Time limits

You may need to apply within a certain time for VCAT to be able to hear your case. Alternatively you may need to wait for time to pass before you can apply.

In some cases VCAT can extend time limits.

Check if time limits apply by choosing your type of case below.

Case types

Some details of the steps to follow during a VCAT case vary for different case types.
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Renting a Home

It is always best to start a claim as soon as possible while events are still fresh in the minds of the people involved.

A landlord should lodge an application to claim the bond within 10 business days of the date when the tenancy ended.

There are no other specific time limits in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA). If your claim relates to another Act, there may be additional time limits that apply. Check the relevant Act.

See how long your VCAT case may take to resolve.