Apply to start a case

To start your case at VCAT:

  1. Read this page and the Before you apply section.
  2. Select the type of case that applies to you.
  3. On the case type page you selected in Step 2, choose the type of application that applies to you.
  4. Select the Make an application button to see and complete the application form.

Application fees

There is usually a fee to apply to VCAT. In some cases of financial hardship, you may be able to apply for fee relief. Read more about fees at VCAT.

Changing your application

If you want to change your application, for example to add more information or change the amount you are claiming, you will need to write to VCAT and quote the reference number we give you when you apply. Send any documents that support why you want to make the change.

You may be allowed to change your application before the final hearing. If we accept the request we send you an order that confirms the change. We may list your request for a directions hearing to consider whether to allow the requested change. 

If your case involves another party, they may tell us why we should not allow the change. If this happens we may tell you to come to a directions hearing to discuss the change.

Changing contact details

You must provide your current contact details on the application form. If your contact details change, you must notify us in writing immediately. 'In writing' can be by post or email. 

Case types

Some details of the steps to follow during a VCAT case vary for different case types.
Choose a case type to see any case type specific variations.