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Practice note - PNVCAT1 - Common procedures

PNVCAT1 provides guidance about common VCAT procedures including useful information about how VCAT operates and what to expect if you are involved

Practice note - PNVCAT2 - Expert evidence

This practice note applies to any evidence given to VCAT by an expert witness, reports to be used as evidence, and arrangements for a tribunal-appo

Practice note - PNVCAT5 - Directions hearings and urgent hearings

This practice note sets out the usual practice for directions hearings and urgent hearings, and applies consistently to proceedings in all Lists un

Practice note - PNVCAT4 - Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

This practice note describes the main practices and procedures that apply to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) at VCAT.

Practice note - PNVCAT6 - Hearing fees

This practice note sets out the usual procedures used to apply the daily hearing fees for VCAT cases.

Practice note - PNVCAT3 - Fair hearing obligation

The obligation to provide a fair hearing is an important component of VCAT’s function. The fair hearing obligation applies across VCAT.

Practice note - PNPE5 - Valuation and Compensation matters

This practice note sets out specific procedures and timeframes that apply to valuation, land classification and compensation matters. 

Practice note – PNG1 - Guardianship List general procedures

This practice note describes how cases in the Guardianship List will be managed in VCAT.

Practice note - PNRST2 - Director of Housing bond applications

This practice note describes procedures in relation to bonds paid or contributed to by the Director of Housing.

Practice note - PNRR1 - Transport Accident Proceedings

This practice note applies to all applications for review filed with the Tribunal under section 77 of the Transport Accident Act 1986 incl

Residential tenancies

Apply about unpaid rent; problems claiming the bond after a tenancy or residency ends; repairs, maintenance, damages or changes to the property...<