After you submit your ABA

How to log in to submit your ABA, submit financial information, about passwords and fees.

Should I keep a copy of the ABA?

Yes, keep a copy of the ABA and all supporting documents for a period of five years. 

If you use our online form, you can save or print a copy of the ABA before you submit it. 

Do I need to give a copy of the ABA to anyone else?

Only if the VCAT Administration Order directs you to provide a copy of the ABA to someone else.

If you use our online form, you can save or print a copy of the ABA before you submit it. 

What if I need to change my details but already submitted by ABA?

Notify VCAT of changes in writing by either: 

What happens to my ABA?

We check your ABA. If there’s missing information or documents, we contact you. 

We forward your ABA to State Trustees Limited (STL) to examine. It may take up to six months after you submit for them to finish their examination. Every year they examine thousands of ABAs. 

When finished, they advise us that the ABA is accepted for the accounting period or they need more information to finalise your ABA. We notify you of the outcome in writing. 

If we need more information or documents to finalise the ABA, we send you a copy of the STL report together with a letter outlining the steps you need to take by a due date.

We can also schedule a VCAT hearing where we discuss the examination report with you. The member decides if the ABA is accepted and finalised based on the information or evidence you provide. VCAT notifies you of the member's decision in writing.

What if I’ve already submitted my ABA and need to provide more supporting documents?

Use a separate online form to upload more documents.

Enter the same login details you used to submit your ABA, including the Administrator Reference Number in your VCAT letter from July. 

Does State Trustees Limited charge an examination fee?

Yes, pay the fee directly to State Trustees Limited (State Trustees). 

State Trustees are legally appointed by VCAT to do independent examinations of ABAs submitted by private administrators. 

State Trustees examination fees are mentioned in the VCAT Administration Order. This fee must be paid from the represented person's funds. 

The examination fee depends on the value of the estate of the represented person. State Trustees lets you know the exact fee in writing. 

VCAT cannot waive a State Trustees fee. If you need help to pay the State Trustees fee contact State Trustees directly on 1300 138 672.

Do professional administrators charge fees?

If we appoint a professional administrator (for example, trustee company, lawyer or accountant), the administrator charges a fee for the services they provide. This is stated in the VCAT Administration Order. 
Most private administrators don’t receive payment for being an administrator. If there are exceptional circumstances, we can order payment. 

What if the represented person has passed away?

As a guardian or administrator you’re legally required to tell us in writing. 

We need proof of the represented person's death, such as a copy of the funeral notice or death certificate. 

If you’re an administrator we tell you if you still need to submit the Account by Administrator (ABA). 

Keep a copy of the ABA and all supporting documents for five years. 

Email or post to VCAT Guardianship List, PO Box 13193, Law Courts VIC 8010.