Who we are

VCAT has more than 200 members - the people who hear and decide cases - and about 200 staff.

By law, our president is a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Thirteen judges from the County Court of Victoria serve as our vice presidents, with two working full time at VCAT.

The president and vice presidents are responsible for our management and administration. They are supported in this task by the president's advisory committee - for details, see our leadership.

Our members have specialist knowledge and qualifications, and most have a legal background. All our members are required to have:

  • a high level of integrity
  • sound judgment
  • legal or professional skills
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to conduct hearings
  • a capacity to make fair decisions quickly.

See our list of VCAT members.

Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and provide services including:

  • registryDefinitionThe administrative section of VCAT that accepts documents that are filed with the tribunal and also handles some public enquiries. See also registrar. , listings and customer services
  • people management
  • strategic communications
  • information technology
  • finance and reporting.