Customer support at VCAT

We offer a range of support services to ensure all Victorians can access fair and efficient dispute resolution at VCAT.

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Help with your case

We can:

  • tell you the types of cases we deal with
  • explain what our application form is asking for
  • explain the VCAT process
  • refer you to services that offer legal help.

We cannot:

  • give you legal advice or recommend how to get the outcome you want
  • tell you what to write on your application
  • tell you how likely you are to win your case.

Contact us to get help and for more information.

Legal services

Seek legal help if you are unsure about your options or need advice about your claim.

At VCAT's main building at 55 King Street in Melbourne, Victoria Legal Aid runs a free duty lawyer service.

There are a range of free or low-cost services you can use to help you with your dispute.

You can also seek help from a private lawyer.

Court Network

Court Network is a free and independent service that offers support, information and referral services to people at VCAT.

It does not provide legal advice.

The Court Network Office at VCAT is on Level 5 at 55 King Street, Melbourne. Volunteers are available from 9 am, on Monday to Friday.

Court Network also runs a toll-free state-wide telephone service, call 1800 681 614.

Services for people with disability

We offer support to customers with disability to ensure our services are accessible.

We can organise:

  • assistive listening devices
  • hearing loops
  • alternative ways to attend a hearing
  • other support arrangements.

We can also assign a Disability Liaison Officer to help you with your accessibility requirements.

Let us know if you need accessibility information about a specific venue.

Find out more about our disability support services.

Interpreting services

If you need an interpreter at VCAT please contact us and we will arrange one at no cost to you.

If you believe that a party may need an interpreter, please let us know so that we may contact the person.

We do not usually allow a relative or friend to act as an interpreter at a hearing.

Telephone interpreting service

To access phone interpreting services, call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450.


VCAT has a number of security measures to ensure the people who enter our buildings feel safe.

We have airport-style security scanning at the entrance to our 55 King Street and 223 William Street venues, as well as some suburban and regional venues.  

Most of our venues have security officers present throughout the day, including at our CBD venues.

We have duress alarms in all hearing rooms. When a member presses the alarm, security officers are called to the hearing room immediately.

We may be able to arrange extra security at a hearing or arrange for you to appear via remote witness facility if a person has:

  • been charged with offences against you
  • an intervention order against them
  • acted aggressively in a previous hearing.

If you have concerns about security, call us on 1300 01 8228 to discuss your situation, or complete our security request form.

Family violence support

If you are aware of a family violence issue, call the VCAT Family Violence Support Worker on 03 9628 9856 during business hours only. They will work with both parties to ensure safety and equal access to justice. Find out more about family violence support services at VCAT.

Koori support

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may be able to access legal advice through the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS).

For cultural support, contact the Koori Engagement team on 0417 516 335 during business hours. They will work with you to ensure cultural safety and equal access to justice.

Managing your online applications

You can save and return to an online application if you created an account. Find out how to save online applications and reset passwords.

File access to a VCAT case

You can request to see a file about most VCAT cases. These files may contain the original application, VCAT orders, and documents and correspondences between parties and VCAT. We sometimes call a file a 'tribunal book'. 

Parties to a case are not charged, but for everyone else, there is a fee to inspect a file.

Some case files are not available for access because:

  • they relate to Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • there may be an order under section 146 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998 restricting access or there may be a suppression (non-publication) order
  • we no longer keep the information after five years.

Also, a VCAT member must approve file requests about guardianship and administration, powers of attorney, medical treatment or advance care directives.

If you are from the media, learn more about inspecting a VCAT file.

To request access to a renting case file, see: Access to documents for renting cases.

To request access to files about any other VCAT case, apply using our file and document access request form.

Why we offer these services

We offer these services as part of our commitment to providing you with a high quality service. Learn more about our service commitment.