Customer surveys

VCAT does a customer survey each year to:

  • measure satisfaction with our services
  • better understand our customers and their needs
  • identify service improvements that will respond to customers' needs. 

People visiting our venues in person, contacting us by phone or email, and visiting our website are invited to respond.

Comparing annual results

In 2016 and 2017, 85 per cent of our customers were satisfied with our services. Based on these results, we focused on improving accessibility of information, efficiency of processes, language support and access to facilities for vulnerable and disadvantaged customers.

The 2018 survey was conducted from 4–7 June across 30 metropolitan and regional venues. We achieved 86 per cent with 21 per cent more respondents (601) since 2017. Our work to deliver more accessible information resulted in improved satisfaction on key measures, particularly understanding of our website.

Data from the 2016 survey is not included in the table below as the time to the 2017 survey was only nine months. See the 2016 customer survey results.

Survey results

Measures 2018(%) 2017(%)
Overall customer satisfaction 86 85
Website was easy to understand 84 78
Website was easy to use 82 80
Clarity of forms 78 76
Clarity of correspondence 83 82
Ease of finding VCAT and the hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. room or office 92 93
Safety 92 90
Physical access 93 94
Language needs addressed 88 80
Knowledgeable and helpful staff 91 93
Courtesy and respect of staff and members 92 94
Timeliness to complete VCAT business 72 72
Convenience of operating hours 87 84
Fairness of way in which case was handled* 83 82
MemberDefinitionA person who hears and decides cases at VCAT. Some members are specialists in particular areas of law. listened to parties before making a decision* 87 87
Equal treatment in hearings* 86 87
Knowledge of next steps* 87 81

*In 2017, only people who attended a hearing answered these questions; in 2018 all survey respondents were invited to do so.

2016 customer survey results

VCAT conducted a customer satisfaction survey during September 2016 and will use the results to improve our services.

The survey took place on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 16 venues and at a further six metropolitan and regional venues on 8 and 9 September 2016.

VCAT achieved an overall customer satisfaction rate of 85 per cent based on 491 responses.

The satisfaction rates for the 15 key survey questions are as follows:

  • Ease of finding and understanding information on the website – 73.6 per cent
  • Clarity of forms – 78.2 per cent
  • Clarity of correspondence and documents – 79.2 per cent
  • Ease of finding VCAT and the hearing room or office – 87.1 per cent
  • Felt safe at VCAT – 90.3 per cent
  • Ability to physically access the services – 90.9 per cent
  • Language needs addressed – 82.0 per cent
  • Knowledge and helpfulness of staff – 91.2 per cent
  • Courtesy and respect of staff and members – 93.6 per cent
  • Timeliness to complete VCAT business – 75.7 per cent
  • Convenience of operating hours – 84.0 per cent
  • Fairness of way in which case was handled – 86.3 per cent
  • Member listened to parties before making a decision – 90.7 per cent
  • Equal treatment in hearings – 88.8 per cent
  • Knowledge of next steps – 86.3 per cent.