Review and regulation

The Review and Regulation List has jurisdiction under a number of Acts of Parliament to review administrative decisions, conduct inquiries, accept referrals and make first instance decisions (orders in original jurisdiction).

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For existing and active TAC cases opened after 1 January 2014, lodge documents online.

For all other TAC cases, you can submit documents by email, post or in person.

Application for review of a decision

Under some Acts of Parliament, VCAT has the power to review – reconsider – decisions made by an original decision-maker such as a government agency, a statutory authority or other Administrative decision-maker.

Application to refer a matter to VCAT

Under some Acts of Parliament, VCAT can accept referrals from regulatory bodies, boards or panels to hear and decide cases about the professional conduct of individuals or from government agencies to hear and determine objections to certain decisions. 

Application to request VCAT conducts an inquiry

Under some Acts of Parliament, VCAT can accept applications from regulatory bodies or other authorities to conduct inquiries into the conduct of licensed individuals or organisations.

Application to VCAT to make an original jurisdiction decision

Under some Acts of Parliament, the Review and Regulation List of VCAT has the power to hear cases under 'original jurisdiction' as well as review jurisdiction. Original jurisdiction means VCAT is the first instance decision-maker under the Act.