Applications about environment protection

VCAT hears and determines disputes about works approvals, licenses, pollution abatement notices, permits and other notices issued under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

These applications come under Part IV of the Act, including sections 33, 33A, 33B, 34, 35 and 36A.

How to apply

Apply under section 33 or 33A

You can apply for a review of a decision made by the Environment Protection Authority about your application for a works approval or licence. You can also apply for a review if the Environment Protection Authority did not make a decision about your works approval or licence.

Use our application for review for a works approval or licence under sections 33 or 33A of the Environment Protection Act.

Apply under section 33B

If you are not the applicantDefinitionThe person or organisation applying to VCAT. for a works approval or the licence holder but are affected by the Environment Protection Authority's decision to grant a works approval or licence, you can apply for a review. Use our general planning and environment application form.

For all other matters

For any other application under the Environment Protection Act 1970, use our general planning and environment application form. Other applications include reviews about pollution abatement notices, permits, fees or any other notices.

Time limits

Time limits apply. Read more about time limits for lodging applications in the Planning and Environment List.

Extension of time to apply

Usually, you must apply within 21 days of a decision being made about your works approval, licence, pollution abatement notice, permit or any other notice.

VCAT can extend the time to apply. We can extend the time by which you must make an application to VCAT – if it is reasonable to do so and if extending time would not cause any prejudice or detriment to a partyDefinitionA person or organisation directly involved in a VCAT case, including a person or organisation that has brought the case before VCAT or who is defending claims made against them. or potential party that cannot be remedied by an appropriate order for costs or damages.

To request more time to lodge and application, submit an application for an extension of time form.

Do I need a lawyer or professional representative?

You may have a legal or other professional representation to appear at VCAT (such as a lawyer, town planner, relative, or some other person). In Planning and Environment cases you do not need to have VCAT's permission to be represented.

Find legal services that may be able to assist you.

Need help with your application?

We can explain the application process and what the form is asking you for. Contact us to get support.

We cannot give you legal advice. This means we cannot tell you what to write in your application or recommend how to get the outcome you want.

Seek legal help if you are unsure about your options or need advice about your claim.

Access and privacy

VCAT hearings and files are usually public.

VCAT has limited authority to restrict who can access cases and files but, in certain circumstances, you can apply for confidentiality.

Legislation that applies to this type of case

Environment Protection Act 1970