Fees effective 1 July 2020

Unlike in previous years, fees for VCAT services will not increase on 1 July 2020.

30 June 2020

The government usually adjusts certain fees and fines each year for inflation, including VCAT application and hearing fees. In response to the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Victorian Government has placed a freeze on fees and fines for 2020-21 and will maintain the 2019-20 values of fee and penalty units for this period. This decision has been made to support Victorians through the coronavirus pandemic and reduce the financial stress on households and businesses. 

From 1 July 2020, VCAT has the power to re-open an order for enforcement reasons. The fees for making such an application depend on the type of VCAT case.

Fees for reopening an order for enforcement reasons

  Standard Corporate Health Care Card
Renting a home No fee No fee No fee
Guardians and powers of attorney No fee No fee No fee
Goods and services $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Owners corporations $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Planning $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Environment and resources $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Building and construction $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Review and regulation $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Retails and commercial leases $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Equal opportunity No fee No fee No fee
Legal practice $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Co-owned land and goods $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Land valuation $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Unreasonable flow of water between properties $373.20 $533.20 $162.90
Disability Act No fee No fee No fee
Medical treatment and advance care directives No fee No fee No fee
Privacy and health records No fee No fee No fee
Traditional owners and Aboriginal heritage $663.20 $947.90 $162.90
Mental health No fee No fee No fee
Voluntary assisted dying No fee No fee No fee

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