Equal opportunity

We hear and decide cases about unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, gender equality, victimisation or vilification under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 or Gender Equality Act 2020. We can also grant and revoke exemptions under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

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Choose the type of application that applies to you

Resolve a dispute about unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation or vilification

If you have experienced unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation or vilification you may apply to VCAT.

Apply for an exemption

VCAT can grant temporary exemptions from the provisions of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 in appropriate circumstances. Exemptions allow conduct that would otherwise be prohibited discrimination.

Apply to revoke an exemption

If you believe your interests may be or have been affected by the granting of an exemption under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, you may apply to VCAT to have the exemption revoked.

Apply about a gender equality matter

Defined entities and the Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner can apply to VCAT about enforcement orders and compliance notices under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Organisations that may be able to help you

VCAT can't offer you legal advice. Below are organisations that may be able to help with your case.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Information and education about equal opportunity and racial and religious vilification. They also provide a dispute resolution service and education, training and consultancy services.

Victoria Legal Aid

Free legal information over the phone. Call 1300 792 387, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.