Accident Towing Services Act 2007 (review and original jurisdiction)

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The Accident Towing Services Act 2007 gives VCAT the power to make certain decisions.

VCAT has both original jurisdiction Definition The authority of a court or tribunal to hear matters brought before it. and review jurisdiction under the Act.

Legislation that gives VCAT the power to hear these applications

Review applications

Original jurisdiction

If you have a decision document, use it to help you complete the VCAT application form and attach a copy of the document to your application.

Cases VCAT can hear

Applications for review

You may be able to apply to VCAT for a review of a VicRoads decision in relation to either industry accreditation or driver accreditation, if you are affected by a decision:

  • refusing an application to grant or renew accreditation
  • imposing a condition on an accreditation
  • varying or revoking a condition on accreditation
  • suspending or cancelling an accreditation
  • disqualifying you from applying for accreditation for a period of years.

Or if you are an applicant Definition The person or organisation applying to VCAT. for, or a holder of, a tow truck licence and you are affected by a VicRoads decision to:

  • issue or refuse to issue a licence
  • impose a condition on a licence
  • vary or revoke a condition on a licence
  • refuse to exempt the holder of a Melbourne licence from a requirement
  • refuse to alter the specification in a licence by substituting another
  • refuse to approve the transfer of a licence
  • cancel or suspend a licence
  • refuse to grant a temporary permit
  • impose conditions on a temporary permit.

Or if you are affected by a VicRoads decision to record demerit points either by error or other than required by regulations.

Or if you have been served with an improvement notice requiring you to remedy a contravention or likely contravention.

Applications for orders in original jurisdiction

You may be able to apply to VCAT:

  • if VicRoads has refused your application for towing operator accreditation or tow truck driver accreditation because you have been found guilty of a serious violent offence (or an interstate equivalent offence)
  • if you have been disqualified from applying for such accreditation for a period not exceeding five years.

Time limits

Review applications

You must make your application within 28 days after the later of the day on which:

  • the decision was made, or
  • if you have requested a statement of reasons under the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act, the statement of reasons is given to you or you are informed that a statement of reasons will not be given.

Original jurisdiction

You should make your application within 28 days after VicRoads decision is made.

You may be able to apply for an extension to these time limits.

What can VCAT order?

Review applications

Unless the relevant Act of Parliament gives us different powers, VCAT can:

  • affirm the original decision, in which case the original decision will stand
  • vary the decision
  • set aside the decision and substitute our own decision
  • set aside the decision and remit (send back) the matter for reconsideration by the decision maker Definition A person who makes or has made a decision under legislation that gives them this authority. giving directions or recommendations
  • invite the decision-maker to reconsider their decision at any time during the case.

Original jurisdiction

VCAT can order that:

  • VicRoads accredit you
  • VicRoads consider whether accreditation should be approved
  • VicRoads reinstate your accreditation if appropriate
  • VicRoads consider whether disciplinary action should be taken, or
  • your application be dismissed.