VCAT Annual Report 2014-15 now available

Posted on 25 Nov 2015

The VCAT Annual Report 2014-15 has been tabled in Victoria’s Parliament.

This annual report details progress against VCAT’s Strategic Plan 2014-17: Building a better VCAT.

It highlights our achievements against the strategic directions and showcases the work of VCAT’s nine lists.

During 2014-15, VCAT:

  • improved support for people who represent themselves through reviews of our customer service, website redevelopment, and developing a Koori Inclusion Action Plan
  • modernised our main hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. venue, 55 King Street Melbourne - improving the look, amenity and security of the building and making it a more welcoming, functional and secure place for people coming to VCAT
  • opened new venues in Moe and Preston, increasing our capacity to hear cases in growth areas
  • provided an advisory opinion to the Victorian Small Business Commissioner – one of the few recorded instances in Australia of a legal institution providing such advice
  • held state-wide information forums for tenants and landlords on renting, and initiated user group meetings with residential tenancies stakeholders in regional areas, building on our metropolitan program
  • embedded significant reforms to the VCAT Act aimed at streamlining and improving our operations and responded to numerous legislative changes, while maintaining service levels
  • started an analysis of our alternative dispute resolution processes, including a cost-benefit review, to enable faster and less stressful resolution of suitable disputes
  • introduced a new process for listing planning and environment matters, which gives people key dates for their proceeding upfront so they have more time to prepare their case
  • developed a workforce planning strategy to ensure our recruitment, retention, staff development and leadership programs are best practice.

For details, please view the VCAT Annual Report 2014-15.