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Daily Hearings

As per the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Fees) Regulations 2013, a hearing fee may be payable and, if required, must be paid by 9:30am on the hearing day.

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Important to note

  • Please check the location of your hearing - it may not be at 55 King St.  VCAT also holds hearings at other CBD hearing venues.
  • VCAT has security screening at 55 King Street.  Please arrive 45 minutes before your hearing to avoid any delays.




Compulsory Conferences

Room 6.4 – Senior Member M. Lothian
10:00 AM BP449/2014       Easton Builders P/L v Glyndon Developments P/L, Mrs Pamela Rickards,            
      Robert Mills Architect P/L

Room 1.3 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
10:00 AM BP858/2014 Mr Glen Edmonds v O.B.J & A.J Snowball P/L 

Room 2.11 – Senior Member M. Levine 
10:00 AM BP609/2015 Mr Dominic Falduto v Double M Constructions P/L, Mr Angelo Siciliano, Nix
  Plumbing P/L, Mr Adrian Josef Nix

Room 1.2 – Senior Member E. Riegler  
10:00 AM BP795/2014 MDI Radiology P/L v A & L Hutton Plumbing & Hardware P/L, St John of God
  Health Care Inc

Directions Hearings

Room 1.2 – Senior Member E. Riegler
9:30 AM BP513/2014 Ausecon Developments P/L v Mr Sertac Kamil

Room 1.3 – Senior Member M. Farrelly
9:30 AM BP703/2014 Mrs Sandra Anita Morris v 101 Construction P/L


Room G.8 – Senior Member R. Walker 
10:00 AM BP214/2014 Mr Sherif Ahmed, Ms Soha Fahmi, Owners Corporation OCPS 54723Q v Whittlesea CC, Icon Building Concepts P/L, CGB Consulting Engineers P/L

Room 1.7 – Member C. Edquist
10:00 AM BP209/2015 Mr Bruce John Parnall v Ms Janna Jourmany


Civil Claims Hearings

5th Floor - Member K. Metcalf
2:00 PM C2506/2015 Jessica Anne O'Brien v A & N Tyre Centre

5th Floor – Member K. Metcalf
9:30 AM C4532/2015 Muhammad Waqas Majeed v Manuel Marques
10:30 AM C2472/2015 The Freelance Pencil v Anise Botanical Skincare
11:30 AM C4087/2015 Hellier McFarland P/L v 6 232 Bay Street Brighton P/L 
2:00 PM C2897/2015 Wayne Smith v Cranbourne Cars and Commercials

Geelong Magistrates' Court – Member R. Buchanan
10:00 AM C3202/2015 Drago Terek Henry v A.V & M Auto Painters P/L
10:00 AM C3793/2015 Damoli P/L v Gepp Excavation & Plant Hire
10:00 AM C3747/2015 Damoli P/L v Spartan Produce
10:00 AM C3730/2015 Glenn Ronald Thulborn v Bunnings Group Ltd
10:00 AM C3545/2015 SKF Holdings P/L v Up and Adam Garage Doors P/L

Seymour Magistrates' Court – Member S. Lipe
10:00 AM C3596/2015 Alexandra Newspapers P/L v Molesworth Hotel Motel P/L
10:00 AM C3979/2015 Joanne Bramley v Eric Hutchings
10:00 AM C3226/2015 Lascon Lighting Aust P/L v Lynnette Hiddle, Pell Industries P/L
10:00 AM C3840/2015 Erosion Control Systmes P/L v Buy Pavers P/L

Compulsory Conferences

5th Floor – Member F. Marks
9:30 AM C2053/2015 Fineline Solutions Aust P/L, PC-Eftpos P/L v PC-Eftpos P/L, Fineline Solutions Aust P/L
1:30 PM C2183/2015 EMD Consultants P/L v Beyond Blue Ltd

5th Floor – Member J. Grainger
1:30 PM C1920/2015 Harcourt Heritage Timber, Ducon Construction P/L v Ducon Construction P/L, Harcourt Heritage Timber

Directions Hearing

Room G.7 – Deputy President I. Lulham
9:30 AM C3702/2015 Simon Smith v Aust Unity Health Ltd


Room G.7 - Deputy President I. Lulham
10:00 AM C3276/2014 Winlife PVC Windows v Screen Art Productions P/L
10:00 AM C2257/2014 Screen Art Productions P/L v Winlife PVC Windows

Review & Re-Hearing

Geelong Magistrates' Court – Member R. Buchanan
10:00 AM C2028/2015 Cordes P/L v Julia Simpson



Room 2.3 - Deputy President Genevieve Nihill
9:30 AM H106/2015 

Room G.4 - Member A. Dea
10:00 AM H164/2014 Hamadou Djime v Sergeant Micheal Kearnes, Contstable Matthiew Le, Senior Constable Cailley Wilson, Constable Van Der Sluis, State of Vic (Vic Police) (Vic Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission)

Review Hearing

Room G.5 - Member A Duggan
10:00 AM H45/2015 Samantha Allen v a Max Therapy, Jen-Tung Chung




Room 1.5 – Senior Member J. Smithers
10:00 AM J58/2015 Vic Legal Services Commissioner v Rainer Ellinghaus


Fee Recovery Hearings

5th Floor – Member J. Pennell
2:00 PM OC1500/2015 Owners Corporation No. 1 PS619599F, Owners Corporation No. 2 PS619599F v Usin Tirta Sasmita
2:00 PM OC981/2015 Owners Corporation No.1 - PS501391P, Owners Corporation No.2 - PS501391P v Llija Oraceski, Melissa Oraceski
3:00 PM OC1216/2015 Owners Corporation No. 1 - PS636376F, Owners Corporation No. 2 - PS636376F, Owners Corporation No. 3 - PS636376F v Weiqun Xu
3:00 PM OC2001/2015 Owners Corporation PS301285D v Edith Courtney
3:00 PM OC2028/2015 Owners Corporation No.2 PS603463W v Merela Luzi


5th Floor – Member J. Pennell
9:30 AM OC858/2015 Jian Bin Lili, Xue Jun Luo v Winston Tai Lam
9:30 AM  OC2026/2015 Tina Sun, Min Zhao, Winston Lam v Jian Bin Liu

Room 1.1 – Senior Member A. Vassie
10:00 AM OC1772/2014 Peter Graham Tilley v No. 352 Toorak Road P/L (ACN: 004 569 475)


Compulsory Conferences

Room 5.8 - Member E. Bensz
9:30 AM P1619/2015 Pelican Capital 4 P/L v Yarra CC (Peter Newbury and Maureen Fastenau, Gaynor Cuthbert, Candyce Presland and Vic Hart)

Room G.2 - Member L. Jones
10:00 AM P1424/2015 GPT Pty Ltd v Melbourne CC
2:15 PM P1418/2015 Perpetual C/- DEXUS Property Group v Melbourne CC
2:15 PM P1422/2015 CFS Managed Property Ltd/ C/-Dexus Group v Melbourne CC

Room 2.6 - Member N. Hadjigeorgiou
10:00 AM P802/2015 McDonald's Aust Ltd v Moreland CC (Vic Roads - Metropolitan North West Region, Emma Kelly, Zoran Sajinovic, M Moore)


Room 5.15 - Senior Member M. Baird
10:00 AM P805/2015 Michael Karamitos v Boroondara CC (Tony & Nadine Salce, Stephen & Catherine O'Flynn, Gabriella Warren, Beth McConnell, James Stuart Deans, Steven and Sally Mak, Ben Gilbert, Chris Tolhurst)
13 - 15 Edgecombe Street Kew 

Room 5.16 - Senior Member R. Byard
10:00 AM P1200/2014 Indigo SC v Philip John Carter and Jacqueline Maria Kiszonka (Phillip Carter and Jacqueline Kiszonka)
687 Chiltern-Barnawartha Road Barnawartha 

Room 2.8- Member M. Nelthorpe
10:00 AM P816/2015 Sandro Sinapi v Darebin CC (Anthonietta James)
9 Rosenthal Crescent Reservoir 

Room 2.9 - Member A. Glynn
10:00 AM P1630/2015 Vic Amateur Turf Club incorporating Melbourne Racing Club v Glen Eira CC
31 Station Street Caulfield East 
10:00 AM P815/2015 Vic Amateur Turf Club incorporating Melbourne Racing Club v Glen Eira CC (Christopher & Susan Foley, Geoff & Mary Healy)
31 Station Street Caulfield East 

Room 2.10 - Member I. Potts
10:00 AM P750/2015 A & S Carey P/L v Hepburn SC (Janet Gaden, Dr Warren Pengilley, Country Fire Authority - Headquarters)
63A Raglan Street Daylesford 

Major Case Hearings

Room 2.2 - Member G. Rundell
10:00 AM P1085/2015 SG Port Melbourne P/L v Port Phillip CC (Michael Di Pietro)
550 Williamstown Road Port Melbourne 


Directions Hearings

Room 6.3 - Deputy President H. Lambrick
2:00 PM Z412/2015 Mr Richard Zbigniew Zagrzejewski v Business Licensing Authority
2:30 PM Z645/2015 Ms Innessa Shifferson v Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
3:00 PM Z741/2015 Dr Dragan Popovski v Aust Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Room 6.3 - Member E. Wentworth
9:15 AM Z687/2015 Jodie Ann Smith v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM Z82/2015 Ms Rachel Larionoff v Transport Accident Commission
9:15 AM Z128/2014 Mr Wayne McNabb v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z678/2015 Mrs Julie Kauran v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z542/2015 Simon Hunter v Transport Accident Commission
10:00 AM Z1122/2014 Mr Joseph Newton v Transport Accident Commission
11:30 AM Z597/2015 Ms Karen Marsden v Motor Car Traders Claims Committee
11:30 AM Z1121/2014 Tammi Sheppard v ESS Super
11:30 AM Z677/2015 Mr Raymond Lewis v Vic Building Authority
11:30 AM Z676/2015 Department of Justice and Regulation v Mr Petter Rattya
11:30 AM Z681/2015 Ms Joanne Fothergill v Eastern Health - FOI


Room 2.7 - President Justice G. Garde
11:00 AM Z84/2015 Mr Francis Pham v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

Room 1.4 – Senior Member R. Davis
10:00 AM Z509/2015 Mr Ahmet Camur v Taxi Services Commission