Support services at VCAT

Support services at VCAT including interpreters, disability, security, technology, family violence and Koori support. 

What support can I get on the day at VCAT?

We offer a range of support services including interpreters, disability, security, family violence and Koori support

Make sure you let us know what support you need to early as possible - when you apply to VCAT or get a notice from us.

If you’ve been in touch with us about support before you come to VCAT, see our customer service staff at the counter or meet the support person at the location you’ve agreed on before the hearing.

    You can also contact us by phone, email, post or in person. Our staff can help answer questions about the VCAT process, but they can’t give you legal advice about your case or the outcome.

    Who you can bring to VCAT

    How do I get an interpreter?

    If you need an interpreter, contact us to arrange a professional interpreter (at no cost to you) before the hearing.

    Make sure you ask for an interpreter as early as you can.

    We connect with a large network of interpreters in 160 languages. Tell us in English what your language is when you ask for an interpreter. It’s best to ask when you apply to VCAT or as soon as possible after we’ve sent you your hearing date.

    We don’t allow a relative or friend to interpret for you at a hearing.

    How do I get family violence support?

    If you’re affected by family violence, we have a family violence support worker who can support you. They will work with you to make sure you are safe at the hearing and have access to justice. 

    You can email, or call the VCAT family violence support worker on 03 9628 9856 during business hours.

    Read more about family violence support at VCAT

    What support is there for people with disability?

    Most of our hearing locations are accessible. Contact us for accessibility information about a venue.

    We can also organise support for people with disability at VCAT.

    • We can arrange an assistive listening device or hearing loop for your hearing, compulsory conference or mediation. Contact us so we can have these facilities ready for you.
    • You can also ask to attend VCAT by telephone

    Our disability liaison officers can support you to access our services and venues.

    Ask for a disability liaison officer to help:

    Find out more about disability services at VCAT

    How does VCAT support Aboriginal people?

    We offer support to ensure VCAT is culturally safe and inclusive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    We can help you with:

    • booking a Koori hearing room
    • organising a Koori Engagement Officer to attend your hearing or mediation with you
    • general information and advice about VCAT processes.

    Call our Koori Helpline to speak to a Koori Engagement Officer on 0417 516 335, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.
    Read more about Koori support at VCAT

    How do I get help with completing my application?

    To find articles about how to complete an application form, including information you need to provide, see: Application help.

    Technology at hearings

    VCAT offers a range of hearing room technology options, including:

    • assistive listening devices
    • audio visual equipment
    • hearing loops
    • smart boards
    • remote witness facilities
    • telephone conference facilities
    • video conference facilities.

    You can get information about:

    • the availability of technology at VCAT hearing locations
    • how to apply to use technology in a hearing
    • testing of equipment before the hearing
    • any technical requirements and restrictions
    • fees that apply to some types of technology.

    Contact us to confirm the availability of hearing room technology at different locations.