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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  VCAT also holds hearings at other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT has security screening at 55 King Street.  Please arrive 45 minutes before your hearing to avoid any delays.




Compulsory Conferences

Room 2.7 – Senior Member M. Levine
10:00 AM BP799/2014 Mr Chris Theodor, Ms Suzanne Theodor v Patrick Noonan

Room 1.2 – Senior Member M. Lothian
10:00 AM BP916/2015 G. Agresta Constructions P/L, Mr Kevin Liu, Ms Eva Tang v Mr Kevin Liu, Ms E Tang, G. Agresta Constructions P/L 

Directions Hearing

Room 6.4 - Senior Member E. Riegler
9:30 AM BP1549/2015 FF Lagatta P/L v Lighthouse Coffee & Cakes P/L
10:30 AM R103/2012 Versus (Aus) P/L v A.N.H. Nominees P/L


Room 2.5 – Mediator M. Hastings
9:30 AM BP1376/2015 Mr Nikolai Bourov v Mr Ogin Yako
9:30 AM BP1380/2015 Mr Nikolai Bourov v Ogin Yako


Room 2.11 - Senior Member R. Walker
10:00 AM D563/2014 Mr Girolamo Oppedisano, Mr Malcolm Wallis v JOEMAC INVESTMENTS P/L, Boswell Shaw Giazi Marshall P/L, Ian Lennox


Directions Hearing

5th Floor – Deputy President I. Lulham
2:00 PM C4981/2015 Brendan Paul Ritson v Jonathan Laurence Ryan

Compulsory Conference

5th Floor - Member F. Marks
9:30 AM C2757/2015 Bruce McMaster v Christopher Harvey, Chequered Flag Motors P/L


Room 1.3 - Member P. Moloney
10:00 AM C5042/2014 Burgess Properties P/L v Martin John Clark, Pugwall P/L


Directions Hearings

5th Floor - Member Dr R. Leshinsky
11:15 AM OC2089/2013 Larkell Star P/L, TT Cabinets & Design v P.B. Marine Imports P/L, Owners Corporation PS309910N

Fee Recovery Hearings

5th Floor - Member Dr R. Leshinsky
9:30 AM OC2377/2015 Owners Corporation SP024549K v Krishna Modi
9:30 AM OC2496/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. SP023714C v Bernard Peter Andrivon
9:30 AM OC2497/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP015302 v Rogav Properties P/L
9:30 AM OC2498/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP018035 v Anastasia Raftopoulos
9:30 AM OC2499/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP002685 v Luba Goldberg, Chaim Goldberg
9:30 AM OC2501/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP015043 v Steven Hunter Davies
9:30 AM OC2502/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP012114 v John Agarski
9:30 AM OC2503/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. PS305807C v Leon Clive Kirsch
9:30 AM OC2504/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP009404 v Diane Elizabeth Mitchell
9:30 AM OC2505/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP014469 v Dan Cuong Tran
9:30 AM OC2506/2015 Owners Corporation 1 Plan No.PS602416M v Juscot Investments P/L
9:30 AM OC2507/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP015043 v James Grant Thompson
9:30 AM OC2508/2015 Owners Corporation Plan No. RP007694 v Debra Joye Williams
9:30 AM OC2509/2015 Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS519647E v Joseph Skaf

5th Floor - Senior Member A. Vassie
12:00 PM OC2056/2015 Owners Corporation PS632329M v NCHA Builders P/L 
12:00 PM OC2057/2015 Owners Corporation PS632329M v NCHA Builders P/L
12:00 PM OC2055/2015 Owners Corporation PS632329M v NCHA Builders P/L 
3:00 PM OC1847/2015 Owners Corporation PS620758E v Chen Yueha


Compulsory Conferences

Room 5.9 - Member E. Bensz
9:30 AM P1863/2015 Keymore P/L v Cardinia SC, Melbourne Water

Room 2.6- Member G. Rundell
9:30 AM P1873/2015 Terry Harper Architects P/L v Port Phillip CC, Melbourne Water
1:30 PM P882/2015 Mornington Peninsula SC v Mark Andrew Dimmatina


Room 5.16- Senior Member M. Baird
10:00 AM P1735/2015 Valentina Goran Krstevski v Darebin CC
16A Goldsmith Avenue, Preston 
10:00 AM P1734/2015 Kendall Ward Senior & Barbara Ann Senior v Darebin CC
16 Goldsmith Avenue, Preston 

Room 2.2 - Member M. Nelthorpe
10:00 AM P1024/2015 Auslong Development Management P/L and Howard Morey v Whitehorse CC
2 Walsham Road, Blackburn 

Room 2.8 – Member C. Fong
10:00 AM P1106/2015 Taouk Architects v Banyule CC 
17 Linden Avenue, Ivanhoe 

Room 2.10 - Member G. David
10:00 AM P1061/2015 Paul H Robbins v Mornington Peninsula SC
1 - 3 Kalimna Drive, Mornington 

Room 5.8 - Member D. Cook
10:00 AM P1134/2015 Rick Kornhauser v Stonnington CC
523 Orrong Road, Armadale 

Room 5.12 - Member G. Code
11:30 AM P1856/2015 Shelley Marina Brown v Boroondara CC
Lot 1, 47 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton 
2:30 PM P1849/2015 Mr G Zhang v Glen Eira CC
9 Durban Street, Bentleigh 

Room 5.15 - Members A. Glynn & V. Davies
10:00 AM P1101/2015 Perkins Architects P/L v Melbourne CC
403 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 

Major Case Hearing

Room 2.1 - Members B. Sibonis & C. Wilson
10:00 AM P1621/2015 Eureka Operations P/L trading as Coles Express v Macedon Ranges SC, Goulburn Murray Water, Vic Roads - Northern Region
59 High Street, Woodend 

Preliminary Hearing

Room G.2 – Senior Member M. Wright QC
2:15 PM P1869/2015 Parklea P/L v Cardinia SC, Melbourne Water



Ground Floor (for collection) – Senior Member R. Davis
9:15 AM Z184/2015 Terick Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue - Legal Services
9:15 AM Z185/2015 Terick Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue - Legal Services
9:15 AM Z186/2015 Terick Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue - Legal Services
9:15 AM Z187/2015 Terick Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue - Legal Services

Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 – Deputy President H. Lambrick
9:15 AM Z718/2015 Mrs Jennifer Philippiadis v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM Z660/2015 Stuart Campbell v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z753/2015 Ms Jennifer Frampton v Aust Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
10:00 AM Z363/2013 Jodi Michelle Wakefield v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z722/2015 Lindy Winnell v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z857/2015 Mr Lloyd Murrell v Department of Justice and Regulation
11:30 AM Z727/2015 Mr Lance Marke v Vic Police
11:30 AM Z783/2015 Mr Robert Anderson v Department of Health and Human Services - FOI
2:30 PM Z756/2015 Mr Masei Suliasi v Vic Police - Licensing & Regulation Division
2:30 PM Z836/2015 Mr Kerry Chalker v Greyhound Racing Vic
2:30 PM Z850/2015 Phillip Vincent Rowan v Taxi Services Commission
2:30 PM Z163/2015 Mr Dominic Zaffina v Taxi Services Commission
2:30 PM Z606/2015 Mr Scott McKinley v Vic Police
3:00 PM Z774/2015 Mr Brett Mackie v Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board for Greyhound Racing Vic
3:00 PM Z704/2015 Mr Ayham Bayrami v Building Practitioners Board


Room 1.1 - Vice President Judge Jenkins
10:00 AM B155/2010 AA v Taxi Services Commission
10:00 AM B306/2009 AA v Taxi Services Commission