Notice of decision to Grant a Permit form no longer published as a PDF

VCAT is changing the way we process forms for councils to be more efficient and assist us with our digital transformation.

21 December 2020

An online version of the Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit form (NOD) has been available on VCAT’s website since 12 October 2020. This change speeds up communications and processing by automatically generating email notifications from us to the respective council when an online objector application is filed for review (under Section 82 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987). 

As previously indicated, from 1 January 2021, the PDF version of the NOD will no longer be available on the VCAT website. This is because the PDF NOD does not have the same level of functionality as the new online NOD to assist VCAT in managing this important process for the mutual benefit of councils and VCAT. The PDF NOD also requires significant manual data entry into our new digital solution which is avoided by use of the new online NOD.

For those with accessibility requirements, the PDF version of the NOD is available upon request by contacting the VCAT service contact centre on 1300 01 8228.

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