Application checklist

Before you start your application, check the information you need to give us and have the right documents ready.

1 Get advice

Before you apply to VCAT, contact the Office of the Public Advocate Advice Service on 1300 309 337. They can explain your options to help you in your situation.

2 Understand when you can apply

You must currently be appointed as a guardian or administrator to ask for our advice.

3 Know what you can ask for

You can get advice from VCAT if you have been appointed a guardian, administrator, supportive guardian or supportive administrator.

You can ask for advice about:

  • what you can do in your role
  • how to resolve a complex or serious problem in your role
  • circumstances where you may have a conflict of interest between your own finances and the finances of the represented person
  • advice on how to resolve a disagreement between guardians and/or administrators (if you are one of the guardians or administrators).

If a person is already represented by a guardian or administrator, you can also suggest someone else for when another person is needed in the future.

You don’t need to apply to ask us for advice.

4 Understand how we make decisions

Wherever it’s possible, we promote supporting people to make decisions for themselves rather than having decisions made for them.

If this isn’t possible because a person doesn’t have decision making ability, we make decisions that focus on what is important to the person, what is the least restrictive decision and what supports the person's personal and social wellbeing.

When we decide if a person needs a guardian or administrator, we must:

  • consider what’s important to the represented person and their preferences assess alternative dispute resolution options
  • consider the wishes of the primary carer or relative.
5 Create an online account

The Guardianship Hub (GHub) is a fast and efficient way to submit VCAT applications and receive notifications.

You can make guardianship, administration, power of attorney and medical treatment applications all in one place.