Building and construction disputes

Domestic or commercial building disputes between a property owner, builder, sub-contractor, architect, engineer or other building practitioner – or any combination of these. Disputes between a property owner and a warranty insurer.

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New listing practice - Building and Property List for matters over 1 day

Matters requiring more than a 1 day hearing will not be allocated a final hearing date until all interlocutory steps are complete. 
Parties are now required to confirm that all directions and orders have been completed and provide their availability for a hearing in a specified date range before a hearing date will be allocated. 

Before you apply

Find out about what building and construction disputes you can bring to VCAT, time frames, application fees and how to apply.

After you apply

After you submit a building and construction application, understand the VCAT process, find out what you need to do and what happens next.

Respond to an application

If you've received a notice from VCAT about a building and construction dispute, find out about your options and what happens next.

Add someone to a VCAT case

If you want someone to join a building and construction case that’s already at VCAT, find out what your options are and what you need to do.

Sample terms of settlement

If you reach an agreement at a compulsory conference, mediation or before you are due to come to VCAT, you can use this sample document to record what you and the other parties have agreed to.