How to withdraw your application

You can cancel your VCAT application at any time before we make a final decision in the case.

This is called withdrawing your application. It is not the same as reaching an agreement with the other parties and settling before a hearing.

For most case types, if you decide to withdraw your case because you have changed your mind, you must ask our permission to withdraw your application. This is called seeking leave If you hear or see the words 'seek leave' at VCAT it usually means 'ask permission'.   to withdraw.

Apply for a withdrawal

To withdraw your application, you must advise VCAT and the other parties as early as possible to minimise further costs and inconvenience. When you need VCAT's permission to withdraw, use the Application for leave to withdraw form.

You may have to pay legal costs

If you withdraw your application or counterclaim If you believe you have a claim against the applicant, you can lodge your own claim with VCAT. This is called a counterclaim. Most case types allow a counterclaim but for some case types it is not possible. without agreement from all parties represented by lawyers, those parties may ask VCAT to order you to pay their legal costs.