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Courts Open Day - Guardianship and Powers of Attorney

20 May 2017 Add to calendar (iCal)

Event Time

11.30 am to 12.30 pm

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Event Details

This free Courts Open Day information session is for people who would like to know more about taking a guardianship or powers of attorney case to VCAT.

VCAT members will explain how VCAT's role in appointing a guardianDefinitionA person who makes personal lifestyle decisions on behalf of someone with a disability, including decisions about their living arrangements, work arrangements, medical treatment and access to people and services. or administrator to help manage the affairs of an adult with a disabilityDefinitionA condition that restricts a person's physical or mental capacity to interact in their environment. Disability can be temporary, situational or permanent. .

The session will also cover powers of attorney, which are legal documents that enable a capable person to choose someone to make decisions on his or her behalf. VCAT can:

  • resolve conflicts between attorneys
  • revoke, change or suspend an enduring power of attorney or supportive attorney appointment
  • require an attorney to provide accounts 
  • decide compensation.

Please be aware that we cannot answer questions about specific cases or give legal advice.