Our members

VCAT has almost 200 members. These are the people who hear and decide cases.

Our members have specialist knowledge and qualifications, and most have a legal background. All our members must have:

  • a high level of integrity
  • sound judgment
  • legal or professional skills
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • the ability to conduct hearings
  • a capacity to make fair decisions quickly.

Who appoints our members

The Governor in Council appoints members on the recommendation of the Attorney-General. They’re appointed to these roles for seven years. 
Find information about VCAT appointments on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website

List of VCAT members

Current at 20 October 2023

VCAT President

Justice Ted Woodward

Vice Presidents

Judge Sharon Burchell
Judge Elizabeth Brimer

Judge Sandra Davis
Judge Caitlin English
Judge Suzanne Kirton
Judge Michael Macnamara
Judge Samantha Marks
Judge Jeanette Morrish

Judge My Anh Tran

Deputy Presidents

Ms Teresa Bisucci
Mr Ian Lulham
Ms Genevieve Nihill AM
Mr Ian Proctor
Mr Eric Riegler

Mr Lindsay Warren
Mr Richard Wilson

Senior Members - Non-sessional

Ms Margaret Baird
Mr John Bennett

Ms Susan Burdon-Smith
Mr Sam Cimino
Mr Geoffrey Code
Ms Carol Daicic
Ms Anna Dea
Mr Mark Farrelly
Ms Leneen Forde
Mr Brendan Hoysted
Mr Laurie Hewet
Ms Justine Jacono
Mr Philip Martin
Ms Stella Moraitis
Mr Ian Potts
Mr Charles Powles
Ms Charlene Price
Ms Rachel Naylor
Mr Bill Sibonis
Ms Anita Smith

Mr Jonathan Smithers
Ms Bernadette Steele
Mr Reynah Tang AM
Mrs Silvana Wilson

Senior Members - Sessional

Ms Catherine Aird
Mr John Billings
Judge Pamela Jenkins
Mr Michael Levine
Ms Jacqueline Preuss

Ms Jeanette Rickards
Mr Alan Vassie
Ms Elisabeth Wentworth

Members - Non-sessional

Ms Claire Bennett
Mr Rohan Bennett
Ms Elizabeth Bensz
Ms Deirdre Bignell
Ms Tracey Bilston-McGillen
Ms Kerrie Birtwistle
Mr Gregory Brock
Ms Danica Buljan
Mr Domenico Calabro
Ms Mary Cameron
Ms Kylea Campana
Mr Neill Campbell
Ms Megan Carew
Ms Dalia Cook
Mr Richard Curie
Mr Robert Daly
Mr Michael Deidun
Ms Picha Djohan
Ms Jennifer Ellis
Ms Nicole Feeney
Mr Sydney Fry

Ms Danielle Galvin
Mr Peter Gaschk

Mr Filip Gelev
Ms Alison Glynn
Mr Chris Harty
Mr Brook Hely
Ms Diane Hubble
Ms Louise Johnson
Mr Barry Josephs
Mr Andrew Kincaid
Ms Jessica Klingender
Ms Kim Knights
Ms Rebecca Leshinsky
Ms Susanne Liden
Mr Donald Lucas
Mr Owen Mahoney
Ms Felicity Marks
Ms Sarah McDonald
Ms Anne Moon
Ms Holly Nash
Mr Michael Nelthorpe OAM
Ms Katherine Paterson
Mr Sam Pandya
Ms Judith Perlstein
Ms Tania Petranis
Ms Linda Rowland
Mr Ian Scott
Ms Karina Shpigel
Ms Alison Slattery
Ms Jane Tait
Mr Joel Templar
Mr Christopher Thwaites
Ms Anne-Marie Tilley
Ms Mary-Anne Taranto
Dr Andrea Treble
Ms Tracy Watson
Mr Stuart Webb
Ms Susan Whitney
Mr Shiran Wickramasinghe

Members - Sessional

Mr Benjamin Adcock
Ms Vanessa Aitken
Ms Dianne Anderson
Ms Mary Archibald PSM
Mr Stephen Axford
Ms Pamela Barry
Dr Philip Bender
Ms Wendy Boddison
Ms Venetia Bombas
Ms Siobhan Boyd-Squires
Ms Melissa Bray
Ms Emma Bridge
Mr Robert Buchanan
Ms Marietta Bylhouwer
Mr Louis Cali
Dr Melainie Cameron
Ms Rebecca Cameron
Mr Gregary Chase
Mr John Clampett
Ms Vicky Cogley
Mr Peter Cole
Ms Rea Condoleon
Ms Gwenneth Crawford
Ms Lara Crocker
Mr Frank Dawson
Dr Clare Delany
Dr Anthony Dickinson
Mr Barry Draper
Ms Annette Eastman
Mr Chris Edquist
Mr Michael El Moussalli
Ms Alison Elmes
Dr Peter Farrelly
Ms Natalie Fleming
Ms Michelle Gardner
Mr Jayce Gilbert
Dr John Gleeson
Ms Megan Goulding
Mr Sherman Gu Xu Ming
Mr Raymond Gymer
Mr Paul Gysslink
Mr Nick Hadjigeorgiou
Ms Bernadette Hally
Ms Diana Harding KC
Dr Christopher Hart
Miss Jennifer Holdstock
Mr Adrian Ho
Mr Tony Horan
Mr Colin Jones
Dr Alan Johnston
Ms Ann Keddie
Mr David Kim
Ms Carolyn Manning
Dr Elizabeth Mason
Mr Colin McIntosh
Ms Patricia McKeown
Dr Peter McNeill
Mr Roderick McRae
Ms Katherine Metcalf
Mr Gino Mitrione
Dr Patricia Molloy
Ms Lorina Nervegna
Dr Elissa O'Brien
Mr Rodney Page
Ms Kate Partenio
Ms Rosslyn Pearson
Ms Annette Peart
Mr Christopher Perera
Dr Yi-Lee Phang
Mr Robert Phillips
Ms Marian Power
Mr Mark Prince
Ms Erin Rankins
Dr John Reggars
Mr John Sharkie
Mr Gregory Sharpley
Dr Rowan Story AM RFD
Dr Angela Sungaila
Mr Michael Sweeney OAM
Dr Michelle Taylor-Sands
Ms Vivienne Topp
Mr Christopher Torr
Mr Peter Tyler
Mr John Vestakis
Ms Jill Walsh
Dr Laurie Warfe
Dr John Waterhouse
Mr Nicholas Wimbush
Mr Philip West
Ms Angela Williams
Mr Samuel Zheng