullivan
10:00 AM BP606/2014 Milanka Janicijevic Sullivan v O'Boyle's Roof Plumbing P/L 

Room 1.2 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM D250/2014 Justine Yeates v JN Building P/L, J.F.Heber (Aust) P/L, Alan Lorenzini, A.A. & A.S. Lorenzini P/L, Gavin Stephenson, John Edward Noseda

Directions Hearings

Room 6.4 - Deputy President C. Aird
9:30 AM D413/2011 Marianne Ruth Robinson v George Rydell Constructions P/L, Cocks Carmichael P/L, Graeme Lesley Ainley

Room 1.2 - Senior Member M. Levine
9:30 AM D288/2010 Gaynor Cooper, Freda Cooper, The Owners Corporation No 1 PS 544274B v Majora Building Group P/L, Idyll Super Co P/L


Room 2.11 - Vice President Judge Macnamara
10:00 AM D1333/2012 Mr Earl Softly, Ms Shelley Softly v Metricon Homes P/L

Room 2.2 - Senior Member M. Lothian
10:00 AM D198/2013 Fay Maree Lee v Creative Lifestyles Homes P/L

Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D69/2014 TCM Building Group P/L v Kristine Mercuri

Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM D1047/2013 Alpha Developers and Promoters P/L v Advance Building & Engineering P/L

Mildura Magistrates' Court - Member D. Calabro
11:00 AM D44/2014 Karl Gaulke v Dolfin Constructions P/L


Room 2.4 - Mediator A. Fogarty
9:30 AM BP437/2014 Patrick Charles Honner, Sheree Ann Honner v Vic Managed Insurance Authority

Room 2.5 - Mediator S. Rozenbes
9:30 AM BP427/2014 John Roussis, Claire Roussis v Simonds Homes Melbourne P/L


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor - Members R. Buchanan, J. Pennell & K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C4709/2014 Tigerwow P/L v Paypal Aust P/L 
9:30 AM C3090/2014 Thu Le Thai v ESH AIR Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
9:30 AM C4699/2014 Anna Murray v Alpha Care Hire (Vic) P/L, Alpha Car Hire
9:30 AM C5219/2014 Vanessa Axiak v Western Highway Investments P/L
10:30 AM C4960/2014 CMN Carpentry v Hoi Industries
10:30 AM C5093/2014 Stephen Clarke, Thomas Clarke, Katherine Clarke, Helen Mould v Cinemaking P/L
11:30 AM C4746/2014 Powerful Plumbing v Adroit Plumbing & Air Conditioning P/L
11:30 AM C3531/2014 Shutter Components Aust v Ezy Glide PVC Blinds & Awnings
2:00 PM C3362/2014 Midas Touch Towers P/L v Better Business Advice
2:00 PM C4176/2014 Better Business Advice v Midas Touch Towers P/L
2:00 PM C4330/2014 Quantum Investor v Energy Call Centres

5th Floor - Member K. Metcalf
2:00 PM C4017/2014 Nyachuol John, Kenyatta Deiwal v Great Sofa P/L 

Ballarat Magistrates' Court - Member T. McCabe
10:00 AM C3794/2014 Timshel Aust P/L v New Deal P/L, Catherine Howard
10:00 AM C3936/2014 Hutton Landscaping v David McMahon
10:00 AM C3994/2014 Deborah-Lee Parsell v Adroit Fencing And Engineering P/L
10:00 AM C4158/2014 Cheyrl Stewart v Aquamaster

Bendigo Magistrates' Court - Member P. Eggleston
10:00 AM C4664/2014 DJ & TC Berry Refrigeration P/L v Allan Anderson, Sharon Anderson
10:30 AM C5359/2014 Peter Carr Plumbing P/L v Mitch Ryan
10:30 AM C5351/2014 Building Issues P/L v Joshua Hopkins
10:30 AM C5353/2014 Building Issues P/L v John Taverna
10:30 AM C5355/2014 Building Issues P/L v Mark Tregear

Geelong Magistrates' Court - Member L. West
10:00 AM C4335/2014 Keith Saunders v Emile James Rousseaux
10:00 AM C5028/2014 Built Constructions Australasia P/L v J.G. King P/L

Korumburra Magistrates' Court - Member K. Norman
10:00 AM C5412/2014 Gymassist (Aust) P/L v Rehani Jivanthi

Compulsory Conferences

5th Floor - Member S. Wilson
9:30 AM C2375/2014 Michael Thomas Jones, Pauline Ann O'Hea v Archicentre P/L
1:30 PM C4849/2014 Dakka Trading P/L v Iron Horse Intermodal P/L


5th Floor - Members R. Buchanan, J. Pennell & K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C4902/2014 Maircat P/L v Caltex Aust Petroleum P/L
11:30 AM C5018/2014 Buckingham and Company P/L v Tom Jenkins

5th Floor - Member B. Josephs
10:00 AM C6354/2013 Florina Furniture P/L v Itris Corporation P/L
10:00 AM C7289/2013 Itris Corporation P/L v Florina Furniture P/L

5th Floor - Member C. Edquist
10:00 AM C236/2014 Krater Developments P/L v Douglas Kay Real Estate P/L

Level 11, 222 Exhibition Street - Deputy President I. Lulham
10:00 AM C7952/2013 Christopher John Story v Lorbek Luxury Cars P/L

Ballarat Magistrates' Court - Member T. McCabe
10:00 AM C4067/2014 Neil Prattley, Kylie Prattley v The Renewable Energy Action Co P/L, The One Stop Energy Shop

Review & Re-Hearings

5th Floor - Members R. Buchanan, J. Pennell & K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C3444/2014 Element Heating and Cooling P/L v Barrington Brown Group P/L
10:30 AM C2872/2014 Savio Marcus v Complete Food Vans P/L
2:00 PM C3800/2014 Spire Audio v Reverence P/L

Review Hearing

5th Floor - Members R. Buchanan, J. Pennell & K. Metcalf
12:15 PM C1634/2014 Govind Mandri v Bartercard Aust P/L
12:15 PM C4078/2014 Bartercard Aust P/L v Govind Mandri



Level 5, William Cooper Justice Centre (for collection) - Senior Member N. Megay
10:00 AM H47/2014  John Martin v Padula College

Direction Hearings

Level 1, Courtroom 2, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A Dea
9:30 AM  H242/2014  Kristy Davis v Karingal House, Martin McKenzie, Julie Mippy, Toni Stobie, Loretta Hinckley, Mark Wilkin, Ashley Shaw

10:00 AM  H164/2014  Hamadou Djime v Stae of Victoria and ors

10:30 AM  H260/2014  GPD obo WCM v State of Vic (Department of Education)

12:30 PM  H255/2014  PNB v Mercy Public Hospitals Inc

2:00 PM  H227/2014  KZY obo KVS v Dr Bronwyn Francis


Room 1.3 - Senior Member N Megay
10:00 AM H51/2014 Charmaine Tate v State of Vic (Department of Human Services) (Vic Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission)

Room 1.8 - Senior Member I. Proctor
10:00 AM H236/2014 
2:15 PM H239/2014 

Level 1, Courtroom 1, William Cooper Justice Centre - Member A Duggan
10:00 AM H44/2013 Lara Jurecek v Director, Transport Safety Vic


Room 5.12 - Mediator I. De Lacy
9:30 AM H167/2014 Damian Cadby v GTE Employment Services P/L, San Marino By Bertocchi Small Goods P/L

Room 2.3 - Mediator G. Fox
9:30 AM H231/2014 Samia Baho v State of Vic (Department of Justice)


Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.9 - Member J. Kefford
9:30 AM OC1316/2014 Owners Corporation PS505245E v Louise Ellen Tait
1:30 PM OC2478/2014 Owners Corporation PS418693K v Barbagallo Consultants P/L

Fee Recovery Hearings

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
2:00 PM OC2506/2014 Owners Corporation 35402 v Kosta Christopher Strintzos
2:00 PM OC2523/2014 Owners Corporation 539993V v Michael Kanellis, Donna Marie Roebuck
3:00 PM OC2508/2014 Owners Corporation No.3 PS428271G v David Ian Pole
3:00 PM OC2584/2014 Owners Corporation No 3 - PS622770E v Di Liu
3:00 PM OC2587/2014 Owners Corporation No 5 - PS501198H v Malcolm Ross Neil, Heather Elizabeth McLean
3:00 PM OC2583/2014 Owners Corporation No 2 - PS337700R v Lindsay Edward Johnson, Kim Marie Johnson
3:00 PM OC2585/2014 Owners Corporation No 2 - PS622770E v Jiaying Jiang


Room 1.1 - Member L. Rowland
10:00 AM OC1561/2014 Benabelle Nominees P/L v Citywide Building Construction P/L, Owners Corporation PS442385K
10:00 AM OC1699/2014 Citywide Building Construction Pty Ltd v Benabelle Nominees Pty Ltd

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
9:30 AM OC903/2014 Owners Corporation 5913, Marjorie Greensmith, Glenn Fayne McElwee, Kerry Leigh Debattista, Gail Elaine MacDonald Lindsay v Walter E Jones Valuers P/L



Room 5.9 - Senior Member M. Baird
10:00 AM P955/2014 Paul Gray v Mount Alexander SC
28 Gaffney Street, Castlemaine
2:15 PM P1065/2014 Designer Living P/L v Whittlesea CC
26 Romeo Court, Mill Park

Room 2.7 - Senior Member L. Hewet & Member T. Bilston McGillen
10:00 AM P548/2014 Aust Mei Jie International Corporation P/L v Boroondara CC
87-101 Maling Road, Canterbury

Room 2.1 - Senior Member M. Wright QC & Member E. Bensz
10:00 AM P764/2013 Waterfront Place P/L v Port Phillip CC
1 - 5 & 7 - 11 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne

Room 2.8- Member B. Sibonis
10:00 AM P994/2014 Samuel Property P/L v Whitehorse CC
55-65 Railway Road, Blackburn

Room 2.9 - Members C. Wilson & C. Fong
10:00 AM P762/2014 Costa Navarino P/L v Stonnington CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region
523 Dandenong Road, Armadale

Room 2.10 - Members P. Martin & J. Jacono
10:00 AM P28/2014 CRG Nominees Pty Ltd v Department of Transport
Part of lot 3 Hobbs Road, Wyndham Vale

Room 5.8 - Member M. Deidun
10:00 AM P985/2014 David Brown v Wangaratta Rural CC
22 George Street, Wangaratta

Major Case Hearings

Room 5.16 - Senior Member R. Byard & Member N. Hadjigeorgiou
10:00 AM P1376/2014 Aerolite Quarries P/L v Greater Geelong CC, Department of Environment and Primary Industries
235 - 355 Brownes Road, Anakie

Room 5.15 - Members D. Cook & A. Glynn
10:00 AM P1375/2014 Forza Capital P/L ATF Forza Pelham Street Fund v Melbourne CC
15 - 31 Pelham Street, Carlton


Room 2.6 - Member S. Cimino
9:30 AM P1614/2014 Lights of Aust P/L c/- Fulcrum Urban Planning P/L v Whitehorse CC
15-17 Irving Avenue, Box Hill
1:30 PM P1123/2014 Andrew Brady & Others v Mornington Peninsula SC
6 Carpenters Lane North, Hastings



Ground Floor (for collection) - Senior Member I. Proctor
9:30 AM Z508/2013 Alan Jager v Vic Workcover Authority - WorkSafe Vic

Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.4 - Senior Member R. Davis
10:00 AM Z805/2014 Vic Workcover Authority v Colleen Hartland

Room 1.5 - Senior Member G. Butcher
10:00 AM Z603/2014 Seven Network Operations Ltd v Department of Justice FOI

Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
10:00 AM Z1008/2014 Panagiotis Koutoulas v Taxi Services Commission
10:00 AM Z55/2014 Cheryl Watson v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z967/2014 Mostafa Wazery v Vic Police
11:30 AM Z112/2013 Kerri Walker-Staalkjaer v Campaspe SC
11:30 AM Z1006/2014 Stephen Donehue v Manningham CC
2:00 PM Z206/2014 Ranjith Wanninayake v Building Practitoners Board
2:00 PM Z902/2014 Anthony O'Byrne v Vic Institute of Teaching
2:00 PM Z233/2014 XTP v Secretary to the Department of Justice
2:30 PM Z511/2014 Louis Crawford v Secretary to the Department of Justice


Room 2.2 - President Justice G. Garde
2:00 PM G1143/2012 Jade Applebee v Monash CC

Review Hearing

Room 6.3 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
10:30 AM Z959/2014 Csaba Odor v Department of Education and Early Childhood Development