Written decisions to be delivered by email

Posted on 08 Jan 2016

VCAT will start delivering written decisions by email from 1 February 2016, to parties who have given us an email address.

If you have not provided an email address, we will post your decision to you. However, you may get the decision after the other parties – and after it is available to the public, including media.

To give us an email address if you have not already done so, please:

  • send it to the appropriate VCAT email contact for your type of dispute - these are listed on our Contact us page
  • include your VCAT case number in the subject line and tell us that you want the email address used for correspondence
  • be aware that the email address will be placed on the case file, which is available for public inspection unless VCAT orders otherwise.

This change will save time and money, and speed the process of making decisions public. For more information about VCAT decisions, see our Decisions page.