Upcoming hearings

Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the commencement of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

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Wednesday, 31 August


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Building & Property List

Compliance Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Lothian

9:30 AM       BP325/2016      Mr Dino Vecchio, Mrs Carmel Vecchio v Torque & Trans Mechanical Services P/L  

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.11

Deputy President C. Aird

10:00 AM     D460/2014        Mrs Beverley Joy Wilkes v APM Group (Aust) P/L, Tambourine Mount P/L, Rothe Lowman Architects (Owners Corporation 511847L, Jose Avendano and Paola Burger

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Lothian

10:00 AM     BP1610/2015    Mr Lee Peter Bocksette, Mr Owen Dwyane Cassar v Blurob Nominees P/L

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.11

Deputy President C. Aird

2:15 PM       BP188/2015      Dress U and Ivy Fashion v ACN 108 253 818 P/L                 

2:15 PM       BP462/2014      M&N Imports P/L v ACN 108 253 818 P/L

2:15 PM       BP469/2014      Cipo and Baxx Pacific Co P/L v ACN 108 253 818 P/L, Cipo & Baxx P/L  

2:15 PM       BP471/2014      Papillon Blue Enterprises P/L, Jeffrey Harry Phelps, Jeannie Allyson Phelps v ACN 108 253 818 P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.3

Senior Member M. Farrelly

9:30 AM       BP983/2016      Mr Con Pirzas v Metricon Homes P/L  

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.6

Senior Member R. Walker

2:15 PM       BP982/2016      Ms Carly Lynne McGinniskin v


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.2

Senior Member E. Riegler

10:00 AM     BP885/2015      Owners Corporation PS619379V, Ms Brenda Kahan, Ms Barbara Beck, Mr Brenton Chester & Andrea Jane Alcorn, Robert Geoffrey & Norma Valerie Levy, Ms Margaret Grant Burchill, Ms Janice Elsworth, Ms Janet Louise Guppy, Ms Joan Wallace v AAI Ltd  

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.3

Senior Member M. Farrelly

10:00 AM     BP1452/2015    AJ Moussi P/L v Luxor Corporation P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.4

Senior Member R. Davis

10:00 AM     BP134/2016      Mr Christopher John Hartley, Mrs Caroline Anne Hartley v Saramist Project Constructions P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.5

Member B. Thomas

2:15 PM       BP815/2016      CRAWFORD ENGINEERING P/L v New Vision Holdings P/L 

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.6

Member C. Edquist

11:00 AM     BP806/2016      Mr Christopher Cataldo, Ms Mary Cataldo v Gargano Paving & Bobcat And Tipper Hire


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Mediator J. Lambrou

9:30 AM       BP923/2016      Mr Chad Samuel Dunscombe v Ms Melanie Anne Wells

On site in Noble Park

Mediator R. Lawrence

9:30 AM       BP670/2016      Mr Brian Priyaraj Jeganathan, Ms Jeanne Renuka Senanayake v Deol Constructions

Small Claim Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.5

Member B. Thomas

9:30 AM       BP822/2016      Mr Lincoln O'Meara v Gamble Concreting

11:00 AM     BP795/2016      Sky Homes & Construction v Mr Ling Tu

12:00 PM     BP760/2016      Ms Silva Ireland, Mr Trevor Ireland v Pro-Struct Property Group P/L

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.4

Senior Member S. Moraitis

9:30 AM       C3353/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Zoe Hart

9:30 AM       C3350/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Jessica Langford

9:30 AM       C3352/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Michael McDonald

9:30 AM       C3367/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Kirthi Chauhan

9:30 AM       C3368/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Asta Wanganeen

9:30 AM       C3376/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Tina Evans

9:30 AM       C3378/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Ayesha Chothia

9:30 AM       C3389/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Michelle Strickland

9:30 AM       C3393/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Toni O'Shannessy

9:30 AM       C3394/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Julie O'Brien

9:30 AM       C3397/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Janette Morris

9:30 AM       C3402/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Leanne Thompson

9:30 AM       C3411/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Samantha Webb

9:30 AM       C3417/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Jodie Rayner

9:30 AM       C3420/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Trish Healey

9:30 AM       C3459/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Danelle Cunningham

9:30 AM       C3462/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Tuuaga Sila

9:30 AM       C3466/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Megan Patience

9:30 AM       C3467/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Bharti Krishna

9:30 AM       C3473/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Amanda Hadley

9:30 AM       C3474/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Debbie Gravina

9:30 AM       C3485/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Kristy Priest

9:30 AM       C3486/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Tristan Ivins

9:30 AM       C3489/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Tanya Reeve

9:30 AM       C3491/2016      Camp Aust. P/L v Rebecca Harrison

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member H. Davies

12:15 PM     C2837/2016      KLM Spatial v Rami Fibishenko

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Members A. Treble, H. Davies, J. Sharkie & P. Moloney

9:30 AM       C980/2016        G & M Davison Superfund P/L v Nue P/L

9:30 AM       C2528/2016      Trinette Hunter v Android Enjoyed

9:30 AM       C3952/2016      Pregress Engineering Company P/L v Metal Rescue  

10:30 AM     C3206/2016      Eric Keser, Cathy Keser v Mazyar Loni  

10:30 AM     C1558/2016      Demetri Paschalis v Forty Winks P/L  

11:30 AM     C1716/2016      Simply Social Management v Perla Express Teeth Whitening

11:30 AM     C816/2016        Rodney Aujard & Associates v KPG Equity Aust. Ltd

11:30 AM     C3670/2016      Jatinder Singh v Belma Furniture P/L  

2:00 PM       C3295/2016      Alan Paul Kramp Contreras v Concept Auto Developments P/L

2:00 PM       C3934/2016      Bethel Funerals v Barbara Mary Ady

Ballarat Magistrates' Court

Member M. Harvey

10:00 AM     C2706/2016      Fiona Adin - James v Angus Eeles Plumbing P/L

Dromana Magistrates' Court

Member K. Kirmos

9:30 AM       C1620/2016      Anne Epstein, Kathryn Priestly v Cobbity Campbell

Geelong Magistrates' Court

Member J. Good

10:00 AM     C3140/2016      Ty Pedersen, Danielle Pedersen v Austalian Blinds and Curtains

Ringwood Magistrates' Court

Member B. Josephs

9:30 AM       C2799/2016      Jamie Stretton v Simon Mattiske Building Surveyors Building Inspectors P/L

Shepparton Magistrates' Court

Member R. Buchanan

9:30 AM       C3153/2016      Streamline Supplies P/L v High Thyme Cafe

Werribee Magistrates' Court

Member E. Bridge

9:30 AM       C4189/2016      Samin Thomas v Lets Brick It

Wodonga Magistrates' Court

Senior Member R. Scott

9:30 AM       C2665/2016      Chris Ross Concrete Pumping P/L v Masprint

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.3

Deputy President I. Lulham

9:30 AM       C3212/2016      Teresa Johnstone v Spa-Rite

9:30 AM       C3086/2016      Ben Bilsborow v RWC-VIC Automotive P/L, Marwan Monster

9:45 AM       C3033/2016      Michael Robertson v PT Business Edge

10:45 AM     C4403/2016      Martha Liliana Bedoya Leal, Lino Potes v Melbourne Prime Movers P/L  

10:45 AM     C938/2016        Gary Lawrence v GIO

11:45 AM     C2378/2016      Penny Mirabito v McDonald's Portland Vic.

2:00 PM       C1858/2016      Mario Piraino Family Trust v Lygon Finance

3:00 PM       C1810/2016      Aus Build - Tech P/L v Archie Barrett

3:00 PM       C3142/2016      Ellemsley (Archie) Barrett v Richard Furnell, Aus Build-Tech P/L, Rosalind Furnell

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Members A. Treble, H. Davies, J. Sharkie & P. Moloney

9:30 AM       C2415/2016      Aihua Xia v Changing Group (AUST) P/L 

2:00 PM       C3488/2015      Manju Vijay Ambani v Aust.n Education Union Vic.n Branch


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member J. Sharkie

2:00 PM       C1384/2016      Gavin Lang v Eureka Caravan Sales

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.7

 Member R. Lancy

10:00 AM     C156/2016        Elizabeth Abdallah, Hussein Abdallah v Ann's Boat Detailing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Members A. Treble, H. Davies, J. Sharkie & P. Moloney

9:30 AM       C2578/2016      Martin McEwan v GIC Campers and Trailers Black Series

Guardianship List

Level 1 Court Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Bates

09:30 AM                G78438/00                  Bartosz Zgadzaj

10:30 AM                G75796/04                  Matheos Secoulidis

11:30 AM                G76525/03                  Katina Georgaki

12:15 PM                 G76264/01                  Beverley Bignell

02:00 PM                 G78461/00                  Iris Louisa Standeven

02:45 PM                 G78519/00                  Dejan Vlahovic

03:30 PM                 G77644/01                  Monique Pontin

Level 1 Court Room 3, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Smith

10:15 AM                G75573/01                  Glenn Marsh

11:00 AM                G75293/01                  Josephine Nap

11:30 AM                G54469/06                  Ian Buncle

12:00 PM                 G71612/02                  Ethlinda Teague

02:00 PM                 G71653/07                  Fouad Toufik Nasr

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Senior Member Steele

10:00 AM                G76512/00                  Roland Pless

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Page

09:30 AM                G29424/11                  Quinton Michael Williamson

10:15 AM                G60316/04                  Robert John Thomas Wilson

11:00 AM                G33597/08                  Peter Lionel Smith

11:45 AM                G70197/02                  Tamara Katschura

02:00 PM                 G67784/04                  Bobby Simic

02:45 PM                 G78357/00                  Giuseppina Sette

03:30 PM                 G96/06                        Carmel Mary Waight

Law Courts, Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale

Member Tyler

10:00 AM                G73236/01                  Adrian Buzzard

Mildura Court, Deakin Avenue, Mildura

Member Calabro

09:30 AM                G78280/00                  Brian Hunt

10:30 AM                G78365/00                  Michael Laver

11:30 AM                G78408/00                  Jayden Dickinson

12:15 PM                 G78431/00                  Pota Kourtidis

02:00 PM                 G68735/02                  Neville Yard

02:45 PM                 G78486/00                  Gabriela Zvonar

Ringwood Court, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Senior Member Coghlan

09:30 AM                G78224/00                  Woon Yip

10:00 AM                G12361/08                  Michael Joseph Virgona

10:30 AM                G11247/09                  Jonathan Robert Brady

11:30 AM                G60830/02                  Frederick Faltermaier

12:15 PM                 G78249/00                  Chloe Mckenna

02:00 PM                 G63734/01                  Concetta Lepore

02:45 PM                 G76249/03                  Louise Michelle Patman

03:30 PM                 G59910/03                  Sarah Moore

Warrnambool Law Courts, 218 Koroit Street, Warrnambool

Member Tilley

11:30 AM                G78380/00                  David Wooles


Human Rights List


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Mediator F. Falduti

9:30 AM       H129/2016        Mr Stephen Stewart Lake v Monique Zimany ING Direct, Nick Crowhurst Financial Ombudsman Service


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Vice President Judge Harbison

2:15 PM       J27/2016          Winra Constructions P/L v Noble Lawyers

Owners Corporation List

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

9:30 AM       OC1809/2016    Owners Corporation SP034996B v Sergio Domenico Martini

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

9:30 AM       OC1818/2016    Owners Corporation PS418079E v John Colin Graham

9:30 AM       OC1819/2016    Owners Corporation RP011475 v Ioan Oara

9:30 AM       OC1820/2016    Owners Corporation PS349829T v Simone Lee Towndrow

9:30 AM       OC1821/2016    Owners Corporation PS619993B v Yorka Pinto

9:30 AM       OC1822/2016    Owners Corporation RP010782 v Shan Liu, Simon Jon Wells

9:30 AM       OC1805/2016    Owners Corporation RP012192 v William Patu Nicholson

9:30 AM       OC1806/2016    Owners Corporation SP024159Y v Heidi Christine Eggart

9:30 AM       OC1810/2016    Owners Corporation SP027866F v Inoka Kaushalya Von Hagt

9:30 AM       OC1811/2016    Owners Corporation PS347945C v Nicholas Saunter

9:30 AM       OC1816/2016    Owners Corporation PS630058D v Daria Galstyan

9:30 AM       OC1817/2016    Owners Corporation SP033010K v Edward Kleiman

9:30 AM       OC1815/2016    Owners Corporation PS604255Y v Samer Tawfik

9:30 AM       OC1814/2016    Owners Corporation PS444434N v Panrae Katony P/L  


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

2:00 PM       OC1729/2016    Tina Brandi v Brian Lowe, Owners Corporation No. 1 PS6118795, Owners Corporation No. 2 PS6118795


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

11:00 AM     OC1969/2016    Owners Corporation 703486B/S1/S2 v Vic. Body Corporate Services P/L, Deveney Constructions P/L  

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member M. Carew

9:30 AM       P1017/2016      Bayland Property Group v Kingston CC

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member S. Cimino

9:30 AM       P1286/2016      Pakenham Racing Club Inc v Cardinia SC

1:30 PM       P1301/2016      Southern Capital Coropration P/L v Maribyrnong CC

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Deputy President M. Dwyer

10:00 AM     P1445/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Murrindindi SC  

Lake Eildon,Sugarloaf Road, Eildon 

10:00 AM     P1176/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Valuer General Vic.

Loddings Lane, Nagambie 

10:00 AM     P1177/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Valuer General Vic.

Cairn Curran Hall Road, Baringhup 

10:00 AM     P1179/2016      Golburn-Murray Water v Valuer General Vic.

Midland Highway, Lima South 

10:00 AM     P1178/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Loddon SC  

Brownbill Reserve Road (Laanecoorie Reservoir), Laanecoorie 

10:00 AM     P1180/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Alpine SC  

1999 Buffalo River Road (Lake Buffalo), Buffalo River 

10:00 AM     P1175/2016      Goulburn-Murray Water v Valuer General Vic.

West Boundary Track/ Midland Highway, Lima South 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Member J. Jacono

2:15 PM       P311/2016        North West Melbourne Recycling P/L v Whittlesea CC

475 Cooper Street, Epping 


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Member G. Code

10:00 AM     P581/2016        Darren Roger Spiteri and Alana Spiteri v Moonee Valley CC

138 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.9

Member A. Glynn

10:00 AM     P539/2016        Map Architecture and Design v Darebin CC

742 - 760 High Street, Reservoir 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.10

Member A. Slattery

10:00 AM     P522/2016        Nathan and Angela Taddeo v Boroondara CC

60 Disraeli Street, Kew 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

 Member S Whitney

10:00 AM     P2131/2015      Manningham CC v Monax International Group P/L, Bo Xuan, Wayne Karayanis, Concrete Construction Systems P/L, Rocco Italiano

20-26 Stintons Road, Park Orchards 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Senior Member M. Baird

10:00 AM     P542/2016        Steve Dardamanis v Monash CC  

63 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley 

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Members R. Naylor & S. Axford

2:00 PM       P644/2016 & P643/2016     Capital Alliance Investment Group P/L v Minister for Planning

                   3-43 Waterfront Way, Docklands 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member E. Bensz

10:00 AM     P978/2016        Mr Joseph Salvo v Bayside CC

7-9 Cowra Street, Brighton 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Members M. Nelthorpe & C. Fong

10:00 AM     P961/2016        CQS39 P/L v Moreland CC

Lot no. S39 on Plan of Subdivision no. PS543333S

13 Urquhart Street, Coburg 

Residential Tenancies List


Bendigo Law Courts, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo 3550

Member K. Campana

09:30 AM             R201630288/00              Director Of Housing vs Hynes

09:30 AM             R201630289/00              Director Of Housing vs Kavanagh

09:30 AM             R201627989/00              Director Of Housing vs Whalan

10:30 AM             R201618677/02              Director Of Housing vs Cook

10:30 AM             R201632382/00              Director Of Housing vs Hancock

10:30 AM             R201632099/00              Director Of Housing vs Larsen

10:30 AM             R201630361/00              Ethan Residential Pty Ltd vs Lea and Baird

10:30 AM             R201630348/00              Reilly and Reilly vs Devisser

10:30 AM             R201628600/00              Young Achievers Cehl Coop Ltd vs Walsh

11:30 AM             R201630520/00              Hartland vs Grey and Arnold

12:00 PM             R201630526/00              Soares and Soares vs Orr and Scullin

02:00 PM             R201630515/00              Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Christensen

02:00 PM             R201630553/00              Director Of Housing vs Potae

02:00 PM             R201631029/00              Law vs Coker

02:00 PM             R201631009/00              Residential Pty Ltd vs Morrison and Bice

Ballarat Law Courts, 100 Grenville St South, Ballarat 3350

Member M. Harvey

11:00 AM             R201621074/00              Jakubauskas vs Berlyn

02:00 PM             R201629961/00              Canham vs Nicholls and Jones and Jolly

02:00 PM             R201629963/00              Coon vs Underwood

02:00 PM             R201629542/00              Director Of Housing vs Dowse

02:00 PM             R201615605/00              Director Of Housing vs Radford

02:00 PM             R201631805/00              Sherring and Sherring vs Sherring and Sherring

02:00 PM             R201629952/00              Tunbridge and Tunbridge vs Kirby and Uber and Thomas

Bairnsdale Law Courts, Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale 3875

Member P. Tyler

02:00 PM             R201630766/00              Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Harrison

02:00 PM             R201630237/00              Director Of Housing vs Cluney

02:00 PM             R201630223/00              Director Of Housing vs Foster and Saunders

02:00 PM             R201630202/00              Director Of Housing vs Mair

02:00 PM             R201630187/00              Director Of Housing vs Squires

02:00 PM             R201626347/01              Martinez vs Kilby and Hamarstrom

Castlemaine Law Courts, Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine 3450

Member R. Phillips

10:30 AM             R201629197/00              Director Of Housing vs Howie

10:30 AM             R201630141/00              Director Of Housing vs Whittenham and Whittenham

10:30 AM             R201629551/00              Hallifax vs Ferriroli

10:30 AM             R201630214/00              Lalor and Lalor vs Lind

10:30 AM             R201628928/00              Naughton vs Handler

12:00 PM             R201630903/00              Barty and Barty vs Kite

02:00 PM             R201631207/00              Mcnamara vs Mcshanag and Mcshanag

Dandenong Law Courts, Cnr Foster and Langhorne Sts, Dandenong 3175

Member K. Norman

09:30 AM             R201631007/00              Afandi and Vu vs Nolan and Lawler

09:30 AM             R201630991/00              Poscorp Pty Ltd vs Petter

09:30 AM             R201631033/00              Refikoglu vs Jackson

09:30 AM             R201631023/00              Ulukaya and Ulukaya vs Krol and Ryan

10:30 AM             R201623238/00              Daher and Rayepa vs Khun

10:30 AM             R201617318/00              Khun vs Daher and Rayepa

12:00 PM             R201631038/00              Woodhoo and Woodhoo vs Wormington and Bourke

02:00 PM             R201631105/00              Director Of Housing vs Goldfinch

02:00 PM             R201631093/00              Director Of Housing vs Gouc

02:00 PM             R201631114/00              Director Of Housing vs Sargeson

03:00 PM             R201631144/00              Duta vs Tran

Dromana Law Courts, Codrington Street, Dromana 3936

Member K. Kirmos

10:30 AM             R201628310/00              Director Of Housing vs Barry

10:30 AM             R201630718/00              Hall vs Jones

10:30 AM             R201631704/00              Marra vs The Landlord

12:00 PM             R201629505/00              Bly vs Parks and Leslie

12:00 PM             R201629984/00              Director Of Housing vs Fletcher

12:00 PM             R201630644/00              Schuurman vs Preston

02:00 PM             R201624703/00              Buontempo and Buontempo vs Story

02:00 PM             R201629892/00              Demuth vs Webster and Hopgood

02:00 PM             R201630247/00              Khatchaturian vs Holt and Sharpe

02:00 PM             R201629859/00              Khatchaturian vs Holt and Sharpe

02:00 PM             R201629827/00              Lewis vs Vallance

02:00 PM             R201629326/00              Story vs Buontempo

03:00 PM             R201630398/00              Gray and Gray vs Van Buschbach

03:00 PM             R201631378/00              Lloyd-Smith vs Dunn

03:00 PM             R201630930/00              Zervas vs Elso

Frankston Law Courts, Fletcher Road, Frankston 3199

Member S. Wilson

09:30 AM             R201630461/00              Hodgkins vs Buckthorpe and Buckthorpe

09:30 AM             R201630458/00              Pryor and Pryor vs Sliuzas

09:30 AM             R201622831/00              Sheppard vs Collins

10:30 AM             R201629706/00              Director Of Housing vs Patterson

10:30 AM             R201629747/00              Mcinroy vs Taylor and Hayes

10:30 AM             R201629647/00              Robro Park Management Pty Ltd vs Hancock

10:30 AM             R201628723/00              Saunders vs Ognjanov

11:30 AM             R201629731/00              Edwards vs Katona

12:00 PM             R201629739/00              Chung and Chung vs Naffaa and Occupants and Tereva

12:00 PM             R201629914/00              Riordan and Riordan vs Chant

02:00 PM             R201629539/00              Clarke vs Wilson and Willson

02:00 PM             R201629584/00              Collins vs Mcfarlane

02:00 PM             R201630021/00              Director Of Housing vs Lane

02:00 PM             R201630057/00              Director Of Housing vs Mountbatten

02:00 PM             R201630034/00              Ioannidis and Ioannidis vs Khawli and Occupants and Knapp

02:00 PM             R201629755/00              Octiviano vs Wills and Tierney

02:00 PM             R201629652/00              Slonim vs Fisher

03:00 PM             R201630105/00              Director Of Housing vs Robertson and Moffett

03:00 PM             R201629964/00              Hughes and Hughes vs Patterson and Patterson

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong 3220

Member J. Good

11:00 AM             R201619240/01              Cobine Super Fund vs Robertson

11:00 AM             R201628359/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Carroll

11:00 AM             R201627265/00              Hansen vs Atkin and Evans

12:00 PM             R20165244/01                Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Bowles

12:00 PM             R201631236/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Bowman

12:00 PM             R201631453/00              Fernyhough and Fernyhough vs Hazell and Hazell

02:00 PM             R201631341/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Greenhill

02:00 PM             R201630899/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Noble

02:00 PM             R201631351/00              Gourley and Perez vs Spindler and Murrihy

02:00 PM             R201631098/00              The Salvation Army (Victoria) Property Trust vs Petersen

02:00 PM             R201631254/00              The Salvation Army (Victoria)Property Trust vs Olech

Heidelberg Law Courts, Jika Street, Heidelberg 3084

Member P. Barrand

09:30 AM             R201630788/00               Changela vs Spathis

09:30 AM             R201630400/00               Daniel and Daniel vs Russo

09:30 AM             R201631230/00               Director Of Housing vs Demet Akar

09:30 AM             R201630622/00               Obradovic vs Skevington and Skevington

10:30 AM             R201631041/00               Bolonis and Bolonis vs Huang and Wang

10:30 AM             R201630995/00               Pty Ltd vs Chen and Zhao

10:30 AM             R201628306/00               Salter and Salter vs Brownlow and Tucker

10:30 AM             R201631109/00               Skaliotis and Skaliotis vs Durham

10:30 AM             R201631001/00               Young vs Lumbar

11:30 AM             R201631133/00               Bolonis and Bolonis vs Huang and Wang

11:30 AM             R201631134/00               Durham vs Skaliotis and Skaliotis

12:00 PM             R201631265/00               Mao vs Liwanen and Liwanen

02:00 PM             R201437510/03               Director Of Housing vs Carpenter

02:00 PM             R201630617/00               Rogers vs Julius

55 King St, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member J. Grainger, J. Klingender & E. Fabris

09:30 AM             R201628804/00               David vs Gurung and Ganga

09:30 AM             R201625342/00               Hensler and Edmondston vs Shah and Occupants

09:30 AM             R201625487/00               Pan and Sun vs Melbourne Short Stay

09:30 AM             R201630875/00               D'Aubbonnett and Van Niekerk vs Landlord

09:30 AM             R201631086/00               Feeney vs Whitton Kerr

09:30 AM             R201631052/00               Webber vs Tian and Wu

09:30 AM             R201630848/00               Y. S. Venture Group Pty Ltd vs Ismay

09:30 AM             R201544461/01               Director Of Housing vs Marshall

09:30 AM             R201619412/02               Goldberg and Potter vs Rutter and Boehm

09:30 AM             R201629592/00               Vitone and Vitone vs Mohamed and Atwa

09:30 AM             R201629481/00               Xing Ye vs Other Occupants and Stefano Faustini

10:30 AM             R201630846/00               Marriner vs Stirling

10:30 AM             R201630891/00               Marshall vs Mead

10:30 AM             R201630605/00               Carlyle-Taylor vs Carver

10:30 AM             R201631078/00               Kabak vs Yamanaka

10:30 AM             R201628268/01               St Kilda Community Housing Limited vs Kyne

10:30 AM             R201631241/00               Chakraborty vs Coleiro

10:30 AM             R201631266/00               Craig vs Bouhalis

10:30 AM             R201631307/00               Miller vs Rubinstein

11:30 AM             R201629149/00               Gale vs Djumaeva

11:30 AM             R201631138/00               Loizou vs Caia

11:30 AM             R201631143/00               Nguyen vs Alenezi

11:30 AM             R201631280/00               Stoforidis and Stoforidis vs Nguyen

12:00 PM             R201625141/01               Melbourne Home Share P/L vs Russell

12:00 PM             R201631060/00               Wajnberg vs Kindl

12:00 PM             R201630555/00               Launch Housing Ltd vs Vesel and Vesel

12:00 PM             R201631013/00               Karavokiros vs Romero

02:00 PM             R201630801/00               Nicolaci vs Gross and Kennedy

02:00 PM             R201630671/00               Rangarajan vs Gardner

02:00 PM             R201630817/00               Topic vs Caller

02:00 PM             R201630123/00               Tu vs Fanaian and Woods

02:00 PM             R201631198/00               Aldhahri vs Shearer

02:00 PM             R20066830/01                Director Of Housing vs Duale

02:00 PM             R201125095/01               Director Of Housing vs Duale

02:00 PM             R201629035/00               Scott and Vander Vlugt vs Wadie

02:00 PM             R201630812/00               Southport Community Housing Group Inc vs Beck

02:00 PM             R201631056/00               St Kilda Community Housing Limited vs Ling

02:00 PM             R201631129/00               Housing Choices Australia vs Chizin

02:00 PM             R201631118/00               St Kilda Community Housing Limited vs Marks

02:00 PM             R201632125/00               Sukkar vs Huang

02:00 PM             R201627642/01               Uralagamage and Wanigasekara vs Skorsis

02:00 PM             R201630566/00               Wright vs Crawford

02:00 PM             R201630745/00               Zheng vs Connolly

03:00 PM             R201631049/00               Mailing vs Duangjai

03:00 PM             R201631212/00               Mo vs Ly

03:00 PM             R201631356/00               Thrushcross Land Holdings Limited vs Novick

Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston 3072

Member A. Moon

09:30 AM             R201628996/00               Director Of Housing vs Reece

09:30 AM             R201630878/00               Kulkarni and Atmakuru vs Kaur and Singh

09:30 AM             R201630810/00               Palenov vs Pendergast

09:30 AM             R201630178/00               Vitale and Vitale vs Lavery

09:30 AM             R201630835/00               Yilmaz vs Wan

10:30 AM             R201626237/01               Duden vs Deogade

10:30 AM             R201631147/00               Hao and Hao vs Lazarevski and Isis

10:30 AM             R201631094/00               Melling-Williams and Melling-Williams vs Mckeown and Gawler

10:30 AM             R201631159/00               Ramani vs Watson and Kalwig

10:30 AM             R201630974/00               Teo vs Baker

10:30 AM             R201631090/00               Vukelic and Vukelic vs Subramaniam and Subramaniam

10:30 AM             R201631188/00               Yap vs Szabo and Russo

11:30 AM             R201631191/00               Reilly vs Snell

11:30 AM             R201630760/00               Reilly vs Snell

12:00 PM             R201617414/01               Director Of Housing vs Haji

12:00 PM             R201628070/01               Widdowson vs Boyle

02:00 PM             R201629616/00               Charles and Tourogiannis vs The Minister For Housing

02:00 PM             R201631231/00               Maykot & Gould Pty Ltd vs Beddingwala and Manjee

02:00 PM             R201631252/00               Pty Ltd vs Zaccardi

02:00 PM             R201617510/02               Szmolnik and Szmolnik vs Hussain and Shabbir

02:00 PM             R201631228/00               Taylor vs Flemington and Cabo

03:00 PM             R201630407/00               Siddiqui vs Eid

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, RINGWOOD 3134

Member B. Josephs

10:30 AM             R201630770/00               Chen vs Stanley and Stanley

10:30 AM             R201631789/00               Doidge and Doidge vs Horriat

10:30 AM             R201624537/01               Mcmahon vs Ellis

10:30 AM             R201629051/01               Tan vs Xiao and Fitzgerald

11:30 AM             R201631145/00               Pty Ltd vs Lee and Shaw

12:00 PM             R201631156/00               Li and Cao vs Gatzonis and Gilbert

02:00 PM             R201631210/00               Cesar vs Crawford-Brown

02:00 PM             R201629630/00               D'Monte and D'Monte vs Troedson

02:00 PM             R201627341/00               D'Monte and D'Monte vs Troedson

02:00 PM             R201630634/00               Troedson vs D'Monte and D'Monte

02:00 PM             R201613878/01               Yuen vs Gikas and Gikas

03:00 PM             R201631064/00               Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Crawford and Shedden and Crawford

03:00 PM             R201614444/01               Director Of Housing vs Gardner

Shepparton Law Courts, High Street, Shepparton 3630

Member R. Buchanan

10:30 AM             R201629820/00               Director Of Housing vs Davey

10:30 AM             R201629880/00               Director Of Housing vs Martin

10:30 AM             R201629837/00               Director Of Housing vs Stewart

11:30 AM             R201629809/00               Director Of Housing vs Lock

11:30 AM             R201630743/00               Nelthropp and Nelthropp vs Peterson and Peterson

12:00 PM             R201629640/00               Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Walker

12:00 PM             R201629637/00               Mcauliffe and Mcauliffe vs Scott

12:00 PM             R201628892/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Kerr

02:00 PM             R201629786/00               Adams vs Mifka

02:00 PM             R201626256/00               Director Of Housing vs Mclean

02:00 PM             R201629937/00               Gungor vs Sharp and Sharp

02:00 PM             R201630130/00               Kay vs Foong and Hussain

02:00 PM             R201632353/00               Lestrell vs Ifopo and Tuiletufuga

02:00 PM             R201628870/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Charles

02:00 PM             R201629006/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Milner

02:00 PM             R201628887/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Walker

02:00 PM             R201630088/00               Schmidt vs Beagley and Smith

02:00 PM             R201630102/00               Stoneleigh Katunga Pty Ltd vs Yoon and Ludeman

02:00 PM             R201542158/03               Vigliaturo vs Duncan

03:00 PM             R201629782/00               Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Briggs

Sunshine Law Courts, Entry Via Harvester Road, Sunshine VIC 3020

Member D. Galvin & K. Metcalf

09:30 AM             R201630012/00               Charenko vs Brooks and Salamon

09:30 AM             R201630567/00               Dela Cruz Holdings Pty Ltd vs Dehne

09:30 AM             R201630811/00               Di Pasquale vs Ozdemir

09:30 AM             R201631171/00               Fiel and Fiel vs O'Connor and Lopes

09:30 AM             R201631262/00               Jankovic vs Tuulakitau and Tuulakitau

09:30 AM             R201630653/00               Property Trust Incorporated vs Bruce

09:30 AM             R201631409/00               Tan vs Paraskevas and Paraskevas

09:30 AM             R20151454/02                Director Of Housing vs Levi

09:30 AM             R201520435/03               Lay vs Cardarelli

09:30 AM             R201626772/00               Sinni vs Director Of Housing

10:30 AM             R201627008/00               Cameron vs Kilty

10:30 AM             R201630852/00               Kilty vs Cameron

10:30 AM             R201630712/00               Kilty vs Cameron

10:30 AM             R201631187/00               O'Connell vs Jackson and Evers

10:30 AM             R201631182/00               Vo vs Vu and Nguyen

10:30 AM             R201631360/00               Kamal and Magbool vs Pontisso

10:30 AM             R201631379/00               Skelaj vs Redmond and Wilkins

10:30 AM             R201631381/00               Taylor and Taylor vs Brett

10:30 AM             R201631320/00               Watson vs Kim and Iddon

10:30 AM             R201631304/00               Wilkins vs Skela

11:30 AM             R201629426/00               Davies vs Bickley and Harrison

12:00 PM             R201621709/01               Ira vs Bradstock and Bradstock

12:00 PM             R201631388/00               Lee vs Flintoft and Trist

02:00 PM             R201631259/00               Ancrum vs Kowa and Milwal

02:00 PM             R201630961/00               Panagopoulos vs The Occupants

02:00 PM             R201632194/00               Gottinger vs Van Vlaanderen

03:00 PM             R201631264/00               Critelli vs Caceres

Werribee Law Courts, Salisbury Street, Werribee 3030

Member E. Bridge

10:30 AM             R201629677/00               Chiarello vs Sutton

10:30 AM             R201436418/03               Murden vs Trembearth

10:30 AM             R201529318/07               Shang vs Alfonso and Lau

10:30 AM             R201632363/00               Swanston vs Tanner

11:30 AM             R201630426/00               Director Of Housing vs Gonie and Tassaw and Mekonnen

12:00 PM             R201630276/00               Tsantarlis vs Corbett and Sadler

02:00 PM             R201630408/00               Gouws and Gouws vs Guode and Chabiet

02:00 PM             R201630359/00               Santin and Santin vs Kukiel and Carra

02:00 PM             R201626661/00               Song vs Cassady and Cassady

02:00 PM             R201611090/02               Yao vs Alfonso

03:00 PM             R201630568/00               Vicze vs El Tringham

Wodonga Court House, 5 Elgin Boulevard, Wodonga 3690

Senior Member R. Scott

10:30 AM             R201628732/00               Laird vs Hughan

10:30 AM             R201628952/00               Northey vs Powell and Mertens

10:30 AM             R201627743/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Beattie

10:30 AM             R201627925/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Biggs

10:30 AM             R201630017/00               Schupina vs Corlson

11:30 AM             R201628641/00               Spinach Pty Ltd vs Klabbers

12:00 PM             R201628639/00               Bradbrook vs Lewis

12:00 PM             R201629241/00               Director Of Housing vs Higgins

12:00 PM             R201632223/00               Director Of Housing vs Miles

02:00 PM             R201629292/00               Director Of Housing vs Barton

02:00 PM             R2016299/01                  Director Of Housing vs Marshall and Collins

02:00 PM             R201624006/00               Director Of Housing vs Thiel

02:00 PM             R201631070/00               Evans vs Hayes

02:00 PM             R201625250/00               Murison vs Berwick and Berwick

03:00 PM             R201622783/00               Harrison vs Hogan and Duca

03:00 PM             R201625402/01               Penski and Penski vs Long and Murphy

03:00 PM             R201629324/00               Rural Housing Network Ltd vs Denny

Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.1

Member R. Cameron

10:00 AM     Z323/2016        Mr Trent Cormie v Building Practitioners Board

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.7

Senior Member G. Butcher

10:00 AM     Z445/2016        Mr Peter Ward v Royal Childrens Hospital - FOI Officer

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.3

Senior Member I. Proctor

9:15 AM       Z198/2016        Mr Bassam Younan v Transport Accident Commission


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.3

Senior Member I. Proctor

10:00 AM     Z58/2016          Mr Don Coulson v Freedom of Information Commissioner