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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  VCAT also holds hearings at other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT has security screening at 55 King Street.  Please arrive 45 minutes before your hearing to avoid any delays.




Compliance Hearings

Room 1.3 - Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM BP249/2014 Mr Simon Laughlin, Mrs Maureen Laughlin v Certainteed PVC Windows P/L
9:30 AM BP684/2014 Ms Lisa Ciabarra v Brookfield Multiplex P/L, Mr Gerald Hobday
9:30 AM BP250/2014 Elsternwick Supermarket P/L v P. B. J. Fibrelux P/L 
9:30 AM D512/2014 Mr Andrew Maguire v Mr Mathew Taylor, Mr Craig Evans, Mrs Sharon Taylor, Mrs Anna Susan Evans

Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.4 - Deputy President C. Aird
10:00 AM D481/2014 Mr Ian Ross, Mrs Kathy Ross v Hensley Park Group P/L

Room G.3 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:30 AM  R119/2014      Meadsview Pty Ltd, Natsue Pty Ltd v Robert Fenton and Glenda Fenton (as
trustees for the Sanctum Supperannuation Fund), Ashley Fenton, Ashley Fenton

Room 2.1 - Senior Member E. Riegler
10:00 AM D519/2014 Mr Paul Geyer, Dr Joanne Lindsay v Meletis Homes P/L, RZ Building Surveyors P/L


On site in Inverleigh - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D594/2013 Mr Chad Barnes, Mrs Juanita Barnes v Pivot Homes 

Room 1.6 - Member C. Edquist
9:30 AM BP366/2014 Luchio Nominees P/L v Epping Fresh Food Market P/L


Room 2.3 - Mediator S. Rozenbes
9:30 AM BP818/2014 Mr Peter Shenouda v Daklan Constructions P/L

Room 2.4 – Mediator F. Falduti
9:30 AM BP871/2014 Mr Michael Raymond Lewis v AG Aust. Industries P/L 

Room 2.5 - Mediator R. Lawrence
9:30 AM BP671/2014 Mr Nigel Thomas Beresford v Mrs Savita Sharma


Civil Claims Hearings

Room G.7 – Member P. Eggleston
9:30 AM C6393/2014 Olavar P/L v Kenworthy Bruce P/L

5th Floor – Members L. Crocker, D. Bates, D. Galvin & R. Buchanan
9:30 AM C762/2015 Annieque Designer Homes P/L v Niccab Doors P/L 
9:30 AM C766/2015 Charles Peter Wilson v Marcus Howe
9:30 AM C786/2015 Vince Ozzimo v LMS Fence & Pergolas
9:30 AM C777/2015 Tina Maria Destito, Carmine Vince Destito v Andi-Co Aust. P/L
9:30 AM C7147/2014 Ilfet Damin v T Cuts Hair Studio P/L
10:30 AM C724/2015 Clement-Stone Town Planners v Michael Nikolic, George Korytsky
10:30 AM C451/2015 Angela Carbone v Myer P/L 
10:30 AM C653/2015 Leah Bishop v Nonna Press
11:30 AM C741/2015 Merchant Aust. v Michael Preston P/L 
11:30 AM C644/2015 Nioka Wozny - The Trustee for Moorookyle Park Thoroughbreds Trust v Trudy Robinson, Kym Buick
11:30 AM C661/2015 Hire A Hubby Hoppers Crossing v Glenn Olive
11:30 AM C419/2015 Penny Lay v Far Pavilions Interiors P/L
2:00 PM C769/2015 Anthony David Robinson v Roger Phillips, Gourmet Scrolls P/L
2:00 PM C616/2015 Peter Sawan, Diane La Tina v Spa Detailing & Auto Service

Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.2 – Senior Member A. Vassie
9:30 AM C5156/2014 Kevin Mansfield v Edward Lai
9:30 AM C5118/2014 Edward Lai v Kevin Mansfield
1:30 PM C6033/2014 Robert Andrew Neave, Maxine Jessie Bolger v Southern Cross Canvas


Room G.6 – Member J. Pennell
10:00 AM C5610/2014 Adsone Group P/L v Specialist Diagnostic Services P/L 

5th Floor – Members L. Crocker, D. Bates, D. Galvin & R. Buchanan
12:15 PM C738/2015 Anton William Yoxon v Rival Networks P/L 
2:00 PM C243/2015 Chantal Togany v Lomah Studios P/L 

5th Floor - Member D. Bates
2:00 PM C6223/2014 Zihang Gong v Wang Guigang AKA William Guigang, Daou Li


5th Floor – Members L. Crocker, D. Bates, D. Galvin & R. Buchanan
2:00 PM C1612/2015 Russell James Galt, Galt P/L v C-F-S Career Management P/L, Human Capital Holdings Services P/L, Bruce Gregory, Marjorie Gregory

Jurisdictional Hearing

5th Floor - Member L. Crocker
2:00 PM C647/2015 Hector Gauci, Mrs Angela Gauci v 3D Concepts Building Design
2:00 PM       C4425/2014     3D Building Concepts v Hector Gauci, Angela Gauci


Compulsory Conference

William Cooper Justice Centre –Level 2 Court Room 4, Member D. Calabro
9:00 AM H17/2015 Joseph Agwalama v Department of Justice and Regulation

Directions Hearings

William Cooper Justice Centre –Level 2 Court Room 5, Member A. Dea
9:30 AM H294/2014 Bowls Vic., Albert Park Bowls Club Inc.
12:00 PM H61/2015 Keith Kitson v Prof. Lorraine Dennerstein
12:30 PM H58/2015 Arabella Matthey v Securecorp
2:00 PM H16/2015

Directions Hearing by Phone

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 2 Court Room 5, Member A. Dea
3:00 PM H37/2015 Genovate Consulting

Strike-Out Hearing

William Cooper Justice Centre –Level 2 Court Room 5, Member A. Dea
10:00 AM H114/2014 Sofia Telemzouguer v United Energy Distribution P/L


Compulsory Conferences

Room G.3  - Senior Member M. Levine
10:30 AM OC1150/2014 Robert Fenton, Glenda Fenton, Ashley Fenton, Alison Fenton v Owners Corporation No.1 336467A, Owners Corporation No.2 336467A
10:30 AM  OC1968/2014 Owners Corporation No.1 336467A, Owners Corporation No.2 336467A v
  Robert Fenton, Glenda Fenton, Ashley Fenton, Alison Fenton



Room 5.16 - Senior Member R. Byard
10:00 AM P1472/2014 K. Foshik & JP Jackman v Bayside CC
1-5 Dart Street, Highett 

Room 5.8 – Member C. Harty
10:00 AM P2050/2014 John and Narelle Falk and Others v Swan Hill Rural CC
53 Butterworth Street, Swan Hill 

Room 5.9 - Member S. Porter
10:00 AM P2288/2014 Bornova Architecture and Town Planning P/L v Hume CC
19 Maccoll Street, Craigieburn 
2:15 PM P2301/2014 Blueprint P/L v Glen Eira CC
22 Monash Street, Bentleigh East 

Room 5.12 - Member C. Wilson
10:00 AM P1863/2014 Mr M Malinowski v Glen Eira CC
35 Graham Avenue, Mckinnon 
2:15 PM P1902/2014 Les Serin v Monash CC
19 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley 

Room 5.15 – Member P. Martin
10:00 AM P1202/2014 Angela & Frank Iacono, Arthur & John Liacopoulous, Murray Hicks v Hobsons Bay CC
11 Bent Street, Altona 

Room 2.8 - Member R. Naylor
10:00 AM P1401/2014 Highett Grove P/L v Bayside CC
172 Beach Road, Sandringham 

Room 2.9 - Member T. Bilston McGillen
10:00 AM P2233/2014 Jasbe Petroleum v Hobsons Bay CC
144e Point Cook Road, Seabrook 

Room 2.10 – Member C. Fong
10:00 AM P2279/2014 CS Town Planning Services v Yarra CC
30 Manton Street, Richmond 

Room 2.11- Members B. Sibonis & V. Davies
10:00 AM P1912/2014 Koorool Constructions P/L v Boroondara CC
352-358 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills 

Major Case Hearings

Room G.1- Senior Member A. Liston & Member F. Dawson
10:00 AM P2222/2014 Monsoon Bay P/L v Boroondara CC
1-11 Quinton Road, Camberwell 

Room 2.7 - Members S. CImino & G. Sharpley
10:00 AM P1605/2014 Aurora Construction Materials P/L v Melton SC, Metropolitan Planning Authority
2-50 Meskos Road, Rockbank 

Room 2.2 - Member E. Bensz
10:00 AM P2241/2014 Centreway P/L v Glen Eira CC
670-672 Centre Road, Bentleigh East 


Room 2.6 – Member M. Nelthorpe
9:30 AM P2088/2014 Stuart Alfredson v Stonnington CC
62 Aberdeen Road, Prahran 


Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 – Deputy President H. Lambrick
10:00 AM Z98/2015 Mr Frank Russo v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z131/2015 WUZ v Secretary to the Department of Justice & Regulation
10:00 AM G56/2013 Michael Troy v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z1141/2014 Mr Geoffrey Bowland v Vic. Police
11:30 AM Z209/2015 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic. v Mr Michael Andrew John Hoban
11:30 AM Z189/2015 Mr Matthew Duda v Vic. Workcover Authority
11:30 AM Z208/2015 Director of Consumer Affairs Vic. v Hoban Real Estate P/L,
2:00 PM Z172/2015 YWH v Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation
2:00 PM Z100/2015 Dr Christopher Heislers v Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Vic.
2:00 PM Z196/2015 Mrs Julia Maier v Nursing and Midwifery Board of Aust.
2:00 PM Z211/2015 Mrs Michelle Magri v Greyhound Racing Vic.
2:30 PM Z948/2014 Mr Abdinasir Ali v Taxi Services Commission


Room G.8 – Senior Member I. Proctor with Members C. Delany & J. Gilbert
10:00 AM Z942/2014 Physiotherapy Board of Aust. v Michael Sette