Apply for VCAT media accreditation

If you are journalist from a news media organisation you are eligible to apply for accreditation.

You must supply a passport-sized photo and sign an undertaking. Once processed, we give you a media pass and lanyard. You do not have to wear the pass and lanyard when attending VCAT but must do so when accessing the benefits of media accreditation.

Wearing your media pass and lanyard in a hearing room:

  • identifies you as media by the presiding member, without the member needing to ask
  • gives you standing permission to use laptops to take notes, file stories by electronic device, and post to social media from the hearing room
  • means you can automatically access the standing permission for representatives of a news media organisation under the Court Security Act 1980 to make an audio recording during a hearing for the purposes of writing a media report, unless the member directs otherwise.

Accredited media are also automatically subscribed to receive VCAT updates.

To apply for accreditation, contact our Strategic Communications team.