Practice Notes

Refer to these practice notes for information about VCAT's practice and procedures. 

Practice note - PNVCAT1 - Common proceduresPNVCAT1 provides guidance about common VCAT procedures including useful information about how VCAT operates and what to expect if you are involved in a case in VCAT as a party.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT2 - Expert evidenceThis practice note applies to any evidence given to VCAT by an expert witness, reports to be used as evidence, and arrangements for a tribunal-appointed expert or special referee.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT3 - Fair hearing obligationThe obligation to provide a fair hearing is an important component of VCAT’s function. The fair hearing obligation applies across VCAT.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT4 - Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)This practice note describes the main practices and procedures that apply to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) at VCAT.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT5 - Directions hearings and urgent hearingsThis practice note sets out the usual practice for directions hearings and urgent hearings, and applies consistently to proceedings in all Lists unless VCAT varies its operation at its discretion in the circumstances of a particular case.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT6 - Hearing fees

This practice note sets out the usual procedures used to apply the daily hearing fees for VCAT cases.

For actual hearing fees that apply to your case, see fees at VCAT.

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Practice note - PNVCAT8 - Applications for reconstitution of the tribunal under section 108PNVCAT8 explains the nature and purpose of reconstitution of the tribunal. It provides guidance on the application process for a reconstitution and basis for one.Click to download
Practice note – PNVCAT9 - Interpreters in tribunal proceedingsPNVCAT9 details information on interpreter services organised by VCAT to support parties.Click to download
Practice note - PNVCAT10 - Pronunciation of names and use of preferred form of addressThis practice note seeks to facilitate a process by which the pronunciation of family names, and preferred forms of address (including pronouns), can be communicated to, and used appropriately by VCAT, representatives and parties.Click to download
Practice note - PNPE2 - Information from decision-makersThis practice note sets out information to be provided by a responsible authority, specified body, other decision-maker, or other body on receipt of notice that an application under a ‘planning enactment’ or other specified enactment has been commenced in the Planning and Environment List.Click to download
Practice note - PNPE5 - Valuation and Compensation mattersThis practice note sets out specific procedures and timeframes that apply to valuation, land classification and compensation matters.Click to download
Practice note - PNPE9 - Amendment of plans and applicationsThis practice note describes how procedures should be handled in relation to the amendment of plans and applications lodged in the Planning List.Click to download
Practice note - PNPE10 - Enforcement orders and interim enforcement orders under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010This practice note gives guidance on the VCAT process for applications under section 66A, 66E and 66H of the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010, which allow applicants to request that VCAT make, cancel or amend enforcement orders and interim enforcement orders.Click to download
Practice note – PNG1 - Guardianship List general proceduresThis practice note describes how cases in the Guardianship List will be managed in VCAT.Click to download
Practice note – PNRST1 - Residential Tenancies List - AdjournmentsThis practice note regulates VCAT's procedures concerning applications for adjournments in the Residential Tenancies List.Click to download
Practice note - PNRST2 - Director of Housing bond applicationsThis practice note describes procedures in relation to bonds paid or contributed to by the Director of Housing.Click to download
Practice note - PNRR1 - Transport Accident ProceedingsThis practice note applies to all applications for review filed with the Tribunal under section 77 of the Transport Accident Act 1986 including existing application for review.Click to download
Practice note - PNCCL1 - Civil Claims List general proceduresThe general procedures in this practice note apply to all proceedings in the Civil Claims List. The Civil Claims List is frequently used by people who represent themselves, rather than retaining a lawyer or other agent. This practice note is issued to encourage parties to only file necessary and relevant documents.Click to download
Practice note – PNOC1 - Owners Corporations List (fee recovery disputes) – General proceduresThis practice note regulates VCAT’s procedures for fee recovery applications in the Owners Corporations List.Click to download
Practice note – PNBP1 - Building and Property List (building disputes) - General proceduresThis practice note describes how VCAT handles building disputes in the Building and Property List of the Civil Division.Click to download
Practice note - PNBP2 - Building and Property List (commercial and retail tenancy disputes) General Procedures

This practice note describes procedures followed for resolving commercial and retail tenancy disputes in VCAT's Building and Property List. 

This practice note does not apply to residential tenancy disputes.

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