Free VCAT events in Law Week

Posted on 17 Apr 2018

Find out how VCAT can help you with a range of disputes and guardianship issues, during Law Week 2018 (14-20 May).

Law Week is an annual festival of events that makes learning about the law easy. Presented by Victoria Law Foundation, it offers Victorians the opportunity to find answers to everyday legal issues, go behind the scenes at the courts or get carried away in the drama of the law.

VCAT invites to you join our free Law Week events but please be aware we cannot answer questions about specific cases or give legal advice.

Introducing the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016
Tuesday 15 May, 10 am to noon

Attend this information session to learn about:

  •  the role of a medical treatment decision makerDefinitionA person who has the authority to make medical treatment decisions on behalf of another person.
  •  advance care planning
  •  the roles of the Office of the Public Advocate and VCAT.

Bookings essential: call 1300 309 337 or email to register.
Courts Open Day | How VCAT works information session
11.30 am – 12.30 pm Saturday 20 May

Find out how VCAT works at this free one-hour session presented by VCAT members, including:

  •  preparing for a VCAT hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision.
  •  what to bring
  •  how to present a case
  •  ways to resolve a dispute before a hearing.

Bookings essential: visit our Events page.

Law Talks
Tuesday 15 May 

VCAT is also presenting as part of the Victoria Law Foundation’s Law Talks for VCE Legal Studies students at the Leo Cussen Centre for Law.

For more information, visit the Law Week website.