In-person proceedings for planning, land valuation and environment and resources

We’re returning to in-person hearings for some planning, land valuation and environment and resources cases.

Hearings and compulsory conferences to be held in person

From Monday 24 April, we will hold the following proceedings in person, instead of online:

  • new Planning applications received from 24 April that involve a metropolitan council (except if it is a short case, preliminary hearing or practice day hearing)
  • all Environment and Resources hearings and compulsory conferences (except practice day hearings and some preliminary hearings)
  • all Land Valuation hearings and compulsory conferences (except practice day hearings).

We continue to hold the following proceedings in person:

  • matters requiring an interpreter
  • original jurisdiction applications but not section 87A PE Act matters unless they are captured by another criteria.  

Check your latest VCAT order to confirm if your next proceeding will be in person or online. 

COVID safety at VCAT

To protect each other, you must follow these COVID safety measures when coming to VCAT.

How we are conducting in-person hearings in PED

We’re changing how we conduct hearings and compulsory conferences in person for these cases. 

We no longer accept any material in paper format.

We only accept submissions, documents and any material relied upon electronically. 

In your VCAT order, you were instructed to provide all the documents you intend to rely upon at the hearing (including submissions, evidence and support materials) electronically to VCAT and all parties before your hearing. We can't accept documents to be submitted through USB sticks or memory cards on the day. Any evidence you previously submitted to VCAT will be available to the member. 

You need to bring your own equipment to present your case electronically. You should bring your own device containing all supporting documents you will present and refer to during the proceeding. It’s important to bring the right equipment so you can present your case.

You will be able to display content onto a big screen or projector in all hearing and compulsory conference rooms.

Once you’re allowed to enter the hearing room, we can help you set up and connect your equipment before a hearing or compulsory conference. A user guide with tips on screen settings and connecting to our Wi-Fi will be available on the bar table.

We’ll have power points and power boards in each room to keep your devices charged. Make sure you bring your own power adapters and chargers.