Understand the difference between a decision and an order at VCAT. Find out when to expect a decision from VCAT, how to enforce an order, how to ask for a rehearing and search decisions.

Decisions and orders

After we listen to both sides of a dispute at VCAT, we make a decision and give reasons. We also make an order. Find out how to ask for written reasons and about the different types of orders we can make.

Enforce a VCAT order

If the other party in your dispute does not follow the order that VCAT has given, you can enforce it through a court. We do not enforce a decision or order.

Reviews and rehearings

If you or your representative had a reasonable excuse for not attending the hearing, you can apply to have the case reopened. This is called a rehearing.

Appeal a decision

You can appeal a VCAT decision at another court if you think that we made a mistake in the way we applied the law to your dispute.

Where to find VCAT cases

VCAT decisions are public and can be read by anyone. You can search for decisions on the Australiasian Legal Information Institute (Austlii) website.

Significant decisions

If a decision has been in the media, or we think it is important, we may publish it on our website. Read significant decisions.

Fix a mistake in a VCAT order

If the order you get from VCAT has a mistake in it, you can ask us for a correction order. Mistakes we can fix include incorrect spellings or missing information.

Decisions in planning disputes

Learn more about how we make a decision in a planning dispute at VCAT.

Decisions about rental disputes

You may find it useful to read about decisions made by VCAT and the Supreme Court in rental disputes.