Adjournment application form

A change to the date of a directions hearing, mediation, compulsory conference or hearing is called an adjournment. Use this form if you want to ask VCAT to change the date of your hearing.

Adjournment application: Request for consent to an adjournment

Use this form to seek consent to an adjournment from all parties.

Affidavit in support of enforcement of a monetary order

Use this affidavit if you want a Court to enforce a VCAT monetary order.

Affidavit proforma

Use this template to create an affidavit if you need to provide one as part of your application.

Application for directions hearings or orders

Use this for an existing application. Do not use this form to start a new application with VCAT. 

Application for leave to withdraw a proceeding

Use this application form if you are seeking leave to withdraw a proceeding at VCAT at any time before a final decision is made.

Application to postpone fee payment

Use this form to ask us to postpone a fee you must pay to make an application, attend a hearing or seek an injunction.

Application to reopen an order (Application for review Section 120)

Use this form to apply to VCAT for a review of an order that affects you, on the grounds that you did not appear and were not represented at the hearing. Make this application under section 120 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998.

Application to request a refund

Use this form to request a refund of a VCAT fee.

Application to use technology

If you are a party or a representative in a VCAT case, use this form to apply to use technology in the hearing.