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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  VCAT also holds hearings at other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT has security screening at 55 King Street.  Please arrive 45 minutes before your hearing to avoid any delays.





Ground Floor (for collection) - Member A. Kincaid
9:30 AM D1266/2012 Owners Corporation No. 1 PS611203E v Furman Constructions (Vic) P/L

Compliance Hearings

Room 2.11 - Senior Member M. Levine
9:30 AM BP450/2015 SBG Building Group P/L v MI Property Services
9:30 AM BP669/2014 Mr Gavin Fraser, Sarah Drysdale v Yarra Valley Water, Lend Lease Services P/L

Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.4 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM BP743/2014 Afonso Building Solutions P/L v Mrs Hendrika Russo

Room 2.11 - Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM D416/2014 Mr Yongjie Lu v Mr Jianfeng Li, Dang Hai Nguyen

Directions Hearing

Room 6.4 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM BP121/2015 Mr Robin Maxwell Griffiths, Mrs Lois Christine Griffiths v Classic Retreats


Room 1.6 – Member C. Edquist
10:00 AM BP799/2014 Mr Chris Theodor, Ms Suzanne Theodor v Patrick Noonan

Room 1.2 - Senior Member R. Walker
2:15 PM BP667/2015 Anchong Nominees P/L v Mr Khaled Ef Rafei


Room 2.5 - Mediator P. Condliffe
9:30 AM BP779/2015 Aust. Asset Consulting P/L v Staples Super P/L


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor -    Member J. Grainger
9:30 AM C1662/2015 Hari Gupta v Mandeep Singh Johal t/as Budget Conveyancing

5th Floor -    Member L. Rowland
10:00 AM C2641/2015 Alabar Bloodstock v Allan Beresford
10:00 AM C2642/2015 Alabar Bloodstock v Michael Henneker

5th Floor -    Members J. Grainger, L. Rowland, D. Bates & H. Davies
9:30 AM C2458/2015 Anwar Hossan v Sandhurst Trustees Ltd
10:30 AM C2892/2015 Fiona Mary Staindl v Port Services Container P/L 
10:30 AM C2058/2015 Sebastian Steven Darcy v Samsung Electronics Aust. Pty Ltd
10:30 AM C2783/2015 Nicole Sheree Dennett v Jennifer Li
11:30 AM C2736/2015 Pentland Child Care and Kindergarten Centre P/L v Darren Kevin Anderson, Candice Henderson
11:30 AM C2799/2015 Dental Health Services Vic. v Joanne Swain
11:30 AM C2802/2015 Dental Health Services Vic. v Giovanni Filippo
2:00 PM C1829/2015 Vladimir Cristancho Hernandez v EA Motors
2:00 PM C1727/2015 Rita Ashby v Prestige Auto Traders Aust. P/L 
2:00 PM C6974/2014 The Window Dresser Pty v Don Poncenby
2:00 PM C2148/2015 Don Poncenby v The Window Dresser Pty

Latrobe Valley Law Courts – Member K. Norman
10:30 AM C2792/2015 Yarragon Village Vet v Jade Watson
10:30 AM C2780/2015 Yarragon Village Vet v Warren John Tibbitts
10:30 AM C2980/2015 Dianne Mary Berends v Richland Contracting P/L 
10:30 AM C2868/2015 Gerard Desmond O'Keeffe v Greyhound Racing Vic.
10:30 AM C3034/2015 Jennifer Ann-Maree Bruce v Arron O 'Connell
10:30 AM C2989/2015 Sharon Louise Kelly v Act2day Property Group P/L, Suguna Pathanjalimanoharar

Mildura Magistrates' Court – Member B. Josephs
11:00 AM C3245/2015 Arthur Robinson Plumbing v Hairtek for Men
11:00 AM C2888/2015 Devilee's Air Conditioning and Refrigeration v Bain's Curry Takeaway & Restaurant
11:00 AM C3162/2015 John Devilee Refrigeration P/L v Debbie Scalora

Seymour Magistrates' Court – Member S. Liden
10:00 AM C1184/2015 Carmel Fsadni v Paul Glavocih

Directions Hearing

5th Floor -    Member L. Rowland
9:30 AM C2390/2015 Matthew Erickson v Aust. Bloodstock P/L 


5th Floor -    Members J. Grainger, L. Rowland, D. Bates & H. Davies
10:30 AM C1547/2015 Hughes Demolition v Richlands Projects P/L 
2:00 PM C1940/2015 Ali Ahmad v Mostapha Ali

Review & Re-Hearing

Seymour Magistrates' Court – Member S. Liden
10:00 AM C455/2015 Seven Creeks Equine Veterinary Clinic P/L v Sarah Lloyd


Compulsory Conference

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 1 Courtroom 3 - Senior Member N. Megay
10:00 AM H59/2015 Kelly Crane v Wilson Security P/L, ISS Security P/L

Directions Hearings by Phone

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 2 Courtroom 5 - Member A. Dea
10:30 AM H154/2015 Westbourne Grammer School
11:00 AM H163/2015 Trafalgar High School


Room 2.4 - Mediator G. Fox
9:30 AM H273/2014 Rosemary Kirkwood v State of Vic. (Department of Human Services)



5th Floor – Deputy President I. Lulham
10:30 AM OC804/2015 Robyn Elizabeth Horgan, Vicki Windholz v Dorothy Pretty, Luba Aronovitch, Owners Corporation Plan No 5182204



Room G.3 - Senior Member M. Wright QC & Member G. Sharpley
10:00 AM P349/2015 Penny and David Briggs v Baw Baw SC
Moondarra Road, Moondarra 

Room 2.7 - Senior Member L. Hewet & Member I. Potts
10:00 AM P2042/2014 Newport Properties Vic P/L v Hobsons Bay CC
38-48 Blackshaws Road and 24 Sutton Street, Kingsville 

Room 2.8 - Member C. Fong
10:00 AM P212/2015 Branson Property Group P/L v Moreland CC 
1-5/509 Brunswick Road, Brunswick West 

Room 2.9 - Member G. Rundell
10:00 AM P348/2015 Garry Sharp v Glen Eira CC
482-484 North Road, Ormond 

Room 2.10 - Member F. Dawson
10:00 AM P351/2015 Alta Architecture P/L as agent for Wei Jiang v Whitehorse CC
36 Harrow Street, Box Hill 

Room 5.8 - Member M. Deidun
10:00 AM P384/2015 Chinh Mai v Monash CC
93 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley 

Room 5.9 - Member B. Sibonis
10:00 AM P2261/2014 Mr David Alexander v Boroondara CC
85 Union Road, Surrey Hills 

Room 5.12 - Member T. Watson
10:00 AM P352/2015 Line Design v Monash CC
11 Le Gallienne Crescent, Mulgrave 

Room G.2 - Member J. Bennett
10:00 AM P357/2015 David Watson Architect P/L v Port Phillip CC
155-159 Ross Street, Port Melbourne 

Major Case Hearings

Room 5.15 - Senior Member J. Rickards & Member A. Keddie
10:00 AM P768/2015 Pamato Corporation P/L v Boroondara CC
153 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East 

Room 5.16 - Members E. Bensz & V. Davies
10:00 AM P776/2015 LPD Property Ptd Ltd v Yarra CC
153-177 Bridge Road, Richmond 

Room 2.1 - Members R. Naylor & A. Slattery
10:00 AM P742/2015 Outline JV (Little Oxford) P/L v Yarra CC
7&9-15 Little Oxford Street, Collingwood 

Room 2.2 - Members M. Nelthorpe & G. Chase
10:00 AM P726/2015 Ever Bright Group v Whitehorse CC
1-5 Sergeant Street, Blackburn 


Compulsory Conferences

Room 1.3 – Senior Member G. Butcher
10:00 AM Z335/2015 Nursing & Midwifery Board of Aust. v YHU

Room 1.5 - Member J. Clampett
10:00 AM Z432/2015 Mr Sudhakar Nuthalapati v Building Practitioners Board

Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 – Senior Member I. Proctor
9:15 AM Z383/2015 Ghulam Haider v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM Z235/2013 Mr William Gordon v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM G473/2011 Mr William Gordon v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM G90/2013 Mr William Gordon v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM Z389/2015 Mr Michael Paul Atwell v Business Licensing Authority
9:15 AM Z313/2015 Mr Gregory Lucas v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z441/2015 Miss Jessica Walters v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z466/2015 Michelle Wanner (nee Kelly) v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z442/2015 Mr Anthony Wells v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z1055/2014 Mr Gary Kirby v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z404/2015 Rhys Waho v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z523/2015 Mr Travis Rosenow v Greater Shepparton CC
2:00 PM Z489/2015 Mr Paul Graham Chalmers v Department of Justice and Regulation
2:00 PM Z504/2015 Chase Auto Wholesalers P/L v Business Licensing Authority
2:30 PM Z381/2015 QNH v Department of Justice and Regulation
2:30 PM Z502/2015 Mr Richard Conti v Department of Justice and Regulation
3:00 PM Z281/2015 Mr Reginald Matthews v Dairy Food Safety Vic.
3:00 PM Z536/2015 Mr Ahmed Saeed Ahmedin v Taxi Services Commission
3:00 PM Z163/2015 Mr Dominic Zaffina v Taxi Services Commission
3:00 PM Z517/2015 Mr Ross Splatt v Taxi Services Commission

Room 1.5 – Member A. Dea
2:00 PM Z265/2015 Mr Brett Haywood v Business Licensing Authority


Room G.1 - Vice President Judge Davis
10:00 AM Z418/2015 Mr Wayne Thomas Gray v Greyhound Racing Vic.
10:00 AM Z430/2015 Greyhound Racing Vic. Stewards v Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board

Room 1.4 – Senior Member R. Davis
10:00 AM Z1140/2014 Michelle Akerley v Commissioner of State Revenue - Legal Services

Room 1.3 – Senior Member G. Butcher 
2:00 PM Z586/2015 Mr Mahad Ali Samatar v Taxi Services Commission


Directions Hearing

Room 1.2 - Vice President Judge Jenkins
10:00 AM V4/2014 Nannette Stubbs v Vladymir Martyniuk