Medical Treatment and Advance Care Directives

If you are concerned about an advance care directive Definition A document that sets out a person’s binding instructions or preferences and values about medical treatment. The directive is referred to when the person does not have the capacity to make decisions about their medical treatment. or a medical treatment decision made by either the medical treatment decision maker Definition A person who has the authority to make medical treatment decisions on behalf of another person. or the person who made the appointment, apply to VCAT.

What we can do

  • Decide the validity of an advance care directive.
  • Review a medical treatment decision, including the appointment of a medical treatment decision maker or support person Definition Someone who represents another person’s interests about medical treatment. They support a person to make, communicate and help bring about the person’s medical treatment decisions. .
  • Provide advice or direction to a medical treatment decision maker or health practitioner about an advance care directive or someone's medical treatment.
  • Review a decision about a medical research procedure Definition A procedure carried out for medical research. For example, a procedure as part of a clinical trial. .