Find out VCAT case details

Our Strategic Communications team can usually help with media questions about a specific case, including:

  • whether an application has been lodged or withdrawn
  • the names of the parties
  • hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. and other proceeding dates.

It helps if you have as much information as possible when you contact us - for example, the exact street address of a property or the full names of individuals or companies who are parties in the case.

If VCAT is hearing a case, we may give you the reference number. Use this number when you contact us with any follow-up questions about the case.

For media enquiries

  • 03 9628 9978 - Communications Adviser 
  • 03 9628 9027 or 0411 318 995 - Manager, Strategic Communications

For queries from the public

Contact us on 1300 01 8228 (1300 01 VCAT).

Alternatively, see our Contact us page to email your question.