Guardians and administrators

Appoint a guardian or administrator, a supportive guardian or supportive administrator, or reassess or cancel these appointments.

Get an outcome

Before you apply

Find out about how to appoint a guardian or an administrator at VCAT, application timeframes, and other decisions we can make.

After you apply

After you apply to VCAT about guardians and administrators, understand the VCAT process, find out what you need to do and what happens next.

Respond to an application

When you get a notice from VCAT about a guardians and administrators case, find out what this means for you and decide what to do.

Join a VCAT case

If you want to join a VCAT case about guardians and administrators, find out what your options are and what you need to do.

When there’s a VCAT application about you

If there’s an application to VCAT to appoint a guardian, administrator or someone to support you to make decisions, find out what this means, how you’re involved, and what happens next.


A guardian makes decisions about lifestyle issues for an adult who is unable to make those decisions because of their disability. Find out more about a guardian’s role and responsibilities.


An administrator manages the financial and legal affairs of an adult who is unable to make financial or legal decisions because of their disability. Find out more about an administrator’s role and responsibilities.

Changed remuneration arrangements for certain administrators

If you are an administrator who carries on a business of, or including, the administration of estates, you must charge according to a new remuneration scale from 1 July 2024.

Supportive guardians and administrators

A supportive administrator or supportive guardian helps an adult act on their own decisions when the person has a disability. Find out more about their roles and responsibilities.

Account by Administrator (ABA)

If you are an administrator for a represented person, by law you must submit an Account by Administrator (ABA) each year with details of their financial affairs.

How we make decisions

Find out how VCAT makes decisions in cases about guardians and administrators.

Access to documents in a case about guardians and administrators

Find out how to apply to get access to documents about a guardians and administrators case, or how to to keep them confidential.

Other things we can do

We can help resolve some issues or give you advice about existing guardians, administrators, supportive guardians or supportive administrators.