Recordings and transcripts of VCAT hearings

Anyone can request an audio recording or a written transcript of a hearing.

You can arrange for a transcript to be produced after the hearing day. For a higher fee, one of our approved suppliers can produce a transcript on the same day as the hearing, which is called a same day transcript. 

We do not provide audio recordings or written transcripts to you directly. VCAT has agreements with external suppliers who will obtain a copy of the requested hearing and then prepare the audio or transcript to send to you. 

We record all VCAT hearings, including:

  • final hearings
  • directions hearings
  • small claim hearings
  • injunction applications
  • practice day hearings.

We do not record mediations and compulsory conferences because they are confidential.

How to request an audio recording or transcript after the hearing

To request an audio recording or transcript:

  1. Contact an approved supplier, obtain a quote and pay the supplier directly. VCAT does not take payments for recordings or transcripts.
  2. Complete the request form for an audio CD or transcript of a VCAT hearing.

Once VCAT receives your completed form, we will forward this to your requested supplier. By submitting the form,  you acknowledge and agree for your information to be kept by VCAT and shared with your chosen supplier. Your information may also be kept on the supplier’s database. We expect suppliers to adhere to all privacy laws.

Your nominated supplier will be in contact with you directly to arrange a quote and discuss their processes and wait times. You will need to pay the supplier directly for the service. VCAT does not take payments on behalf of the supplier.

We may refuse requests for an audio recording or transcript if there is a suppression order or closed court order in place. If we refuse your request, we do not forward your information to your nominated supplier.

Any request we receive becomes a public record and may be subject to freedom of information (FOI) requests. 

How to request a same day transcript

A same day transcript is a written record you can obtain on the same day of the hearing. A transcript officer sits in the hearing and transcribes the hearing so they can later provide you a copy.

We must receive your request at least two business days before your scheduled hearing. We will contact you before the hearing if we refuse permission for the hearing to be transcribed.

To request a same day transcript before your hearing, you must give us enough notice so we can review your request and make arrangements.

  1. Contact an approved supplier and confirm they are able to transcribe your hearing.
  2. Complete the request form to transcribe a same day proceeding and include the supplier's details.
  3. Send the completed form by email or post.

    By email:

    By post:
    Digital Recording Manager
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    55 King Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

Approved supplier

Supplier Audio recording services Transcript services Phone Address
Transcripts Plus Yes Yes 03 9859 0533 PO Box 78, Balwyn North VIC 3104
Court Transcript Services No Yes 03 9600 2445 Suite 2108, 380 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Epiq Yes Yes 03 8628 5555 Level 4, 190 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Legal Transcripts Yes Yes 03 9642 0322 Level 12, 533 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Pacific Transcription No Yes 1300 662 173 37 Gordon St, Milton QLD 4064
VIQ Solutions Yes Yes 1800 287 274 Level 1, 355 Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Hearings that are subject to a closed court order or suppression order

If any part of the hearing is subject to a suppression order or closed court order, you cannot obtain an audio recording of the hearing. You can still request a transcript of the hearing if it is subject to a suppression order. VCAT will review your request and if VCAT approves it, any information subject to a suppression order will be removed. 

VCAT keeps recordings for a limited time

We keep recordings of hearings at 55 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 for five years.

After this time, you cannot obtain a copy of a recording.

You cannot record a hearing with your own device unless you have permission from the VCAT member.

Guidelines for photography, recording, mobile phones and electronic devices