Affidavit of service for a renting dispute where a party lives interstate

Since February 2020, VCAT has been unable to hear cases where a party resides outside of Victoria. To find out if this applies to your application, see our frequently asked questions about interstate parties with rental disputes

If the respondent lives interstate, you must serve (send) a Form 4 along with a copy of your application to the party.

To prove to VCAT you have sent the Form 4 with your application to the interstate party, you must complete an affidavit of service and send it to VCAT.

An example of how you complete an affidavit of service is on the first page of the form. Once you have sent the application and Form 4, neither the parties nor VCAT can take further steps until at least 25 days have passed to allow for delays in mail delivery and to give the person living interstate time to respond to it.