Account by Administrator (ABA)

Administrators must complete and lodge an online ABA every year unless VCAT has ordered otherwise. Lodging an ABA is a mandatory legal requirement to ensure that the represented person's finances are being managed appropriately.

All ABAs must be lodged and Annual Administration Fees paid by 30 September each year. If you do not lodge the ABA or pay the fee on time, VCAT may reassess the order, revoke it and appoint another administrator A person appointed by VCAT who makes financial and legal decisions on behalf of someone with a disability. .

ABAs can be lodged online using an iPad, tablet, laptop, PC or smartphone, including an iPhone.

All bank accounts and the represented person's other assets should be held in the name of the represented person. Administrators must provide copies of bank statements for the full accounting period when lodging the ABA. This includes a full transaction history of bank statements, not opening and closing balances.

Annual Administration Fee

Victorian Government regulations set an Annual Administration Fee payable to VCAT from the estate of the person under administration. In the case of multiple administrators only one fee is payable.

The fee for the 2016/17 financial year is $128.

If the represented person has a fortnightly income from all sources that is less than $844, no fee is payable.

If the fortnightly income is $844 or more the fee is payable.

Payment options

Payment options are located on the reverse of the VCAT letter sent to all private administrators in mid-July each year.

Please note, the figure stated on Centrelink PAYG statements is understated for ABA purposes. To calculate the represented person's total pensions, you will need to add each pension payment throughout the accounting period, stated on VCAT order, as recorded on represented person's bank statements.

You can pay the fee through one of the following options:

  • Securepay – via credit card during completion of the online ABA
  • BPAY – via Internet or telephone banking
  • POST billpay – pay in person at any post outlet

Cheque or money order payments must be made at a post office using POST billpay. You cannot pay by cheque or money order at a VCAT office.

Do you have to pay this fee?

Online ABAs

When you lodge your online ABA the form will automatically calculate whether the fee is payable. You do not need to notify VCAT as this information is captured in the online form.

Paper-based ABAs

If VCAT permits you to lodge a paper-based ABA you will need to calculate the fortnightly income of the represented person. This figure will be the represented person's annual income from all sources (excluding proceeds from sale of property or assets) divided by 26.

If the represented person's fortnightly income from all sources is less than $844 you must complete the payment slip on the reverse of the VCAT ABA / Fee letter (sent to you in early July each year) and return this to VCAT together with the ABA to verify no fee is payable. Do not send the payment slip without the ABA.

If you cannot pay the fee due to financial hardship

VCAT may waive or reduce the Annual Administration Fee if it is of the opinion that the fee would cause undue hardship to the represented person. Whether payment would cause undue hardship will be different in each case.

If you are applying to have the fee waived or reduced you need to provide reasons as to why payment would cause undue hardship in the particular circumstances and provide any supporting documentation.

You can make an application for a fee waiver Fees related to a case are dropped based on a decision made by VCAT's Principal Registrar or their delegate. at the same time as submitting the ABA online.

If you are permitted to submit a paper-based ABA, please complete the fee waiver section of the form.

Other fees

State Trustees Limited (STL) must independently examine ABAs submitted to VCAT by private administrators. A fee is payable direct to STL for this service. VCAT cannot waive this fee.

If VCAT appoints a professional administrator (for example, a trustee company, a lawyer or an accountant), VCAT will specify the remuneration in the orders appointing them as administrator.