Urgent hearings

If there is an issue in your case that needs to be urgently addressed, you can request an urgent hearing at VCAT.

Apply for an urgent hearing

To apply for an urgent hearing you must:

If we agree that the matter is urgent, we may organise a hearing at short notice. We may also organise a hearing without all parties or documents being ready.

If we organise an urgent hearing without notifying the other parties, we will organise another hearing shortly afterwards and notify the other parties. At the subsequent hearing they may ask us to change any decision that was made.

Communicate with the other parties

If VCAT does organise an urgent hearing, you must try to notify other parties about the time and place as soon as possible.

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An injunction is when VCAT makes an order for a party to do or stop doing something that may cause damage to another party.

Organisations that may help

VCAT cannot give you legal advice, but there are other organisations that may be able to help you.

Prepare for your hearing

It’s important to prepare for your hearing day. There are documents to organise and decisions to make so you’re ready to present the best case possible.