VCAT’s new single phone number has launched

Posted on 30 Aug 2017

We’ve made it easier for you to contact us, get the information you need and have your enquiries answered.

As part of our four year Customer Service Improvement Program, VCAT is implementing a number of projects to deliver a contemporary, customer-focused service and increase access to justice.

We have just launched a vital step in this program, moving from over 20 different phone numbers to one number.

You can now call us on:

1300 01 8228
(1300 01 VCAT)

If you are calling from a regional area on a landline you will be charged the cost of a local call.

Please share VCAT’s new number with your contacts. 

Banner stating VCAT's new phone number 1300 01 8228 (1300 01 VCAT)