2016 customer survey results

VCAT conducted a customer satisfaction survey during September 2016 and will use the results to improve our services.

The survey took place on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 16 venues and at a further six metropolitan and regional venues on 8 and 9 September 2016.

VCAT achieved an overall customer satisfaction rate of 85 per cent based on 491 responses.

The satisfaction rates for the 15 key survey questions are as follows:

  • Ease of finding and understanding information on the website – 73.6 per cent
  • Clarity of forms – 78.2 per cent
  • Clarity of correspondence and documents – 79.2 per cent
  • Ease of finding VCAT and the hearing Definition The time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. room or office – 87.1 per cent
  • Felt safe at VCAT – 90.3 per cent
  • Ability to physically access the services – 90.9 per cent
  • Language needs addressed – 82.0 per cent
  • Knowledge and helpfulness of staff – 91.2 per cent
  • Courtesy and respect of staff and members – 93.6 per cent
  • Timeliness to complete VCAT business – 75.7 per cent
  • Convenience of operating hours – 84.0 per cent
  • Fairness of way in which case was handled – 86.3 per cent
  • Member Definition A person who hears and decides cases at VCAT. Some members are specialists in particular areas of law. listened to parties before making a decision – 90.7 per cent
  • Equal treatment in hearings – 88.8 per cent
  • Knowledge of next steps – 86.3 per cent.

In response to our customer feedback, we intend to focus our service improvements in four key areas:

  • Accessibility of information
  • Efficiency of VCAT processes
  • Improving language support
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged customers.

The survey will be conducted annually and the results will be reported in our annual report.