Recordings and transcripts of VCAT hearings

Parties may request an audio CD or a written transcript after the hearing or a running transcript to be completed during the hearing. Only parties to a proceeding can apply for a recording or transcript of a hearing. This includes applicants, respondents, joined parties and legal representatives.

We record all VCAT hearings, including:

  • final hearings
  • directions hearings
  • small claim hearings
  • injunction applications
  • practice day hearings.

We do not record mediations and compulsory conferences because they are confidential.

How to request an audio CD or transcript after the hearing

To request an audio CD or transcript:

  1. If you are requesting an audio CD, complete the Audio CD request form.
  2. If you are requesting a transcript, complete the Transcript application form.
  3. Contact a supplier listed on the form, obtain a quote and pay the supplier directly. We do not take payments for recordings or transcripts.
  4. Send your completed form to us.
    Send the form by email to or by post to:
    Digital Recording Manager
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    55 King Street
    Melbourne 3000
  5. The member who hears the case must approve your request for a recording or transcript. We may refuse recordings for hearings subject to suppression orders.

Running transcripts

A running transcript – also called a same day transcript – is one that is created during the hearing. A transcript officer sits in the hearing and transcribes the proceedings, then provides a copy to the requesting party within an hour of the hearing concluding. The member hearing the case must give their permission for a running transcript.

Request a running transcript before your hearing

Follow the steps below to request a running transcript before your hearing. You must give us enough notice so we can make arrangements and ask permission of the scheduled member.

  1. Confirm with the supplier that they are able to provide the service.
  2. Complete the Transcript application form – including supplier details.
  3. Send the completed form by email to
    or by post to:
    Digital Recording Manager
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    55 King Street
    Melbourne 3000
    The Digital Recording Manager must receive your form at least two business days before your scheduled hearing.
  4. Members may be scheduled to hear a case the day before the hearing. When the Listings team at VCAT knows who the member will be at your hearing, they pass on your request for the running transcript.
  5. We contact you before your hearing if the member does not give permission for a running transcript.

Hearings that are confidential or subject to suppression order 

If any part of the hearing is confidential or subject to a suppression order, you cannot obtain an audio recording of the hearing. However you can obtain a transcript of these proceedings after the member has removed the confidential or suppressed information.

Parts of the hearing that are not recorded

Recordings and transcripts only cover the period when the member is in the hearing room. There is no recording during adjournments.

Duplicate transcripts

If another party requests a copy of the transcript at a later date, they need to deal directly with the supplier who provided the original transcript. The supplier may charge a copying fee for this service.

Audio CD format

Audio CD recordings can only be played on a computer, not on a CD player.

Timeframes for obtaining audio CDs and transcripts

  • Audio CDs are usually available 10 business days from the day we receive your request form.
  • Transcripts are usually available five to seven business days from when we receive your request form.     
  • Running transcripts - also called same day transcripts - are usually available within an hour of the hearing concluding.

If you have any queries about your recording or transcription, please contact the supplier first.

VCAT keeps recordings for a limited time

We keep recordings of hearings at:

  • 55 King Street for five years
  • other venues for 12 months.

After this time, you cannot obtain a copy of a recording.

You cannot record a hearing with your own device unless you have permission from the member. Learn more about Photography, recording, mobile phones and electronic devices.