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Goods and Services fees

You do not pay GST on these fees, which are effective 1 July 2018.

Application fees | Hearing fees | Other fees | Fees for other VCAT services | More about fee payer levels | How to pay your fee | Fee relief

Application fees

Urgent applications

Application fees for Standard Corporate Health Care Card
Injunctions (application fee also applies) $212.50 $303.50 $106.20

Disputes about goods and services

Application fees for claims between Standard Corporate Health Care Card
$1 - $3,000 $63.70 $91 No fee
$3,001 - $15,000 $212.50 $303.50 No fee
$15,001 - $100,000 $475.40 $679.20 $159
$100,001 - $500,000 $778.90 $1112.70 $159
$500,001 - $1 million $1062.10 $1517.30 $159
$1,000,001 - $5 million $1345.30 $1921.90 $159
$5 million or more $1628.60 $2326.50 $159
No monetary value $475.40 $679.20 $159

Other disputes

Application fees for other disputes Standard Corporate Health Care Card
Contractor and hirer disputes about the transport of goods in a vehicle or motorised harvesting of forest products $475.40 $679.20 $159
Disputes about retirement village management contracts $475.40 $679.20 $159
Revoke an agreement about the sale of a car with a cash price of $40,000 or less $63.70 $91 $31.90
Neighbourhood disputes affecting company title corporationsDefinitionCompanies that own land and any buildings in it and where residents own shares in that company. The ownership of shares gives the shareholder the right to exclusive occupation of their particular unit. Also known as share ownership schemes. and service companiesDefinitionCompanies that own and manage residual land (land for the common use of all units in a development) under a stratum title. for building subdivisions $475.40 $679.20 $159

Hearing fees

Fees may apply for each hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. day or part of a hearing day.

If your matter is for a claim under $15,001, hearing fees do not apply.

If your claim is between $15,001 and $100,000, hearing fees do not apply on the first day of hearing, but apply for each subsequent hearing day.

If the claim is over $100,000, a non-monetary claim, a claim for an unspecified amount or is a complex case, hearing fees apply from the first day of hearing.

A registrarDefinitionThe officer in charge of the administrative section of VCAT, which is known as the registry. assesses your application and advises you if the matter is considered a complex case.

Hearing fees for Standard Corporate Health Care Card
Day 1 $354.10 $505.80 $159
Day 2 - 4 $354.10 $505.80 $159
Day 5 - 9 $708.10 $1011.50 $159
Day 10 and any further days $1062.10 $1517.30 $159
Complex cases $1790.40 $2557.70 $159

Pay your daily hearing fee

Pay your daily hearing fee online

Please pay your daily hearing feeDefinition The daily hearing fee is the fee payable for each day or part of a day of a hearing. fromĀ 4.30 pm the day before your hearing to avoid delays.

Other fees

As a Health Care Card holder, there is no fee to apply for costs after final orders or to reopen an order unless:

  • you made a non-monetary claim
  • you made a claim over $15,000
Fees for Standard Corporate Health Care Card
Application for costs after final orders made $364.10 $520.20 $159
Application to reopen an order $63.70 $91 $31.90
Transfer of a case from the Magistrates' Court to VCAT (an application fee also applies) $63.70 $91 No fee

Fees for other VCAT services

See fees for other VCAT services including:

  • issuing a summonsDefinitionA formal document issued by the tribunal which says someone must appear at VCAT on the date stated in the document.
  • inspecting a file
  • copies of documents
  • certificates
  • video conference bookings.

More about fee payer levels

To find out more about the three fee payer levels (Corporate, Standard and Health Care Card) and how to provide proof of your status, see Fee categories.

How to pay your fee

For payment options, read about how to pay fees.

Fee relief

Our Fee relief page explains how you can apply for fees to be waived, reduced, postponed or refunded.

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