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VCAT practice note - PNVCAT5 - Directions Hearings and Urgent Hearings

Consistency in the way VCAT operates is an important component of access to justice and the promotion of fairness and efficiency, whilst recognising that the circumstances of a particular case and the interests of justice may occasionally warrant a different approach.

This practice noteDefinitionA document that details VCAT procedures, instructions, rules, processes and information. There are practice notes that apply across all of VCAT and others that apply only to some types of disputes. sets out the usual practice for directions hearings and urgent hearings, and applies consistently to proceedings in all Lists unless the Tribunal varies its operation at its discretion in the circumstances of a particular proceeding. 

In any proceeding, VCAT may at its discretion vary the operation of a practice note by direction or order.

This practice note has been approved by the Rules Committee pursuant to section 158 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998.

  • Title VCAT practice note - PNVCAT5 - Directions Hearings and Urgent Hearings
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    Building and Property List
    Guardianship List
    Legal Practice List
    Civil Claims List
    Planning List
    Owners Corporations List
    Residential Tenancies List
    Review and Regulation List
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    18 December 2018