Koori inclusion at VCAT

Our VCAT Koori Inclusion Action Plan 2017-18 outlines how we will encourage Koori participation at VCAT, whether accessing our services or as part of our workforce. We want our everyday work practices to be culturally sensitive and inclusive.

VCAT welcomes your feedback on this plan – please email communications@vcat.vic.gov.au.

Snapshot of initiatives

Koori inclusion

Appoint a new Koori Engagement Project Officer to:

  • manage new programs to increase Koori participation, particularly in Residential Tenancies Division
  • ensure VCAT is actively participating in key Indigenous justice forums, including the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement Forum
  • raise awareness of VCAT’s role among Victoria’s Koori community
  • strengthen partnerships with key Aboriginal stakeholders.

Establish a pool of culturally competent VCAT members to hear Koori matters, particularly in the Residential Tenancies and Guardianship lists.

Continue our program of Koori cultural awareness training for members and staff.

Data collection

Look at ways to gather data on Aboriginal participation to support service improvements. We will:

  • consider the barriers to identification
  • develop strategies to address these barriers when appropriate
  • explore options for formally reporting participation data.

Koori employment and economic participation

Establish a recruitment and employment strategy to encourage Koori employment at no less than 2.5 per cent, including:

  • creating opportunities for Koori employment within existing programs, for example graduate recruitment programs and traineeships
  • strategies to promote VCAT as a Koori-friendly organisation, through our professional development programs.

Communication, engagement and partnerships

Promote NAIDOC and Reconciliation weeks.

Acknowledgement of Country to be given at all significant events and forums.

Koori Inclusion Action Plan

For more information, see the VCAT Koori Inclusion Action Plan 2017-18.