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We aim to promote accurate reporting of cases at VCAT and a better community understanding about how VCAT works.

Contact the team

File inspections and data requests may take up to 10 business days to action. We cannot provide comment on individual cases. 

Email us at or call 0400 289 429.

Media reporting

Find out what you can report in the media and how to obtain information about a case.

Privacy and access to information at VCAT

Find out how to ask to see a VCAT file, or how to get a recording or transcript of a hearing. Understand how we store information and what is available to the public.

Find out VCAT case details

Our Strategic Communications team can usually help with media questions about a specific case, including whether an application has been lodged or withdrawn and the dates of hearings.

​Get a copy of a VCAT decision

A VCAT member presiding over a hearing may give a decision at the conclusion of a hearing, or reserve their decision and provide it to parties at a later date.

View a VCAT file

If you are in the media, the Strategic Communications team can arrange file inspections for you. If you are not a party to the case you will probably need to pay a fee. This also applies to the media.

Attend a VCAT hearing or other proceeding

VCAT hearings are generally open to the public, including media. Access depends on the type of proceeding and whether orders are in place that close the hearing or prevent publication of details.

​Filming, photography, audio and social media

As a media representative from a news organisation you have certain privileges under the Court Security Act 1980. You can make an audio recording to help write a media report, unless the VCAT member refuses.

High profile decisions

If a decision has been in the media, or we think it’s important, we may publish it on our website. Read our recent high profile decisions.

Recording and transcripts of VCAT hearings

You can request an audio CD or a written transcript of a hearing.