Help VCAT with customer research

Posted on 22 Aug 2018

VCAT is transforming its services to make it easier for more people to access its services – online, in person and over the phone. We want to provide better support, simpler processes and greater convenience as part of our Customer Service Improvement Program.

To get a better understanding of how people experience VCAT's service and the issues they may encounter, we have commissioned Information and Design to conduct independent user research. This will inform service enhancements across our website, forms and other channels.

We are seeking people coming to VCAT for consumer and tenancy The agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the rental of a property. disputes.

Apply to participate

Apply now to take part in this research.

Will the research affect my VCAT case?

No, VCAT will not be able to identify the participants nor the cases they are involved in.

Complaints or concerns

If you have a question throughout the course of the study, you can contact Gerry Gaffney from Information and Design, on 0409 424 404 or

If you have a complaint or concern about how the study is being run, you can submit feedback or a complaint directly to VCAT by emailing or completing our complaint form.