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Courts Open Day - Guardianship and Powers of Attorney

20 May 2017 Add to calendar (iCal)

Event Time

11.30 am to 12.30 pm

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Event Details

This free Courts Open Day information session is for people who would like to know more about taking a guardianship or powers of attorney case to VCAT.

VCAT members will explain how VCAT's role in appointing a guardian A guardian makes personal lifestyle decisions on behalf of a person with a disability, including decisions about their living arrangements, work arrangements, medical treatment and access to people and services. or administrator An administrator is a person appointed by VCAT to make decisions on behalf of an adult with a disability who is unable to make reasonable judgements in respect of matters relating to all or any part of her or his estate by reason of the disability. to help manage the affairs of an adult with a disability.

The session will also cover powers of attorney, which are legal documents that enable a capable person to choose someone to make decisions on his or her behalf. VCAT can:

  • resolve conflicts between attorneys
  • revoke, change or suspend an enduring power of attorney or supportive attorney appointment
  • require an attorney to provide accounts 
  • decide compensation.

Please be aware that we cannot answer questions about specific cases or give legal advice.