Upcoming hearings

Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the commencement of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Read more about what to expect at a final hearing.


Monday, 3 October


Guardianship List

Guardianship List

Level 1 Court Room 3, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Duggan

09:30 AM                     G78617/00                    The Late Paul Grixti

10:30 AM                     G75540/01                    Bernard Laurence Ingham

10:30 AM                     G75541/01                    Colleen Faye Ingham

11:30 AM                     G78589/00                    Etel Balint

12:15 PM                      G73262/02                    Jodi Lee Wheeler

02:00 PM                      G62670/04                    Wei Zhuang

02:45 PM                      G45439/08                    Graeme Rose

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Good

09:30 AM                     G78716/00                    Harry Sukkar

10:30 AM                     G75418/02                    Joanne Kelsey

11:30 AM                     G25495/11                    Toni Louise Harding

12:15 PM                      G46669/07                    Vanessa Jade Lucas

02:00 PM                      G42075/11                    Darrel Earl Elworthy

02:45 PM                      G30371/09                    Jodey Leigh Johnston-Symes

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Page

09:30 AM                     G34084/07                    Mohamed Anees Saleem

10:30 AM                     G71920/02                    Maxine Mary Cowley

11:30 AM                     G3244/13                      Nicholas Wingfield Barber

12:15 PM                      G58767/04                    Verka Najdovski

02:00 PM                      G76020/03                    Valerie Doreen Pendock

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Hoysted

10:15 AM                     G78128/00                    Joseph Dimech

11:00 AM                     G41155/03                    Pamela Ruth Jacobs

11:45 AM                     G41497/06                    Hans Poulsen

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Deputy President Nihill

02:00 PM                      G78355/01                    Trent Keith Dunham

Boardroom, Kingston Centre, Warrigal Road, Cheltenham

Member Grainger

09:30 AM                     G78584/00                    Mehmed Handanovic

10:15 AM                     G78553/00                    Marlene Jeffery

11:00 AM                     G78276/00                    Amin Malkoun

11:45 AM                     G78556/00                    Emilia Rubesa

01:15 PM                      G78591/00                    Kathleen Hook

02:00 PM                      G78650/00                    Zacharewicz Mikolaj

Global Learning Centre, 1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows

Member Moon

09:30 AM                     G78635/00                    Amedeo Dimasullo

10:30 AM                     G78781/00                    Mehmet Bassezer

11:30 AM                     G78349/00                    Lynton Williams Minns

12:15 PM                      G78533/00                    Anthony Svab

02:00 PM                      G35680/07                    Fiona Margaret Tomkinson

02:45 PM                      G65835/03                    Elizabeth Nicolaidis

03:30 PM                      G69744/02                    Helen Divis

SECU Dandenong Hospital, 135 David St, Dandenong Vic 3175

Member Hoysted

02:00 PM                      G78335/00                    John Wotherspoon

Sunshine Court, 10 Foundry Road, Sunshine

Member Bates

09:30 AM                     G78541/00                    Eshmony Yousif

10:30 AM                     G43922/04                    Matthew Gerard Gurry

11:30 AM                     G78551/00                    Patrick Orr

12:15 PM                      G78550/00                    Wally Bartkowicz

02:00 PM                      G78560/00                    Gladys Bruce

02:45 PM                      G78557/00                    Nicola Monterosso

03:30 PM                      G28586/06                    Greg Allan Brush