Land valuation

Review of land valuations (for either rates and taxes or differential rating purposes) and disputes about compensation for acquisition of land.

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The three main areas of review for valuation and compensation matters are:

  • review of valuations of land for the purposes of rates and taxes (such as land tax and windfall gains tax)
  • review of valuations of land for differential rating purposes
  • disputes about compensation for acquisition of land.

We also hear other kinds of disputes for valuation and compensation matters, for example:

  • review of valuations for public open space and development land, disputes about certain issues arising from tariffs or fees charged by authorities under the Water Act 1989 and disputes about compensation including claims under the  Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • disputes under the Heritage Act 1995, the Health Services Act 1988 or the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 impacting Native Title.
  • compensation for impact of a conservation order, for construction/operation of a pipeline or damage caused by mining.

Cases we can't help with

We can’t accept:

  • some cases where one party lives in another state or is a Commonwealth government organisation
  • cases heard under federal law instead of Victorian law.

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Review of a decision on the valuation of land

If you have objected to a valuation by a valuation authority and the valuation has been reviewed by the valuer or the Valuer-General, and you are still not satisfied with the valuation you may apply to VCAT to review that decision.

Compensation on acquisition of an interest in land

If you are an acquiring authority or you have an interest in land that is being acquired and you do not agree with the compensation amount being claimed or offered or if there has been no offer or claim made you may be able to apply to VCAT.

Review of differential rating

You can apply to VCAT if you are an owner or occupier of land and you are affected by a decision of a council to classify or not classify land as a particular type.