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Application form (General application) - Residential Tenancies List

You can apply to VCAT to hear a residential tenancyDefinitionThe agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the rental of a property. dispute if you are a landlord or tenant; caravan park owner or caravan park resident; a rooming house owner or resident.

Before coming to VCAT

Due to changes in renting laws, VCAT can accept but is not able to consider your application at a hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. unless you have contacted Consumer Affairs Victoria and have been provided with a referral to VCAT. This means if you have not obtained a referral from Consumer Affairs Victoria by the time of the hearing, the hearing will not be able to proceed.

To obtain a referral, complete CAV's application form.

How to apply

Find out the relevant Section Number of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 that applies to your claim type. You will need to quote it as part of your claim details in the application form. You may also have to provide documents to support your claim.

There are time limits set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 for some claims, so you should apply as soon as possible. If you apply outside of the time limit, you need to request a time extension as part of your application by quoting section 126 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Act 1998. VCAT will not always grant your request for a time extension.

If you are a tenant or resident applying for a rent reduction, you must also complete a financial circumstances statement in support of your application

You will need to check if you must pay an application fee.