Fast Track cases

Planning cases in the Fast Track List will be resolved faster than other planning applications.

From 1 July 2022, we’ll automatically place certain planning applications in the Fast Track List.

We’ll schedule your hearing about nine weeks after the application was submitted. Where a practice day or preliminary hearing is required, you can expect your main hearing to be scheduled about 12 weeks after we receive the planning application. 

Expect decisions for straightforward cases in the Fast Track List within two weeks of the hearing. For more complex cases, expect a written decision within six weeks of the final hearing.

Applications managed as a Fast Track case

The following applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 will automatically fall in the Fast Track List:

  • cancellation or amendment of a permit by a non-permit holder – sections 87 or 89 (including stop order requests under section 93) 
  • refusal or failure to extend time for a permit – section 81
  • declarations – section 149A 
  • review of a refusal to extend time by which information must be given in a planning permit application – section 81(2)
  • applications about a certificate of compliance – sections 97P and 97Q
  • review of a decision of a specified body that something must be done to their satisfaction – section 149(1)
  • applications to amend or end a section 173 agreement – sections 184, 184A-184D.

We’ll send you an initiating order confirming if your case will be heard under this list.

Preparing a response 

Responsible authorities need to prepare their response to Practice Note PNPE2 – Information from decision makers as soon as possible to meet the deadlines set out in the initiating order.

Amending an application or plan

If you want to amend your planning application or plan, your case can’t be heard in the Fast Track List. This means it will take longer to get your final hearing date or decision. 

To amend your application or plan, email us ( as soon as possible.

How to amend your plan or application

Opting out of the Fast Track List

We’ll consider requests from parties who ask for their case to be removed from the Fast Track List. We may need a practice day hearing to decide whether to grant your request.

More information

Learn more in our Fast Track List fact sheet.