Guardianship and Administration

Appoint a guardian or administrator to help manage the personal, legal of financial affairs of an adult with a disability.

Account by Administrator (ABA) 

Administrators must complete and lodge an online account by administrator (ABA) every year unless VCAT has ordered otherwise. Lodging an ABA is a mandatory legal requirement to ensure that the represented person’s finances are being managed appropriately. Lodge your application, access and continue an existing application, upload supporting documents and find out how to pay ABA fees on our Account by Administrator page

Paying ABA fees at Australia Post offices

Due to a technical error, the barcode on your ABA fee letter may give an incorrect amount when scanned at Australia Post offices. If you are paying over the counter at Australia Post, you can still pay the correct amount of $125.45 regardless of what price the barcode scans. Payments using Billpay or Securepay are not affected.

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